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    Upgrade to Auto Clamps Loosening

    Thank you for the reply. I'll give it a go.
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    Upgrade to Auto Clamps Loosening

    Hi All, I'd appreciate any help with this issue. I changed my clamp bases from the standard Spinfire to Spinfire Automatic base clamps. Every 3-4 racquets I need to tighten the base clamps as they begin to rotate back a little, likely resulting in tension loss. Is this normal procedure? Do...
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    Your favorite polys in 18x20 rackets

    Since playing 18x20 Prestige MP and now Yonex Vcore Pro HD: Rpm Blast 1.25 @54lbs for 10 years. Then ALU 1.25 @48lbs for a few years. Now I'm experimenting with hybrid variations of Rpm Blast, Rpm Rough, and Rpm Power, different tensions on crosses and mains ~48-53lbs. Really liking Blast 48...