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    How did Wawrinka have Djokovic on his knees between 2014-2019?

    One of the most excited match-ups in the last decade. Some memorable matches also that would hardly repeat... pure magic.
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    Can we give credit to Djokovic while acknowledging the state of the tour?

    The Djokovic case is a perfect example of having a combination of important factors needed to be at the top of an individual sport such as tennis: -Talent (we could see it clearly in 2007, immediately a future ATG candidate) -Incredible physical fitness (ability to continuously get the best out...
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    Srdjan speaks again, 10 more slams for his son

    I found this not that unreal in 2016. People got crazy like its literally impossible, but it was always achievable given the skill gap between the Big 3 monsters and the rest of the tour.
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    I really hope Djokovic loss at mixed doubles

    Lol it has nothing to do with mixed doubles. Zverev played really great and fair won. Thats it.
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    Djokovic watches YouTube highlights of his opponents obsessively!!!

    Well, not that long ago - just a few years back, he was far from this position today. All of a sudden he is untouchable, top player with best records fighting for even more, for glory, own history, for tennis history. At 34, of course everyone would do anything to get an advantage over...
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    Is he gonna do it?

    Its going to be very hard..
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    How the hell did I miss this?? ONE OF THEIR BEST MATCHES, EVER...

    Wow Delpo was red hot, hard to imagine him playing better then this on clay. I miss him a lot, his game is too good when on.
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    Djokovic 2007/08 VS Djokovic 2021

    That is insane tennis. So agressive, so fast... and vs Nadal highlights, those two points after 6:33 mark... :oops::oops::oops:o_O
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    Djokovic 2007/08 VS Djokovic 2021

    It would be close. But in the end I give edge to 2021 version every time because this Novak knows how to solve problems during the match. 2007/2008 Nole has a big game but with just 20 yrs you cant hold tactically with 2021 chessmaster version.
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    Djokovic confirmed participating in the Olympics

    Good news., lets see what happens. Novak likes challenges. Challenges motivate him. Motivation is a fuel for that well-oiled machine.
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    So Novak will probably have 411 weeks at No. 1. Wow
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    Djokovic Fans: do you want him to go to Olympics or focus on the USO?

    If there is no crowd allowed, skip Olympics for sure.
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    Djokovic News

    Djokovic Interview in 2050 :-D:laughing:
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    And So It Begins... 20-20-20 Has Arrived. High Drama Headed Into Tokyo And NYC.

    Novak said today he might not even play Olympics due to huge restrictions there.
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    Djokovic Fans: do you want him to go to Olympics or focus on the USO?

    I'm sure he will give his 100% at both tournaments, otherwise he wouldn't play Olympics.
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    I think I remember your username for your always negative posts. Why would you use this thread to bash Nadal and spread hate. Chill out.
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    Whats wrong with you? Your posts are full of hate whenever I read them.
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    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    Berrettini is very dangerous this year. Big, strong guy in best shape of his life and his serve is massive on this surface. Very exciting matches in semi-finals and Wimbledon suddenly became very interesting.
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    That guy birthday is 4.11
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    Novak Djokovic : "Let them talk" Best tennis ad ever?

    My first impression was WOW, this is something different, and I like it a lot.
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    2021 Wimbledon R2: Andy Murray [WC] vs Oscar Otte [Q]

    I'm so happy for Murray. He is obviously struggling with his game but it would be amazing if he adds more victories this Wimbledon. Good luck you old rival.
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    2021 Wimbledon RD1 - Nick Kyrgios [60] Vs Ugo Humbert [25]

    Kyrguos is very fun to watch. With all that talk between the points his matches are something different.
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    The Wimbledon faithful are in for a *real* treat tomorrow!

    I wish Federer a good tournament, because the more old they are the more I appreciate the Big 3 ( and sir Andy Murray) and want them to go deep. I feel Federer can always be dangerous on Wimbledon, because when his game clicks, his 2-3 combo shots can dictate the tempo of the game and when that...
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    Sir Andrew Barron MurrayGOAT OBE winning Wimby would be the best thing for tennis.

    I have never been so happy about any of his wins like today. I missed that guy on a big stage so much, like I was his true fan. Good luck sir!
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    Wimbledon 2021 - R1 Djokovic V Draper

    He did looked like an improved grass player today with that monstrous serve but lets see first if that was all on Djokovic or his opponent also had a crap return of serve. Anyways, 8 wimbledon titles is a record that is pretty safe in my opinion, I mean that is one colossal task at 34 with 5 titles.
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    Wimbledon 2021 - R1 Djokovic V Draper

    Sampras Jr. had a good serving practice today. I'm satisfied. (y)
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    Novak goals for the future?

    I think his only goal right now is to break that GS record. I'm pretty sure he will retire right after Fed and Rafa if he holds that record. Motivation plays a huge role in his game and these two rivals motivate him to play this good.