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    Federer/Edberg all time great strokes combo

    Was watching an old clip of Federer practicing with Edberg at Indian Wells and was struck by the amazing combination of all-time great strokes/quality on that court: - Federer's forehand - Federer's backhand topspin/slice - Federer's ROS both sides - Federer's serve - Federer's footwork -...
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    Best overall groundstroke/volley on each side

    Who among the great players do you guys think has/had the best balanced package (elite-level on return, topspin/slice groundstrokes, short ball approach/putaway, volley,lob) on both the forehand and backhand side? Some candidates I can think of (from 70s onwards): Forehand package...
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    Great clip of today's Edberg/Becker exo!

    Both of them hitting some very cool trick shots and having fun!
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    Lots of Wimbledon on ESPN Classic this week

    If you're lucky enough to have ESPN Classic, they are showing a bunch of Wimbledon matches this week, especially Sat/Sun (official Wimbledon films 1980-94). ESPN is also replaying the Ahmad Rashad interview w/ Sampras, Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley this Thursday at 4pm PDT. -Madhavan