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    College players and HUGE drop in utr

    I've gotten annoyed with UTR. My daughter had been out a while due to injury... played a tournament dubs last year with a weaker partner (~5ish), slaughtered the #1 seeded dubs (2 x 8s) team 1,2, and saw her UTR her dubs UTR drop from a 9 to a 6 thanks to some ridiculousness regarding her dubs...
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    Wilson Juice and Wilson Burn

    Not the same racket... The ultra's got a different pattern (16x19) than the Juice (16x18).
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    Cheap, inelastic syn gut for cross...

    You may want to check out Tourna Syngut Armor in white (and only white). I believe it's actually rebadged prince w/ duraflex. They look identical. I've got the white and black, and the white is much less elastic...
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Add UConn Men and University of Northern Colorado Men and Women to your list...
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    There's a typo in your link.... here's the correct version...
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Aaaaannnd add Southern Utah men and women to the list.
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    I believe that cuts can happen right up until 7/1, so I don't think we're quite done, unfortunately. One of the coaches groups that I belong to mentioned that there are still a bunch to go.
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Add Winthrop to your list. Just cut men and women.
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    Thoughts on big-name academies?

    Hard pass for me unless someone else is paying for it. I believe that a player can get most everything they'd need with privates from a good coach, some drills, and hitting with former college players.... maybe throw in some tournaments here and there.
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    They didn't get cut... Just suspended for the season.
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Roberts Wesleyan just cut Men's and Women's tennis.... and Men's golf.
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    Full list of tennis programs being wiped out due to COVID

    Looks like you missed UAH and North Central Texas....
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    Scholarship Bias Against Male Players?

    We'll have to see how the tennis/non-revenue scholarship landscape looks after things settle.... I'm betting it'll be bleak, especially if football doesn't happen in the fall. On the recruiting facebook page that I'm on there are coaches talking about players needing to show up with a lot of $$...
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    USTA recommends no one play tennis now

    There are some open around Marietta. Some academies still doing Junior drills. It's not worth it to us.... my wife's got some complicating conditions, so we're keeping my daughter home. Some of her friends are still hitting, which makes it tough on her, though it's nothing compared to the guilt...
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    Evert dissing Kenin

    Don't forget Bellis... had a decent run for being out and injured for 2 years.
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    Durable string suggestion

    If he likes the racket/strings, and isn't getting hurt, I'd just buy a stringer and live with it. In my world, it's better to just have to restring frequently than be worried about him getting injured trying to prolong string life by an hour or two.
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    U12 U14.. utr ratings

    I found that the UTRs of younger kids were a bit overstated. You can find kids in 12s-14s who could be middle of the lineup in our local D1 based on UTR, but realistically aren't there. I think it starts to get a bit more accurate around the 16s.
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    String broken in 2 days?

    A multi wouldn't have even lasted a day of full day camp in my daughter's Juice when she was 12. Probably wouldn't make it through lunch now. It depends on the string and the racket.
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    Foot faulting in tournament -- classy umpire response

    Yup... they barely have enough officials as is. I rarely called foot faults on anything other than National tournaments or D1 matches. Can probably count the number of times I called them over my 4 years on one hand. With kids, I would usually just mention it to both players while they were...
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    full western grip for junior

    Just switched my 14y/o daughter from full to semi. Made the change right around 2/1 and she's probably 90%, so there's light at the end of the tunnel. The first 2-3 weeks were rough. Took her out of drills for the month of March to focus on hitting on the ball machine and with a hitting partner...
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    How the heck did Mari Osaka get a WC into Miami Open?

    Well... in a way they did. Her first round match is a young upcoming US talent who also got a WC.... soooooooo.... they basically setup her opponent with not only a WC, but a first round win.
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    Paying for coaches to travel to junior tournaments

    One of the academies near me charges $200/day + expenses for 1 player, $175+ for 2 players, $125+ for 3.
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    Solinco Tour Bite Hybrid Setup

    She tried and liked the tecnifibre tfight dc 300 and Volkl VS8 (bought one). Her coaches liked the ball she hit better with the Juice, so we decided that if it wasn't broken, we didn't need to fix it :-) We'll probably look at a Pure Drive next. Need to make sure whatever she gets can generate...
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    Solinco Tour Bite Hybrid Setup

    My daughter is around your daughter's age and plays with the same racket. She's a pretty advanced/National player. Her Juices are strung with Wilson Spin Cycle (picked ~5 reels when they discontinued it) mains and Tourna syn gut armor crosses. She gets around 10 hours of hitting before the...
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    Ulnar impaction syndrome

    Don't know what area you're in, but we've got great resources in Atlanta. Emory has a dedicated Tennis sports medicine practice... the Dr. who heads it has been wonderful with my daughter, who suffered a TFCC injury/fraying in her non-dominant wrist at the ripe old age of 12. She's got some...
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    Should there be more ref's in college tennis?

    Lines people at college matches aren't really supposed to make any unsolicited calls. They're only to provide input when questioned by the chair when he/she didn't have a clear view, or at least that's how it worked when I chaired D1 matches. Don't believe things have changed since I 'retired'...
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    2018 Women's NCAA Tournament

    Rain.... courts have dried and they're restarting now.
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    Appalachian State Player suspened for offensive remark

    They punished him... made him keep playing ;-) 0-18.....
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    Decision time: Put my kids through college or keep buying tennis shoes RANT!

    I feel your pain... my homeschooled tennis player daughter goes through a pair of K-Swiss Hypercourt Express' every ~4 weeks. Everything else is too narrow, too heavy, too somethin :-)