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    Gladiators Tennis: grinding to get ATP Points (✌️) and creating cool tennis content as they go!

    Excellent footage of Grisha acting as Medvedevs hitting partner in Dubai
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    Rio 2023 final - Alcaraz v Norrie

    And the cheater prevails. What a win. Loser
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    Rio 2023 final - Alcaraz v Norrie

    Well we learned Norrie is a cheater
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    Sloan Stephens just ate a double bagel!

    Excellent result for my least favorite player
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    Diadora Blushield Torneo Official Thread

    Almost finished destroying pair 1 of my Thanksgiving sale purchases. Due to a few non-tennis trips - hoping to almost get 4 months out of this pair - largely due to working too much and not playing enough
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    Diadora Blushield Torneo Official Thread

    I am a 10.5 in most shoes but wear these in a 10
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    Malaga, Spain - Jan 31-Feb 4

    Not there but I do enjoy Malaga
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    2023 Australian Open Women's Final: [5] A. Sabalenka vs. [22] E. Rybakina

    Only saw the third set, but the quality of play was quite high in my opinion
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    Yonex ezone DR 98 - why did Yonex stop producing it?

    I still have a DR. I actually prefer the slightly crisper 2020 version with a little lead at 3 and 9 to get the weight up to the DR specs
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas will win Australian Open 2023

    In a battle of players I do not care for, I would be happy if he won. I expect Djokovic to win in straights though
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    With so many of the top players being bounced out, is this AO one of the worst majors ever?

    Between the tennis itself and the terrible ESPN coverage in the states, it ranks as one of the all time worst majors for me
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    Diadora Blushield Torneo 2

    There is no leather
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    Just relocated to the Deerfield Beach Florida area

    You also have Delray not that far to the North, lots of players in Boca etc. I was always partial to Sunrise myself on Oakland Park but it has been a long time since I played there
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    No tennis on ESPN3?

    And they have almost no coverage on ESPN and ESPN2. It is pathetic
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    Diadora Finale

    Apparently not - just saw the Fly 4 thread
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    Diadora Blushield Torneo 2

    Do not see much difference at least visually
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    Diadora Finale

    New version of the Fly?
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    Lower back pain after matches

    Could be many things as others have noted. One possibility and the easiest to fix is that the cushioning in your shoes may be shot
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    Miami - Jan 13 evening

    Will be in New Orleans. Also I am rarely in Miami. But any time anyone comes to Key West, I am happy to hit
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    The 8s were horrible for me and if the 9s fit any snugger than the 8s - then there is no way and they appear to have the same built in lace things that were a disaster for wide-ish high arched feet
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    Looks like these won't work for me - like the 8s. Oh well.
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    What is your play style in singles?

    By nature, counter-puncher who is always striving to become a more aggressive baseliner
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    Nike tennis shoes for wide feet

    In my experience, the best option if you have a wide or wide-ish foot is to just avoid Nike altogether. They rarely fit well and there are always better options
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    Birmingham Southern College potentially closing after Spring 2023

    Shame - was a pretty good college at least it was back in the 90s - I had a bunch of friends who went there
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    Does your bag match your racquets?

    I was going to get a Yonex bag But either too big, too small, lacked thermal etc The Dunlop was cheap, the right size and had one thermal large side which I wanted so was an easy choice. I have not matched brands for many years when someone who I bought frames from through in a matching 6...
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    Does your bag match your racquets?

    No. Dunlop bag, Yonex sticks