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  1. Doc Hollidae

    New ULTRA TOUR 95CV (for Kei Nishikori

    Wilson doesn't make new rackets, they just repaint them.
  2. Doc Hollidae

    TTW Current Top 10

    Sorry @J011yroger but you are no match for the post modern strokes of @bigservesofthands....
  3. Doc Hollidae

    Doubles: Calling an Audible.

    Ask for your partner to give you signals again and then say no to the original plan.
  4. Doc Hollidae

    Forehand grip and its advantages/disadvantages

    You can always buy a western grip.....
  5. Doc Hollidae

    Struggling With Power On 360 Speed Pro. Should I Switch ?

    If you can handle additional weight, adding lead can help add power depending where you place it.
  6. Doc Hollidae

    NBA 2018-19: Dynasty Season 5; Can The Carrington Warriors Defend???

    Anyone interested in Warriors vs Bulls Tickets this Friday? Section 110, Row 3. PM me.
  7. Doc Hollidae

    Don't see how Del Potro ever beats Djokovic.

    I was always taught to approach DTL. The only exception was if the ball was above the net and you can put the ball away cross court.
  8. Doc Hollidae

    What is the key to timing on ground strokes?

    Also a huge proponent of Bounce - Hit. Get your racket back when your opponent hits the ball then start your swing as soon as the ball bounces. Taking small steps leading into swinging also helps with making minor adjustments to getting in proper position to hit the ball.
  9. Doc Hollidae

    Win aggressively with poor serve?

    Like @mad dog1 said, a big first serve doesn't make you an aggressive player. I would consider serve and volleying an aggressive play style and doesn't require a big first serve (e.g. Rafter). Aggressive play is more shot selection oriented than pace/power oriented imo.
  10. Doc Hollidae

    2 Up at Net + Low Slice Approach = Best Winning Percentage in Doubles?

    Are you saying you low slice approach and play 2 up at the net or you low slice approach when 2 are up at the net?
  11. Doc Hollidae

    Drive slice bh

    Just timing and rhythm. You start your swing as soon as you finish your take back. Some people hold the racket back with their left hand while they are waiting to start their swing. You don't have that pause.
  12. Doc Hollidae

    Drive slice bh

    Might want to get your racket back a second or two earlier.
  13. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    It got redesigned and looks less boring. It isn't as exciting as the other two cars, but as a hybrid much more efficient and reliable.
  14. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    No interest in a Honda. Would get the Camry before the Accord.
  15. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Subaru's are nice, but not really considering them though. Had a Mitsubishi Lancer before the Challenger, so not looking at another rally car.
  16. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    We plan on getting a SUV in a year or two to be the family car. Only have a 10 month old at the moment, but we're planning on trying for another in the next year. I've always wanted to own a BMW since I was a kid. As a kid, I remember thinking the Z3 was the coolest car ever when I saw Golden...
  17. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Gonna go test drive the Stinger 4 cylinder this afternoon after work. Been watching a ton of reviews on YouTube and I'm definitely intrigued with its potential as all the reviews are very positive. Wish I had the budget for the V-6, because it seems like a beast. I like the BMW's interior...
  18. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    For a luxury sedan, it would have to be used. Otherwise I'm looking at non-luxury new options. The Kia is touted as having luxury like qualities and trying to break into the luxury market.
  19. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    LOL not looking to score. I'm married, so I scored with the Challenger ;). Wife wants me to get something more family friendly, since the Challenger would be tough to transport two kids in car seats. It's not that bad with just one car seat, but two will get a little difficult.
  20. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    It's coming from CarMax. I think I would have to purchase a warranty.
  21. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Unfortunately, the Stinger V-6 is out of my budget. Its closer to 40k than 30k.
  22. Doc Hollidae

    Changing racquets for my service game

    Are the same rackets just one has an overgrip?
  23. Doc Hollidae

    POMOAIRDOWN ... not ground up, air down

    Need a shorter acronym...
  24. Doc Hollidae

    Y'all gon playtest the v-feel 10 300 or naw

    Hi Tiffani: Is the head shape for the V-Feel 10's the traditional Volkl Egg Shape or more like a standard oval? Thanks.
  25. Doc Hollidae

    V-Feel 10 Head Shape

    Is the new Volkl V-Feel 10's head shape more oval or egg shaped?
  26. Doc Hollidae

    Help Me Choose a Car

    Looking for a sport/luxury sedan. Currently considering a 2015 BMW 428i Grand Coupe with 10,700 miles, a 2018 Kia Stinger, or a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE. Budget is approximately 30K. Coming from a 2010 Challenger V6, I would still like to have something that has some power behind it and can...
  27. Doc Hollidae

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Ready Player One and Mission Impossible: Fallout Ready Player One was interesting and had good special effects. If you like video games, you will like Ready Player One. From my understanding, the movie and book only have a few things in common. Mission Impossible: Fallout was awesome. Action...
  28. Doc Hollidae

    New theory - there are only two battles in tennis that matter

    First battle is with yourself imo. So many players beat themselves due to having a weak mental game. Pushers and more experienced players tend to feast on the mentally weak.
  29. Doc Hollidae

    How to hit short sitters ? Hot to hit winners from short, weak balls?

    Go for it if it works for you. I don't need a full backswing to hit an effective and consistent approach shot.