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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    Would a move to h265 help to reduce those cloud storage and network bandwidth costs?
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    Danielle Collins Pure Aero

    Straight from the source. Starts at 34:25
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    Miami is here: The Official Iga > ON watch thread

    The fitting of Asics apparel on Iga was definitely a big eye sore this season. Did no one from either Iga's camp or Asics care? I don't mind the drab colour, but come on with the fitting.
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    ADV jetpack bags available again!

    Ordered a backpack!
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    First 27" racquet for a junior

    Don't forget Tecnifibre has a number of 275-285 unstrung weight racquets in their various ranges too
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    Building the ultimate spin monster

    Look up Spaghetti Stringing. Good luck getting a stringer to string your racquet that way if you don't string your own racquet...
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Looks like if you are visiting Japan, Book-off is a must visit:
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    Yamaha Secret Appreciation Thread

    TennisSpin dude scored a couple in Japan's thrift store: Watch until 20:35 for the Sabatini stick
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    Tecnifibre racquets help

    Can always ply around with tensions and string type for power.
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    Tips for rackets 98in but <300g

    I have used neither. Just went with the specs. Closest one I have used is my daughter's VCore 100L from 2019 (All red) and I quite like that.
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    Tips for rackets 98in but <300g

    VCore 98L (285g unstrung). Outgoing model on sale at the moment.
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    More sponsored players mean prices of equipment remain eye-wateringly high for the consumers.
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    Kostyuk first head to toe Wilson sponsored player

    She has done A LOT to raise awareness and aid for the Ukrainian plight (just do some googling). For a 20 years old, her head is in the right place.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    The colour scheme reminds me of the Air Jordan 8:
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    Best racquets for the twi handed bakchand

    Wilson Blades and others in this category (low static weight to high swing weight ratio).
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    Bag with wet clothes compartment.

    ++ to mesh bag with drawstring clicked to tennis bag If the wet gear is going to be there in the bag for so long, I'd recommend taking 5mins to rinse them in your work place's bathroom sink and squeeze as dry as possible.
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    Breaking strings in 2h - advice needed from stringers

    ++ on Kev/Zx hybrid (Ashaway Crossfire ZX)
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    The racquet search continues - Seeking input on next steps

    Solinco White Out Pro Staff v13
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Nothing on Speed Pro (any iteration)?
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    Uniqlo RF Polo’s (Late August)

    And the Laver Cup outfits.
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    Roger Pros - KITH

    Lace savers is only useful if you do the champion's choice of hybrid lacing though. No guts, no glory, as they say. Make sure to get those power pads through those lace aglets for improved touch and feel. There's a small business called Podiatrist One can do all this customisation for you if all...
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    Best 100 solid all-round tweener

    In addition to Ezone 100, how about the Solinco Black Out? Both options can go extended length version if that's your thing.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Coincided with supply chain issue, no?
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    Elise Mertens racquet change 2021?

    And the dampener is upside down. Gonna drive some OCD people mad.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Which racquet and string?
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    No one is talking about the new Pro Staff Wilson PJ update here?
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    Is the 93p the right choice for me?

    My suggestion after reading through your experience: - Gravity Pro as suggested by @Power Player - good amount of sweet spot and forgiving - Speed Pro as suggested by @Trip - great stability baseline stick - 93p 14x18 - lower swing weight, higher launch angle and spin potential
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    Vcore 100 vs 2022 Ezone 98

    Get Ezone 98. The new dragon paint job alone should convince you.
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    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    Stay with it for a couple of months.