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  1. Big_Dangerous

    USTA jitters

    No lie, I've played guys who drank beers on changeovers during league matches... Personally, I don't drink and would never do something like that, but I guess if they're out there having a good time.
  2. Big_Dangerous

    Tennis tournaments and boat horns

    This thread made me think of this scene from arrested development, lol!
  3. Big_Dangerous

    Being alone preferred. My mom is bugging me

    Man you're 53 and your mom is still alive? Depending on how you look at it, you could be quite fortunate. My mom died before my 19th birthday, and I have no living grandparents left either, the last one passed nearly 8 years ago. In fact, I think my grandfather (mom's side) died well before I...
  4. Big_Dangerous

    Hybrid stringing tensions different

    Yep, been hybriding Volkl Cyclone in the mains with a multi in the crosses for years, and I always do the poly about 3-5 pounds lower than the multi. Typically it depends on the temperature outside/time of year. In the summer when it's hot and humid, I tend to string the poly tighter at like...
  5. Big_Dangerous

    Racquets For double match

    Keep the racket and either string your nrg2, which is a multi-filament, a bit tighter like 58 pounds and see if that helps. Or, consider changing to poly for more spin/control and less power. Another option would be to do a poly/multi hybrid where you do poly in the mains and a multi like Nrg2...
  6. Big_Dangerous

    Adrian Mannarino brings two racquets to court in his small Nike bag

    Until the day you do, and then you're like: :X3:
  7. Big_Dangerous

    Adrian Mannarino brings two racquets to court in his small Nike bag

    I wonder, if that did happen where you popped a string and had no other usable rackets in the bag, would you end up having to default the match? I would think so.
  8. Big_Dangerous

    I messed up on my first stringing… how bad is it?

    I actually read a piece a number of years back that was basically saying many shops and stringers were moving away from 1-piece jobs entirely, even if you might use like a full bed of lux or rpm blast for example. They were saying the industry standard has basically become to do it as a 2-piece...
  9. Big_Dangerous

    Tennis-Pickleball War In LA

    Yuck! I couldn't do that these days because the court surface is really hot for their paws. I try to wait until it drops below 90 Fahrenheit outside before I talk my dogs for a walk. There was one day when I decided to take my two dogs to Lowe's, and walking in, one of them was like I have to...
  10. Big_Dangerous

    Are you capable of admitting you're wrong, even about petty things?

    "Am I the only one who gives a **** about the rules?!"
  11. Big_Dangerous

    When was the last time you created something?

    A petty thing I was wrong about. :-D
  12. Big_Dangerous

    Tennis-Pickleball War In LA

    It got ugliy-ish here in our community, because people complained so much that they went ahead and approved the construction of several pickleball courts. I think they actually put pickleball lines in for one of the tennis courts, but I'll be happy to have them build separate courts just to keep...
  13. Big_Dangerous

    When was the last time you created something?

    Unless he can reproduce aseuxally, then I would certainly hope he did get some help. :-D
  14. Big_Dangerous

    When was the last time you created something?

    Isn't it pronounced Bariya, and not Barilla like Gorilla? In any case, I tend not to buy from Barilla because their owner made some rather sexist remarks several years back, sort of suggesting that a woman's place is in the kitchen, so they're kind of on my **** list. Plus, I can get cheaper...
  15. Big_Dangerous

    I messed up on my first stringing… how bad is it?

    I never learned to do a 1-piece job, actually. Even if I'm using the same string throughout, I always do two piece jobs and for the vast majority of rackets it works just fine to cut the 40' string into 2 20' halves. There aren't too many rackets out there that require longer than 20' for...
  16. Big_Dangerous

    Working as Wilson Stringer for US Open

    Lol, I seem to recall Nadal sending rackets to be strung like 10-12 years ago at the Aussie Open, and they had it back to him in less than 20 minutes flat. No way could I string that fast myself, but I'm somewhere in the 35-40 minute range per racket.
  17. Big_Dangerous

    I messed up on my first stringing… how bad is it?

    I remember my first string jobs were pretty bad until I got the hang of it lol. I think the first one I made the grievous mistake of not using like a free cheap syn gut to practice with and ended up cutting a set of poly too short to use. I think I also did a misweave a couple times of the years...
  18. Big_Dangerous

    Are you capable of admitting you're wrong, even about petty things?

    Only place I hate putting the cart back is Costco, but then again I hate so much about Costco trips. Never go there on a weekend and avoid it whenever possible is the best advice I can give.
  19. Big_Dangerous

    Life after Srsh Thread

    Triples? :-D:-D
  20. Big_Dangerous

    Would you donate your life saving if it meant your Favourite player would win slam race by a margin of 3-4 slams??

    This is insanely idiotic. Who in their right mind would give up their hard earned money for a player they’ve never met to win a slam race? I’m happy to keep my money and have Nadal or Djokovic end up with more slams than Federer.
  21. Big_Dangerous

    WTA week of 2/28; Lyon & Monterrey 250s

    You said it man. Proudly added another one.
  22. Big_Dangerous

    (Challenger) Marbella - Thiem & Wawrinka return

    Show some respect to a major champion man… ****ing *******.
  23. Big_Dangerous

    Tsitsipas on prizemoney

    I predict the women would not be at all fond of a best of 5 format, and you would see a ton more retirements if they did implement a best of 5 format for the women. Not to mention the delays in terms of getting a jam packed schedule played, especially when you factor in potential weather delays...
  24. Big_Dangerous

    WTA Miami seeded players go 3-12 today

    Consistency in the women's game is virtually non-existent these days. I fully expect more of this in the months to come.
  25. Big_Dangerous

    Jim Courier Appreciation: Great commentary

    I still miss the good old days when the duo of Robbie Koenig and Jason Goodall called matches. They were honestly the best duo to call matches. They still call matches, but just together anymore. Some of the best Robbie Koenig gems: “Reflexes like a mongoose on amphetamines.” “I think we gotta...
  26. Big_Dangerous

    Jim Courier Appreciation: Great commentary

    He made one great comment referring to a Nadal missed forehand as a Waffle House forehand - smothered and covered. :-D It just made me think of that epic Bloodhound Gang song:
  27. Big_Dangerous

    I'm calling it now: Medvedev is done.

    Or just declare it like Michael Scott “declared” bankruptcy:
  28. Big_Dangerous

    I'm calling it now: Medvedev is done.

    But the aggression will not stand, man!
  29. Big_Dangerous

    How to react to a heckler

    Her match against Leylah Fernandez in New York also seems to have had a real negative impact on her mentally as well. She not only imploded in that one, but the crowd really turned on her in that match, particularly in that 2nd set tiebreaker.