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    ATP week of 02/20-02/26 - Doha (250), Marseille (250) and Rio (500)

    Hurkacz just hit an amazing tweener. This is a fun match, although Bublik is a little too casual.
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    2023 ABN AMRO FINAL - Daniil Medvedev [6] vs Jannik Sinner

    Agreed. Novak would serve him out wide and volley or take control of the point for the first few shots.
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    Rafa out of Dubai

    That's what I thought he would do. It will be interesting to see if he shows up for this:
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    These courts are fast, too fast.

    Maybe they shouldn't return serve 15 feet behind the baseline. For real, I don't think the courts are that fast. When I watched Medvedev and Rublev, I felt like Daniil could not hit through the court whatsoever.
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    Why watching indoors tennis feel so bad?

    I don't like that the theater lighting the darkens out the crowd. Laver Cup also looked really slow. No one could hit through the court. I prefer indoors to be a lot faster. Some of you guys will remember the old indoor events on Supreme Court carpet. That was fun.
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    air mac attack returns?

    I was a little too young for them, but I think my brother had a pair. I see that apparently LeBron and rapper Travis Scott were wearing some a couple of years ago. I would love if they could do them with current technology.
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    Andy Murray shoes??

    I had a few pairs of the Curry 1 low. What Andy wears seem very similar to those.
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    ATP 2022 Cincinnati Open: Official thread

    One of you guys has to GIF the slo-mo of Isner doing the motorboat thing with his lips.:)
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    Pros are still wearing Vapor 9/9.5/10... Bring them back Nike

    I meant to say last week, Bencic appeared to be wearing 9s. It looks like Keys is in same 9s this week that Bencic was wearing.
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    Name your all time favorite tennis shoe

    I agree with Vandre on the ATC1. Everyone always talks about the ATC2, but I liked the first version better. I think you could throw them in the wash. Mac Attacks were cool shoes. I wish they would do a retro with new technology. People rarely talk about the Air Ace. The air bag blew my...
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    Those Rafa jackets are nice, but I don't like that collar. This one was just about right.
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    "On" the brand of Federer, the shares has been dropped : -55%

    The On brand seems huge with many of the American soccer moms and dads. The hardcore runners don't seem to like them as they apparently break down quickly.
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    Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll - the old McEnroe, Agassi and Wilander shoe

    Nike has a few models available right now.
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    Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll - the old McEnroe, Agassi and Wilander shoe

    They were amazing back in the day. I have to say, I have bought a few pairs of re-issues and they aren't the same. That is either because they are a lifestyle shoe now or shoe technology has advanced so much that they seem pedestrian.
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    Odds To Win Men's Wimbledon 2022

    Last night, it was roughly Novak +350, Rafa +600, and Nick +600. Now, Rafa is +750 and NIck +450.
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    That's funny because I was going to wear these tomorrow. But, I think this was the year he pulled out after the quarters. So, I think they may be bad luck.
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    Greatest Volleyer of all-time?

    Edberg, McEnroe, and Rafter are first three that come to mind in my lifetime.
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    Most annoying grunters on the tour

    What's weird about the Karate Kid is how he grunts a few seconds after he hits the ball.
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    Who had a better backhand than their forehand?

    Edberg and Stan are the first two that come to mind for me.
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    How far will Jannik Sinner go in Paris?

    Well, if Sinner plays Rublev in R4, who will win? Because I think that winner has a decent chance to go to the finals.
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    Are you guys buying this? I can't decide. I love the color. The collar is kind of weird. I don't like the huge N98 collars and prefer the flat look of most Rafa jackets. But, this looks like a henley shirt.
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    Davis Cup depot

    Why the ---- are they playing at 4,500 feet against Colombians?
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    jack sock sponsored by the color black?

    I am glad I came across this thread. I was watching Delray Beach and wondered where is the Nike gear.
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    Where do you place Mats Wilander in the pantheon of ATGs?

    I would put Andre slightly ahead of them due to winning all four. Olli's ranking above makes sense, but I would reverse 1 and 2.
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    Where do you place Mats Wilander in the pantheon of ATGs?

    I think of McEnroe, Lendl, Connors, Becker, Edberg, and Wilander all on about the same tier. J Mac had that insane 1984, and would probably be a step above if he had won the French. Same for Edberg if he could have beat Chang at the French or Lendl or Wilander if they could have won Wimbledon...
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    #TeamRafa how you feeling?

    I'm not team Rafa, but he is going to snack on Berrettini's weak backhand and average movement. I would make Rafa a slight favorite against Medvedev and think a match against Tsitsipas would be a coin flip.
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    Nike Court Zoom NXT

    These are an amazing fit. Snug, but comfy. The outsole felt a little clunky right out of the box, but the feeling went away soon. One concern is the tread is very weird and may be a problem for aggressive stops and starts. I am also worried that the hollowed out midsole will collapse after...
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    Nike 2022 General Thread

    Anybody know if Rafa's current jacket is going to be for sale? I'm not sure if I love the cut of the neck, but the color is great.
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    Pros are still wearing Vapor 9/9.5/10... Bring them back Nike

    I didn't really like the 10, but I must have 20 pairs of 9/9.5. They are one of the GOAT shoes.
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    COURTS: Tennis, Judicial and Public Opinion

    Sorry, I misinterpreted your post to mean you're essentially staying at home for the length of the pandemic. I didn't realize you meant in the case of a positive test. (y)