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  1. lwto

    Cinching my parnell knots... why do they feel so loose until I release clamps?

    Do you rock it while tensioning to pull the knot to the grommet?? If you don't, there's no chance you can tension it properly as it just cinches at the spot away from the grommet hole
  2. lwto

    Looking for the little yellow plastic pieces for a Babolat Star 4

    I had some that wore out on my sensor, I ordered a bunch didrectly from Babolat, but.. what I was able to do while waiting for the replacement was make my own out of cowhide.. about 3/16 inch thick. I cut them into strips that matched the backing, superglued it and it's worked great.
  3. lwto

    Wilson Baiardo

    I purchased several sensors via Craigs list.. I did searches in tennis centric cities and areas.. Atlanta, florida, LA and I found someone going out of business in LA where he had posted move than several for very reasonable prices.. so, that's a way to check as well.
  4. lwto

    Client accused me of paint chips / scratch

    Well, that's interesting, I"ve done hundreds of yonex's and Babolats and I don't recall ever chipping any paints, perhaps I just never noticed ... IDK.
  5. lwto

    Client accused me of paint chips / scratch

    Seems to me, to be pretty hard to scratch or chip paint during stringing. I've strung many and I don't recall ever chipping or scratching a racquet, it would have to be very noticable if you did, not the scratch or chip, just the act in itself, that you slipped and scratched. However. a player...
  6. lwto

    Stringing badminton rackets

    It's not difficult, but it's tedious and you really need badminton clamps and different 6 and 12 stringing hooks. professionals can do them in like 15 minutes
  7. lwto

    I hate..

  8. lwto

    I hate..

    Or once..
  9. lwto

    Stringing advice for beginner.

    Not everyone can be you... good on you.
  10. lwto

    Stringing advice for beginner.

    Routine it.. Always align the racquet the same way, I always put the label up - Make sure - Start your crosses.. either over or under, but make it a habit of doing it one way or the other as it will just become routines and possible problems will easily be found -Get a very fine precesion wire...
  11. lwto

    18x19 pattern from a 18x20

    The worlds your oyster.. you can do anything you want.
  12. lwto

    Do many rackets require crosses to start on a specific side?

    I believe, and I could be wrong, but if the racquet has the parallel cross grommets, they all have stringing instructions to start at one side since the grommets are designed in a manner which the strings only go one way.. well you can do it the otherway, but it would look silly. So if you see...
  13. lwto

    Settle a debate for us

    I tried to play tennis left handed, was awkward at first but then I got pretty good at it. What I found out, was that it wasn't that you couldn't do it.. play tennis lefty, it was your left arm got really tired fast. now i just switch to left handed when I need a desperate shot that I couldn't...
  14. lwto

    Settle a debate for us

    no this.. works great.
  15. lwto

    Moving to Seattle Area

    If your 4,5 you would fit right in, players range from 3 to on up with quite a few players who' have been #1 at the UW and a pro who might or might not be there, Jeff Barowiak.. not sure of the spelling, he was #1 at UCLA.. #2? Jimmy Conners..he's a character.. and yeah, he's played at all the...
  16. lwto

    Moving to Seattle Area

    Lower Woodland Tennis courts by Greenlake is a good place to get in some good pickup games. for indoor courts, Tennis Center in Sandpoint have some very nice courts you can pay and play as well as the Ami Yee tennis center on the South side of Seattle. But for just informal pick up games...
  17. lwto

    I messed up on my first stringing… how bad is it?

    1 piece.. easier, most players don't care or won't even noticed the difference and those that do will specifiy so.. So that said.. I just always mark off 10.5 feet for the short side, unless it's a huge racquet with a 19, 18x20 string pattern and then I do 11 feet and have never, NEVER had an...
  18. lwto

    I messed up on my first stringing… how bad is it?

    Yeah, they have great affects on playability.. Inside your mind,all you can think about, when you hit a bad shot is how bad the stringing was.. and it just gnaws on you.. it wears and tears your freak'n mind to pieces and you cannot tear those strings out fast enough.. yeah, it has great affects...
  19. lwto

    How do you measure your string?

    table is 4' long.. reel it off the spool the length of the table 2.5 times.. for 10 ft.. easy peasy.
  20. lwto

    New tool for Sensor tool holder

    no.. shrimip.. just fill the tray!
  21. lwto

    New tool for Sensor tool holder

    NO, just put the clamps on top.. we've come to an understanding.
  22. lwto

    Broken String with New Grommets

    Just burn in the grommets, especially if you are using Ngut.. run some poly through it. and out another hole.. and back and forth.. the poly will smooth it out really fast.
  23. lwto

    For a pro shop, is an electronic-constant-pull machine expected?

    10 racquets per day..took 20 days to pay off Babolat Sensor($2000.00 used}.. around there. and believe me, it was only the stringer manning the shop and doing the stringing. I doubt most tennis shops could afford a dedicated stringer. People like to see electronic stringers..
  24. lwto

    Golfer Elbow = No more solutions

    yep. it works crazy good. I've used it for PF, Tennis elbow and any other soreness.
  25. lwto

    What are you charging nowadays for stringing labor?

    Racquet stringers should be paid a lot more than they are charging.. I mean, it's like the most boring job ever and you need that xtra just to over come the tediousness of it.
  26. lwto

    Golfer Elbow = No more solutions

    Have you tried DMSO? It won't heal it, but it will make the recovery very quick... google it.
  27. lwto

    Strings moving too much

    Asked my room mate for a rubber band one day .. needed a dampner.. she gave me her hair band.. little colorful band to hold her hair.. it worked.. worked better than a rubber band.. smaller, less real estate , didn't ever break or get brittle and they come in all sorts of cool colors...
  28. lwto

    Strings moving too much

    IT's a feature to do that, keeps you from over thinking the crap you just hit.
  29. lwto

    Who invented PC Knot?

    Pete Carrol.. ties his gum like that.