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    Are Yonex Racquets really easier on the arm?

    I used to hit with RDX500, this is one of the best racquet, easy on the arm yonex has made. There is a lot of feel and comfort using this racquet. I upgraded to RDS 001 MP, even at 98 sq. in. I still find minor arm pain the next day after long rallies.
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    Heading to Philipinnes :-)

    Thanks for the info bookem. I'll probably go vacation by end of July for about 3 to 4 weeks. This is after 12 years, back then when I was still playing competitively. Just last week my 14 year old kid beat me on clay court 7-5, broke me on the last game. Well, I guess the transmission is...
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    Big Bubba Racquet

    To the OP: Play the ball not his racquet. Your opponent is only limited to put the ball inside the court.
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    I'm going to be a dad!!

    Yupppi . . . another tennis player coming up. Congrats.
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    How do you know a racquet is "one"?

    When confidence overcomes choking. When you feel invincible with your racquet as if you can't miss. When you can only count the unforced errors and not the winners. Finally and most important IMO, when you don't feel pain the next day.
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    Pure storm new PJ...

    Looks like an Aerostorm paintjob on a Purestorm racquet.
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    Heading to Philipinnes :-)

    I'm planning to go on vacation by July. I don't want to have the same experience as drgeenthumb. I'll be staying in Quezon city. I know theres a lot of Pinoys in this forum, I wish I could have an invitation for a hit in your club. Guaranteed sweat with no surprise charges. Sliceboy2
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    Failing To Serve Out Sets. And Matches. And Tiebreaks.

    Try as much as you can to put the first serves in. Go for less risk shots. Let your opponent win the point instead of you trying to force a winner. Always remember that if its you who is closing the match or a set, he/she should be in a more pressured situation than you, he/she is more likely to...
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    Arm pain - Stiff vs flex

    To the OP: Listen to your arm. Its more painfull to play in pain than to play better giving credit to your racquet but in pain the next day. I suggest to give priority to a less stiff racquet.
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    Babolat Pure Storm LTD vs Pure Storm Tour

    IMO . . .You cant go wrong with both stick. You could easily tune your strings with this stick according to your playing style. I prefer the PS Tour, balls are heavier.
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    I'm confused about my forehand

    Considering that the racquet angle is good on contact. It's not the grip that will give you topspin, it's the racquet path and racquet head speed at contact, JMac has a continental grip, but he could produce topspin.
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    2H BH left arm pain

    Why did you switch? Did 1HBH hurt your elbow? 2HBH should be easier on your elbow. My guess is its because your left hand is not used to it yet. It will slowly build muscle and then it will feel comfortable after sometime. Another thing is the ball might be pushing your racket, tighten your...
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    Impressive power and accuracy by Pacman.
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    How to play weak/short balls?

    Short ball is an opportunity 1. Anticipate and move in right away. 2. for low balls, slice so the ball does not sit up, go DTL, go for the corner deep then approach, let him worry about his passing shot, instead of you missing the shot. High short balls go for the topspin winner, its worth the...
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    Sppp Vs Big Ace

    I've used both on my RDS001 at same tension 53 lbs, 18 ga. Power: SPPP for me has more pop, felt softer, more power Control:Big ace less pop, better control, more spin Durability: Big ace a slight edge Stifness: Big ace very minimal
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    Is this unsportsmanlike?

    If he is cocky enough setting up to try to return your slam, go for it, its valid. If he is bailing out, turns his back and basically concedes the point, just try to avoid hitting him.
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    Good strokes bad nerves

    Confidence . . . is the key. You are playing against yourself mentally. Go for your shots and play one point at a time. Breath and take a lot of water.
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    Most annoying advice from doubles partner

    Another vote for this one.:mad:
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    Exhibitions you'd like to see

    Nadal Vs. Guga on clay
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    Have you played with a frame that gave you the elbow?

    Wilson Hyper hammer 5.3
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    Federer new +100 million Nike deal!

    Roger simply deserves the big paycheck.
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    Is your day linked to your tennis????

    Its different for me. Its not good tennis that makes me have a good day. Its good day that makes me have good tennis. Any way tennis always makes me feel good, win or loose.:)
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    which % of hits during a match is a forehand?

    55% Forehand, 45% backhand. I normally don't run around a backhand.
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    Serve Weapon?

    Flat on the T.
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    When having a bad day, what shots fail you first?

    Serve, I like to have an easy hold everytime. I find it easier to find another strategy on groundstrokes.
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    More spin?

    Taking from my own experience Poly mains gives me more spin and durability. Gut mains give me more feel on the stringbed. On both set up, it is always the gut that snaps first.
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    Forehand - Attacking the second serve (or a slow/spinny first serve!)

    Good point You might be trying to hit an outright winner on the return and overhitting. Remember that you have to worry about the return first, track the ball closely, pick your spot to create an opening.
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    Signum Pro Poly Plasma-Questions...

    This is right. Strings preference for every player is always gonna be different from one player to another. I used to use multi syn gut then the hype of polys made me switch, awesome ball control and spin. I tried hybrid too, but eventually I switch back to multis because of the feel when the...
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    Playing With a Pro's String Tension

    IMO, the strings liveliness is different when it is freshly strung and it will always depends on the string material.
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    We're gonna miss you too, Guga...

    Guga, one of many players that has a nice personality, brings colors to the sport.