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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Head Hawk Power 1.25!!

    Tension(s) used for playtest: 54 lbs Regular string set up: Confidential 17 54 lbs Racquet used for test: Head Gravity MP Control/Power of test string - This was a point-and-shoot for me. Pocketing is quite exact and good at this tension. Balls were continuously aimed. There are no jarring...
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    2022 San Diego Open ATP 250: Sep 17-25

    Entries were lights for the MEns draw nut I live in SD and highly recommend watching the WTA bracket as IGA Swiatek will be there as well as Coco Gauff and many others. Additionally, there is currently a WTA Challenger going on this week in Rancho Santa Fe. Many good players just inside top...
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    PLAYTEST - Tourna Premium Poly 17

    Color received: Yellow Tension(s) used for playtest: 48 lbs Regular string set up: Solinco Confidential 17 at 48 lbs Racquet used for test: HEAD Gravity MP Control/Power: Didn't seem to provide a lot of control but does give plenty of power and force on the ball. I hit everything wayfaster and...
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    General question

    I would buy two now and wait 5 years for the chance to get a better price on the racket as an old model. Then buy the other two on the aftermarket when the time is right.
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    Is there a chart for getting the right fit for different shoe brands?

    What I'd recommend is for the brands other than Nike and Adidas, go a 1/2 size up from whatever your normal running shoe size is. Typically I wear 12.5 and that works universally for me but I think it depends on what shape your foot is as well. If you have a wider foot, go with a HEAD...
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    how much can you improve your UTR in one year?

    What types of UTR’s are in each age group? Also what region are you located in?
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    how much can you improve your UTR in one year?

    Mine went up a full point in 6 months so it really depends on how many matches he wins and who he wins against.
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    Tennis in Palm Springs

    There's quite a few public courts in La Quinta in the actual town. Otherwise, you can rent a court at a private club for a fee.
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    San Diego

    You should definitely come to Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club and talk to Derek Miller. At this club you can frequently see players like Coco Vandeweghe who call it home. Also when the Indian Wells Masters rolls around, the scene there is spectacular. Normally, you can find a match with a juniors...
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    Why no clay courts in California?

    There's quite a bit of Har-Tru but for the most part there isn't any real clay courts on the West Coast as far as I know.
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    BNP Paribas Open | Indian Wells 2020

    The sponsor is always FILA or at least it has been for the last 5+ years
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    Using HEAD Gravity MP on court a ton!

    Using HEAD Gravity MP on court a ton!
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    Hydrogen's 2021 KITS are GOATworthy

    ngl hydrogens kits are always super goated My friend has a ton fo them and I think my fav so far is the black/neon one from a few years ago
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Dunlop CX 200 2021 Family

    What are the specs on these rackets? I use a 10.4 currently but love to try new things!
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    Tenns Warehouse Playtest - Gamma TNT2 Fat Core XL 16

    Tension(s) used for playtest 50 lbs Regular string set up & tension HYPER-G and Vanquish 50 lbs Racquet used for test Head Gravity MP Power/Control of test string Pace is normal but I got big spin which was nice because I tend to hit long. Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? Comfortable?)...
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    How to seal autographs?

    Hey guys. I have a giant tennis ball (like the really big ones) that is signed by Djokovic, Federer, Roddick, Harrison, Vandeweghe and many others but it isn't sealed. I would love to find a way to preserve these autographs because now they keep rubbing off. The signatures are all in a normal...
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    Palm Springs, CA tennis

    I love the JW Marriott. It has very nice hard courts as well as a few grass courts. It is a little bit of a walk from the hotel but nothing terrible. I will be there in two weeks as well.
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    Replacing bumpers???

    Does anyone know how to replace the bumpers of a racket??? I’ve decimated mine and am now wearing into the frame. Just for clarification not the grommets for the strings but the plastic bumpers surrounding the grommets on the top part of the racket.
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    BNP Paribas Open | Indian Wells 2020

    I am a ball kid at BNP Paribas Open. Stadium 2 is open seating and outer courts as well. I prefer watching singles on outer courts because you tend to get really good seats. Also for the autographs, just go to the practice courts and/or the field near stadium 1 where players warm up. The...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    Tension(s) used for playtest 50 lbs Regular string set up & tension HYPER-G with Vanquish 50lbs Racquet used for test Head Gravity MP Power/Control of test string The control is great and it gives a lot of spin but doesn’t give much power. Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp? Comfortable?)...
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    Spin/Twisted String Recommendations???

    I use HYPER G 16L and Gamma TNT2 16 currently but am also testing the new Dunlop Explosive Spin String. I break about once a week.
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    Spin/Twisted String Recommendations???

    Hey guys. I am a junior from California and I need a lot more spin in my game. I currently find it very easy to drive the ball into the net when actively trying to loop it but I know that I have more power-geared strings. I am wondering if y’all have any recommendations for high spin or...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    No I have highlighter yellow too. Not a huge difference from Hyper-G though
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    I am super curious to possibly test these strings. I don't typically use Dunlop but would be willing to change if they impress.
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    Solinco Confidential 2.0 personal review

    I have seen the release posts on IG but can't find it anywhere? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Best multi for a poly player

    Solinco Vanquish sounds like the string for you! I personally love it because it is very comfortable to use!
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Solinco Confidential 1.25

    Sent! I really hope I got it because I love Solinco strings!!!
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    What strings do you play with?

    I use Hyper-G and Solinco Vanquish Hybrid at 50 lbs tension on my Gravity MP.
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    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    I used Hyper-G on my brother’s rackets and he loves it!