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  1. KenC

    Why isn't Berdych used as an example to teach strokes?

    If the Post Post Modern tennis method has migrated away from real life coaching and replaced it with online anaysis and instruction, why is Federer the favorite example? Federer is a magician with a racquet and can do so many things that analyzing his technique really should involve analyzing...
  2. KenC

    Emulating the pros is just a really bad idea. Here's why!

    I don't normally visit this subforum, but out of boredom I started looking again and have noticed some really bad advice being spread like wildfire here, and none is worse than trying to explain something using all these videos of pros hitting and the various tennis training sites with their...
  3. KenC

    Hints for finding a good coach

    Over the years I have seen many forum members complain about professional coaching, and for the most part they are right. There are a lot of bad coaches out there who have no idea how to develop tennis talent. Here are the top 3 things that distinguish a good coach from a bad coach, IMHO: 1...
  4. KenC

    Let's talk about time!

    There are a lot of threads on strategy but we never really mention the great advantages gained by robbing time from our opponents. Is it important, or should we just stick to trying to clobber our opponents with insane topspin? Whaddaya' think?
  5. KenC

    My impressions of Double AR Diablo

    I've put in quite a few hours with these strings in the 1.19 and 1.24 gauges. I normally play with Tour Bite Soft 1.20 at 23/22kg and I strung Diablo at the same tension. This is what I noted: Softness: I've had TE in the past and only play with soft co-polys. Both guages of Diablo offer...
  6. KenC

    Trying out soft polys, need tension help and advice

    Last September I wanted to do a soft poly string test and the first string I tried was Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17. I really liked it and decided to just go ahead with it. I did do a test to see what tension I played best with and 23/22 kg. (roughly 51/49) worked best for me. Now, due to...
  7. KenC

    Is Tour Bite Soft the clear winner in the soft copoly set?

    I have logged quite a few hours with TBS 17 at 22/21kg in my PK frames. My elbow is still fine even after some really high level grueling practice sessions. My elbow would normally have twinges after sessions like those even with my typical full multi setup. Needless to say, the comfort is there...
  8. KenC

    switch from multis to poly, need arm friendly

    Had TE in the past, from playing too much. 2 years ago I switched to the PK315 racquet and all is well with my elbow. Always strung with softer multis but recently a friend strung one of my PKs with polyfibre hexablade at 22kg and I really like the extra spin and control. I see that now there...
  9. KenC

    What is the best of the best of the best?

    Which is the best "best" thread lately?
  10. KenC

    Copying the Pros is Overrated.

    Oh this one should be a blast! First off, I do think there is a lot of information that can be obtained from watching pros play tennis, especially as one gets to the higher levels. But what I think is overrated is the "I want to hit my forehand just like Federer" or "I want to hit topspin...
  11. KenC

    Hitting Winners is Overrated.

    Like topspin, we are so in love with our winners. Of course they're cool when they go in, but honestly, how many of us instead take on way to much risk with winners and hit an UE instead? What is seriously underrated is the "forced error". Why don't we ever discuss those? Remember, this is...
  12. KenC

    Hitting Deep is Overrated.

    Everyone says to hit deep with a lot of topspin. How many people can actually do this well without constantly hitting long? Do you try to hit every ball say within 3 ft of the baseline? I think depth really doesn't matter as much as we think it does, and a ball hit to 6ft. from the baseline can...
  13. KenC

    Heavy Topspin is Overrated.

    Last night I watched the semifinal of a local 5.0+ tournament and there was this 14yo 5.0 phenom against an 18yo 5.5 topspin monster. The 14yo hit with a modest to normal amount of topspin just to keep the ball in while the 18yo used a full western grip with the typical overworked strokes. Every...
  14. KenC

    Prince Premier Attack 16g Black: Arm friendly or not?

    Mikeler says it is but RSI rates it with a stiffness of 205. It also doesn't seem to be that great for tension maintenance at 14.26. I am currently using the black Xcel 16g and really like it, but it is going to get expensive at €25 a stringjob and it lasting me only about 6 hours. OTOH I found...
  15. KenC

    @@@@@----------The OFFICIAL Pro Kennex Ki5 Support and Discussion Thread--------@@@@@

    Lately there has been a lot of threads all over the TW forums concerning the PK Ki5 frame. I recently bought 2 Ki5 315 and used this forum to get ideas and opinions to support my decision to use this stick. I always found the PSLGT support group to be very helpful and thought it would be great...
  16. KenC

    The real Pro Kennex Ki5 flex rating? TW USA and TW Europe don't agree.

