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    Margaret Court Continues to Stay Ahead of the Pack at 24

    Clearly, Margaret Court had a great career. Clearly, she has been eclipsed by Serena's modern game and longevity as GOAT. However, there is the reality that 24>23 and when they show the graphics they have to be honest and show that the old "racist homophobe" has won more major singles titles. I...
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    Margaret Court Continues to Stay Ahead of the Pack at 24

    Can't one just be a homophobe and not a racist too? Or do they go together like red hair and freckles?
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    Margaret Court Continues to Stay Ahead of the Pack at 24

    I think it is hilarious that Margaret continues to be the all time winningest woman at the majors. Serena has reached three major finals in the last 12 months and won 0 sets in those matches.
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    Why did Venus and Serena's careers diverge so much?

    Its not the US Open officials that are the problem. It's her.
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    Alexandra Stevenson retired?

    Wow I forgot about her too. Looking at her stats, after she had her 99 Wimbledon run she played 19 more major tournaments. She reached the 2nd round at only 4 of them.
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    Osaka's decision to split with Bajin!?

    What Bouchard and Osaka have in common is that they went on a roll; Bouchard reached 2 straight major semis and a major final on 3 different surfaces and then a QF showing at the Open and she hasn't been the same. Tennis is a lot of mental toughness; 1) you believe you can't be beat 2) your...
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    Osaka's decision to split with Bajin!?

    Let's remember Eugenie Bouchard. She had great results and after getting pasted in that Wimpy final hasn't been the same since in YEARS. Naomi had even better results but sometimes when the wheels fall off they never come back.
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    Is Navratilova Underrated? Why?

    Actually Evert was only 31 when she won the 86 French in June and turned 32 in Dec
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    Daniel Vellverdu Working with Stan Wawrinka Now

    Stan, here is some free grass court advice. Hit 100% of your first serves in at Wimbledon. Then and only then you might have a chance and John Isner your way to the title. Thanks goodness you can win sets 13-12 now in the 5th.
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    No excuses, 'nuff said!

    I think Nadal is still the clear favorite. Roger, however, has the larger racket and some recent success against Nadal. I think it is definitely a war of wills. Roger CAN beat Rafa anywhere even RG. However, how likely is that? We will know in the second set. Even is Roger wins the first set...
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    The next American grand slam winner? Is he currently playing?

    Playing? I dare say he hasn't even been conceived.
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    3rd Round: Goffin will beat Nadal at RG19

    They play the matches for a reason. I trust that Rafa will win but you never know. Here's hoping that Goffin gives him a match.
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    Is Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slams still inflated?

    After Rafa has to play two qualifiers to advance in the 2019 French we shall see if he wins. If he does win the whole thing it should be "critiqued" as some of Court's Aussie wins are to be fair.
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    Did Hingis rise to dominance too easily for her own good?

    Martina simply got out slugged. She could not play several matches in a row where she had to survive a barrage of heavy hitting. 2 rounds maybe 3 but not more than that and certainly not in a row.
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    RG draw - present your fav's worst scenario

    I disagree. I don't think he gets "outlasted". I think he can only be beaten if he is just hit off the court. The only way to beat him is to go for it and force the issue. If you miss you lose but you are gonna lose anyway so be the master of your destiny and go for the winners and forcing...
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    Thiem's and Zverev's results in Rome are a blessing in disguise

    Paris is far enough away that a week or ten days rest is not a big deal. A lot of Paris' results will be based on the draw a player receives and how much energy he uses up in the early rounds. There are also the inevitable match ups the favor certain players; eg. Federer against Kohlschreiber...
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    What happened with Wawrinka?

    The year Stan won the French he had a rather poor showing coming into Paris. He is not a constant week in week out player who beats everyone he should and then challenges the top players. He is the epitome of hot and cold. He managed to blow hot for three fortnights in Melbourne 14, Paris 15 and...
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    Stanimal looking sharp!

    Apparently not; Rafa smoked Stan today
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    Stanimal looking sharp!

    You are right but he does have a respectable serve. If the conditions were right and a favorable draw anything could happen.
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    Stanimal looking sharp!

    If Stan has a string of 7 good matches let it be in July in London.
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    Is Margaret Court's record of 24 grand slams still inflated?

    Tracy Austin's career was prematurely sidetracked because of nagging injuries after 1983. She tried to come back in the late 80s and was involved in the car accident which did not cause her to stop winning majors. Those days were sealed back in 1982. Majors are all "anyone" uses to decide who...
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    Is Hana Mandlikova underrated

    I have said it before but Stan the Man is the male Hana. So much game when they are on but omg they piled up the bad losses.
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    What's the reason for Wawrinka's inconsistency?

    Not really. He has a LOT of weak results especially at the 1000s. I am glad he won those three majors.
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    What's the reason for Wawrinka's inconsistency?

    Never count him out. I doubt he will catch fire and run the table for 7 matches but if anyone can do it it is Stan the Man.
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    Is Navratilova Underrated? Why?

    I don't think she bulked up as much as she got very vascular. I also wonder how much of her success in 1982 and 1983 was due to her using a graphite midsize with a much bigger sweet spot for reducing her unforced errors.
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    Serena withdraws from Miami with knee injury

    Eventually the physical and emotional well runs dry.
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    Serena withdraws from Miami with knee injury

    There is a reason why it was a BIG DEAL that Billie Jean King reached the semis at Wimbledon in 1982 AND 1983. She was 38 and 39 years-old. Eventually the body breaks down, the motivation dwindles. It does not look good that Serena will dominate again and be able to win two majors.
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    Khachanov similiar to Safin?

    His mobility looked slower than I remember Safin being. I remember when Safin blitzed Sampras in the US Open final. Wow he was amazing that day.
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    Khachanov similiar to Safin?

    dark and handsome too
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    Opelka to win Wimbledon 2019?

    Amen. Unless Richard Williams sounds off that he sees something in this clown I don't get the hype either.