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  1. D-Lite

    Peng Shuai's new racket

    I've just noticed from watching the following highlights that Peng Shuai is using a new racket or at least has a new paint job: The best view you can get of the racket appears to be at 0:34 when Peng is serving. Peng Shuai is now China's #1...
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    2014 French Open - WTA - General Discussion Thread

    Official website:
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    Martina Hingis - New Yonex frame/paint-job at US Open 2013

    I just saw a picture on the US Open website and her black Yonex frame had yellow sections. At first I thought there must have been an issue with the camera but after searching for other images on Google I realised she has a completely new paint-job. Prior to the US Open I believe she was using...