    Having a bit of tendonitis at the elbow, I have been demo'ing a friend's PK 315, the latest model/PJ. Although I don't think it is any more arm friendly than my PSLGTs, I have to say that I like the PK 315 better than my Pure Storm Tours. So, last night I went to TW Europe to pick up a pair and...
  17. KenC

    Lingering forearm muscle pain?

    The History: In early August I was preparing for a tournament and was sparring with a very strong 5.0. We were going at it pretty hard pretty much non-stop. In particular I was practicing generating an excessive amount of topspin with my 1HBH and I use an extreme eastern grip that naturally...
  18. KenC

    What Racquet Produces the LEAST Spin?

    I think spin is becoming overrated. Even the Spin Monster himself says in order to beat Djokovic he needs to start flattening out his shots. Spin doesn't win on fast courts.
  19. KenC

    Durable syn gut for crosses?

    I am now using the new Tecnifibre XR1 17g in a 95in. 18x20 racquet and always break crosses. I string the crosses 2 lbs lower than the mains. Interestingly, it seems the crosses are suffering much more damage than the mains. This leads me to think that maybe I could try a more durable cross...
  20. KenC

    Tecnifibre XR1

    I heard rumors that there is a successor to Multifeel and finally found out it is called XR1. See here at the TF site. Anyone try it yet?
  21. KenC

    Tecnifibre made a new replacement for Multifeel?

    My stringer said something like there is a new string from TF that will replace Multifeel. Has anyone heard anything?
  22. KenC

    More arm friendly, PHT at 45 or XCel at 55+?

    There have been quite a few postings about playing with polys at very low tension, even in the 30's. I was wondering if anyone who is prone to TE or other arm problems has switched from a multi at normal tension to a poly at relatively low tension without getting arm problems. Evidently the...
  23. KenC

    Surgery for Trigger Finger, recovery time?

    Yesterday I had the surgery, and kept the hand on ice a good bit afterwards. Today the swelling is already down and the pain is not so bad at all. The surgeon told me I could go back to tennis in as little as 10 days if all goes well. I already promised my wife I would give it 2 weeks. For...
  24. KenC

    A few comments on the Babolat PSLGT

    I've put in about 25 hours with my new Pure Storm Ltd GT racquets and wanted to share my impressions. For background, I played seriously as a teenager with player's racquets, then took a 25 year break, and came back last summer and used PDGTs to help me get my strokes back. I have a 1HBH and use...
  25. KenC

    Need a player's racquet. Volkl PB10mid or Babolat PST?

    Background: I played competitively as a teenager in the early 80's and my favorite stick way back then was the Donnay CGX25, and I still have one of them. It weighs 380g and is about 9 pts HL, 16x19 and has an 85sqin. head. In the mid 90's I bought a Prince Comp Mid, but when trying to get back...
  26. KenC

    Pros auctioning racquets for Haiti

    See Here Its fantastic to see how the pros are doing what they can to help out. My only question is will they auction off the real PJ'ed racquets they play with or did the sponsoring companies give them the current versions for this? :)
  27. KenC

    Today I practiced the Forehand Slice

    As a young lad in the late 70's early 80's I used to hit a forehand slice every now and then, mostly on DTL approach shots to keep the ball low. Coaches used to actually teach that shot. Now that I have returned to tennis in middle life I see that the FH slice is no longer part of today's power...
  28. KenC

    2010: the year the old guard changes

    Seeing Nadal play is just depressing, my grandmother hits forehands harder than him now. Seeing Federer struggle against JMDP and Djokovic has me worried that he can't keep keep winning like he has been. Federer hasn't really improved in the last two years and parts of his game are starting to...
  29. KenC

    The real value of coaches and lessons

    I see a lot of posts here downplaying the need for coaches and lessons. I fully understand if there are some who are totally anti-authoritarian and prefer to do their own path at any cost. But there are many people, myself included, who have realized the benefits of lessons with qualified...
  30. KenC

    Stringing mains and crosses with different tensions

    I have been stringing my racquets at 55lbs even. I usually break the crosses. What would change if I did the mains at 56lbs and the crosses at 54lbs? 57 and 53? By the way,I do not use a hybrid setup, only full bed.