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    Visiting Palo Alto 06/09-06/16

    I'm going to fly out for a rematch sometime, next time jmnk hears from me I hope you'll be ready for a fight. Nice playing!!
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    Fognini back to Gel Resolution 7

    Don't they have a wide version? The profile for that shoe looks similar to the Nike Vapor.
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    18 year old plays 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5 and 9.0

    Is someone sad because they've conflated the size of their masculinity with the size of their rating? :cry:
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    Serve practice - how much, how often?

    175 ball hopper, maybe one basket as a warmup and then eight to twelve baskets with shadow footwork mixed in between? I don't have pain in my shoulder and I don't force any exertion at all, it feels like I'm serving from my torso and I'm just letting the pronation apply spin. It's not really...
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    Serve practice - how much, how often?

    During pandemic I would work on my serve for 2 hours a day, 3-4 days a week. California was a no tennis state for the first 6 months IIRC.
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    How to balance/synergize weightlifting with tennis?

    I do both, I work out in the morning at 5am before work, play tennis in the evenings.
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    Weight Distribution on Serve

    "No idea what this part is about" back leg is more loaded than the front leg, you can check this by seeing which leg is more bent just before the ball is struck. More bend, more load, and you'll usually see the back leg being bent more.
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    who would have thought we'd be admiring 4.5 tennis that looked like this in 2021

    These are some sick overheads and they're really balanced when they hit, these guys don't look bad at all. Edit: Instead of cat and mouse it's like watching two cats trying to take a swat at each other, I honestly think I'd struggle taking a set off of these guys.
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    Serve practice, need advice (videos)

    The swing path is pretty nice actually for a rec player, I'd work on meeting the ball higher and working on your rhythm. Bouncing the ball to be ready, I exhale, toss ball up and much slower with the racket during the ball toss, big breath in, racket starts accelerating and huge exhale for the...
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    never miss, build speed gradually

    Well he didn't say just that, he also said for their positioning. They're training to play super close to the baseline to not give up court position and they're so fast that they can create space for themselves if the ball is too deep. When you're looking to play every shot as far into the court...
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    How often do y'all restring?

    Strings break every 2 weeks fifteen hours for me, more if I'm playing with someone who hits heavy, and I'm already using full poly in an 18x20.
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    THE complete list of TW Posters' videos

    So clean this could be OxyClean
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    Practice rally feedback

    I'm in OP's video, I don't think I arm the ball. Actually I had plateaued for a long time until @MaxTennis told me that I don't need to worry about anything else until I learn how to be smooth. I'm still not doing it well yet but that's what I'm thinking about when I play.
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    Practice rally feedback

    You're right though I literally can't parse any of the technical talk on this board, it's way easier if everyone just posted videos of their hitting. Speaking of 360's the only super-modern ultra stroke technique worth pursuing on this entire board is the no-scope 360 spinning groundstroke guy...
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    Practice rally feedback

    I hit with wrist on my forehand though?
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    Requesting inputs / analysis on my tennis forehand.

    Western? You're in goddamn Hawaii
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    Practice rally feedback

    Raised by TTW gang, I've been asking for video feedback since 2009. Collectively everyone here is my coach dad.
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    Practice rally feedback

    Good eye, are you some kind of professional coach?
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    Practice rally feedback

    Actually I gained the notorious quarantine nineteen so ya boy is starting some high stakes weight loss challenges.
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    Practice rally feedback

    Needs more split step.
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    This comment aged terribly, I am now 29 and I dream of human sized hamster balls and paragliding to descend from mountain tops.
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    What do you think about this backhand?

    I think to play at a high level, you want to be expending next to zero effort in generating the swing, and instead devote all of the effort towards moving and getting yourself in the right position to hit. Your videos look like you are trying incredibly hard to swing the racket at speed, but...
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    Forehand "Stiffness"? Critique my form

    You look like you're waving your arm instead of swinging from your legs and hips.
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    Federer forehand deceleration of turn

    This was the focus of my training for like 3 months, lessons from a coach who used to play on the Challenger Circuit and was a D1 player. You're on the right track if your other fundamentals are sound.
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    How to Hit Slower?

    That's not true, you can't control the ball at a moderate pace because until now, you've never tried to control the ball at a moderate pace. I use a 345g headlight racket, and I was using it to hit with 10-14 year olds at my tennis academy. Recreational players always skip out on basic...
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    I hit a lot of open stance backhands! Mostly when I have to hit on the run and when I get pushed back far behind the baseline. Is it just your right knee? You can totally hit effective backhands hopping off the left leg with some good leg drive. Also I imagine you're ridiculously strong from...
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    Rank my point play - what's my rating and how can I raise it?

    Your game looks really nice, too bad I'm not in Canada. Easily a top 5.0 player when you're confident.
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    Playing 21 VID

    But how's your shot tolerance?
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    @Shroud this does raise a good self-reflection question though (but in a more positive light). How would you describe your tennis development over the last year? Two years? Five years? What do you think you've gotten better at and what do you think you still need to work on? What level do you...
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    One Hand Backhand - Waht Force to Start Forward Swing?

    I honestly don't know how this thread has so many posts, there's POMO levels of self delusion here.