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    Barricade Boost

    I like the bright colors, but am also worried about the width. Have owned B2 & B5 with no width issues, but tried on a B2015, and felt like a vice :(
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    First time Kevlar hybrid

    Yeah, the APDGT I use is just an arm killer with the kevlar. Liking the zyex so far.
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    First time Kevlar hybrid

    I'll add this; I played with crossfire for about 4yrs (kev/syn hybrid). I always loved a tight stiff stringbed. However, playing with an APD, I have learned to love a pocketing stringbed. Nat gut is a good choice, but, my early impressions of the full bed of zyex is that the zyex forms as...
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    First time Kevlar hybrid

    That's a good response. I know exactly what you mean. I appreciate your input.
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    Barricade Boost

    Is the toebox as narrow as current Barricade ?
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    Barricade Boost

    Very nice Marcus ! Love the color. I like my shoes like I like my cars... in skittles colors :p
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    Barricade Boost

    I'm interested in checking out the new Boost. A bit disappointed that they are only using the material in the heel area. I find that most current upper level shoes are cushioned well in the heel area, but many lack in the forefoot area. Surely they could use the boost material in the forefoot...
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    APD gt compared to other APD's

    Lol... agree the GT feels hollow. All I can say is that I hit great with it; just don't like what it does to my arm. After hitting with every Donnay, Dunlop, Wilson, Yonex, etc out there.. none felt like the weapon the APD is in my hand. I should probably try the latest APD, but may wait to...
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    First time Kevlar hybrid

    What is the big advantage of the Kev/zx hybrid vs a full bed of zx ? Playing with a full bed of 16ga zyex right now & loving it. I've used Kevlar in the past (crossfire), but switched to gut to ease arm pain. Recently tried the zyex & feels pretty good right now. Would the kev/zx combo be...
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    APD gt compared to other APD's

    Been playing with APDgt for several years and love it. I demo'd a dozen or so different rackets last year trying to find something easier on the arm, but just couldn't give up the APD. Looking for a comparo with other APD's from someone who has played with older & newer models. Need some new...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Hi Babolat Official; appreiciate your input on this forum. I currently use the APDgt. It's the only APD I have ever used. Curious how much difference there is in the different generations of the APD? Did the cortex version have a more dampened feel ? How is the newest version different? Will...
  12. J

    How much difference in generations of APD?

    Been using APDgt for a few years & just wondering if the newer version of this racquet is very different, or for that matter, even the older generations?
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    Opinions on Lime Green color?

    Nah.. go for it.
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    Pop and Solid Feel under 11 ounces?

    Good luck with those 'S' frames... not a fan of that string pattern. I thought the juice (non-S) 100 was pretty nice.
  15. J

    A Sign of the Apocalypse? BHBH and the APD

    Totally understand and agree with your assessment. I have had some arm issues recently & decided to demo different frames. Already demo'd 8 different racquets & nothing so far matches my love for the pop, spin, and feel of the APDgt
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    Best shoes for cushioning on hard court?

    Dang... ! For that much money they should be good.
  17. J

    Yonex Ezone Ai100 vs Ei100

    Anyone with hands-on experience with these 2 ? Looking for similar feel to APDgt
  18. J

    Cry for help / racquet advice

    Appreciate the responses. "there are no stiff arm friendly frames" are words I did not want to hear. Hoping some frames are at least friendlier than the APDgt. I will check out the Organix & Head frames mentioned above. I simply hate feeling a frame flex. I do not like the feeling of a ball...
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    Cry for help / racquet advice

    Sorry, the Wilson demo was Juice 99S, not Steam 99s. Also, please keep racquet recommendations in the same weight range as the APDgt (11-11.3 oz strung)
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    Cry for help / racquet advice

    Can anyone recommend a racquet to replace my APDgt. Love the pop this racquet provides, but at long last it is killing my arm. I'm 49yo now, and tennis elbow has taken it's toll. I have always played with stiff racquets, and that is what I like. Demo'd today a V1 classic, and Wilson steam...
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    Diadora - A Once Great Tennis Shoe

    Funny, I disagree with most of what has been written in this thread. I think the best diadora shoe ever is the current speed pro III. I currently have 2 pair, 1 red, and 1 black/blue (which I had to order from TW europe). The toe box is not narrow. I have a fairly wide foot, and these shoes...
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    Nike 2.3 to Asics Gel Resolution 2

    I returned the Asics after one outing, and regretted wearing them for 2 months. If you like your feet low to the ground, and little support (feels like barefoot).. get the Asics
  23. J

    Adidas Barricade II - the best Barricade?

    II's were great shoes, but not quite enough cushioning for me. V's = best of both worlds. VI's.... fugly
  24. J

    pro kennex Black Ace Old version

    Played with those for several years.. then I discovered lighter rackets
  25. J

    Gut with multi/syn hybrid

    Lots of threads on here about gut / poly hybrids. How many use a gut / multi or syn hybrid, and what is your set up? On a gut/ syn or multi hybrid, will the syn or multi wear the gut faster than a poly because of texture ? Tensions with this set up?
  26. J

    String recommendations?

    Kite & Club: tour bite is so rough... seems it would quickly notch & saw through the VS... No?
  27. J

    Kevlar poly hybrid

    I used the ashaway hybrid (crossfire) for about 10 years. I have been experimenting with other strings lately, but that combo is hard to beat. Durability is the best, and it has great spin potential & decent pop.
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    Wanted: Adidas Barricade V

    Size 9; blue/white Murray edition.
  29. J

    Vote on best cross for solinco tour bite.

    Just buy the TB hybrid set
  30. J

    Babolat Propulse 2....Best Performance Shoe on the Market!!!

    Right on ! Diadora speed proIII = best shoe I ever owned