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    Why not play at the service line on second serves?

    This is actually two questions: (1) I am a 3.5 and I find it much easier to field serves when standing near the service line simply because one only has to move six feet each way to return the serve. Sure, you have less time to react but that doesn't make much difference if you're already...
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    Celebration of the Sages

    An off-the-cuff idea looking for someone to send it to someone who knows someone who can make it happen. There were three Battle of the Sexes, the second (King beats Riggs) viewed by an estimated 90 million people around the world.
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    How many matches do you play?

    I'm curious to know: - how many matches you will likely play in your 10-week USTA adult league - singles or doubles. - if you team has any in-person meetings or practice before the season starts to meet new team members and surmise their real-world skill. - how team members are selected for matches.
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    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    Hi, I don't wear glasses and have never owned sunglasses but now I'm starting to play outside I'd like to know my options past the dollar store. The little research I've done indicates that green is the best tint. Green: Green tints filter some blue light and reduce glare, while offering high...
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    Best on-court towel

    Few of us have the luxury of having a ball-person to bring us a towel between points. So I'd like to have something in my pocket ... a washcloth, large handkerchief, shop towel, terry cloth towel, bar mop, kitchen towel ... is there a best choice?
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    Roger's Forehand • Three Frame Analysis

    Roger's Forehand and Backhand (thread title can't be edited). Recently I figured out you're actually not supposed to turn your upper torso with the racket but instead plant your leading foot, in-effect turning your body into a wall, and your arm comes across while the body is stationary (as...
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    Conventional vs. Existential (practical philosophy)

    Conventional vs. Existential Buddhism says 'to want is to suffer' but what it doesn't (clearly) distinguish the two domains of reality being conventional and existential. In very short, conventional means to measure or compare - a convention being a standards of assessment. "I should be...
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    We still need to invent...

    We still need to invent... ... what ... what are the inventions we are still waiting on that would change the world (or some part of the world... don't need to make it so all or nothing).
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    Martini Navratilova

    Martini Navratilova ... got the name of the drink, but what's in it?
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    Stopping Blinking & Changing Focus

    I've had good success analyzing my missed shots and two things I've realized is that: 1) I sometimes blink, or partially blink, upon my body reacting to the shot. AWTH = And when that happens. AWTH the eye tracking is lost. AWTH what you see at best is a blur. AWTH your mind goes into a...
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    What is the name of this overgrip?

    What is this product's name? Tecnifibre ATP ???? Has a backing making it thicker.
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    How many 5.0+ players at age 60+?

    Today I saw a man hitting with a pro during his lesson ... hard. The teacher, mine as well, is 38, college and semi-pro, and still very likely a 5.5. This guy was volleying with him pretty darn well ... I'm going to say he's a very good 4.5 (4.0 serve; 4.5+ groundstrokes, moves well.) Ok, so...
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    Public Courts Search Engine? List?

    Does anyone know of a search engine for public courts? I've only found a list of school courts, ever Park courts. I happen to be looking for Delco/Montco (Philly) but of course this would be nice for everyone. - Randy
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    Skill Progress Workbook?

    Is there a book, in or out of print, that details skill levels and drills and provides a nice progress sheet to track. Basically a tennis skills diary/workbook.
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    Oldest Age per Ranking?

    What are the highest rankings by age? ... are there 5.0 players in their 50's? ... how old is the oldest 5.5? ... I'd like to know, in my 50's, how good is the best.
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    Eye Training Drills & Eye Dominance

    I am interested in developing my capacity to refocus my vision once the tennis ball bounces. It’s self-apparent that once position/posture is established that what needs to ideally occur is a best possible tracking of the forthcoming target, just as a batter does in baseball - how can one...
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    Choosing a teacher/coach.

    Any tips on choosing a coach, perhaps revealing interview questions, before committing to lessons? Is it better to choose someone younger, older? ... I see pros and cons for both ... are there styles of teaching I could inquire about? Would you prefer someone who recently competed? ...
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    Hand-eye drills, training, the 'Quiet Eye' technique Take a look at 11:30 ... I've always thought that pros actually see the ball hit the racket face but what's really so is that they don't change their gaze once they get clear on the tracking of the ball. Also see this ... a great set of ways to...
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    Is this in or out?

    Here's a graphic I made... Am I wrong in thinking that in/out is where the ball first touches the ground? It seems to me, and I've seen this in volleyball too, that people think that as long as the ball visually covers the line - regardless that it...
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    Developing a Superior Backhand..

    This is incredible practice ... if you jump to 3:00 to 3:08 you see two incredible backhands… hit harder than most forehands…( do they learn to do that?)
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    Goal • 53YO Requesting Advice • Compete nationally and internationally

    Hi, this is Randy, from Philly. I’m 52, 5’8”, 335 lbs. (lost 70 so far; ≈ 100 to go) I’d like to hear some advice and experiences from other players who went from very heavy to not (so very) heavy. I’d also like to hear about the options to compete both nationally and internationally -...