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    If you could go back in time and stock up...

    Barricade 2 Barricade Boost Asics Gel Res 6 adidas ultimate
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    Who is the best volleyer in the top 100?

    Truer words haven’t been spoken on this site! It’s impossible. The fanboys and girls are lunatics and can’t admit a single flaw or weak aspect of their favorites, they can’t be objective at all. Even their behavior is defended. They can do know wrong…. It’s a sickness.
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    Gym etiquette: how long is too long to reserve a machine with your belongings?

    They should just ban phones from the gym floor, use them outside or elsewhere, don’t give me the BS you want to listen to music…. Use the gym, then play with your phone! I leave mine in my locker and don’t carry it around while working out. I know it won’t happen, but this is my dream for the...
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    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    Today they are… wasn’t that way in the past, back in the 80s and 90s, singles players could do quite well in doubles. Today the singles players have limited games revolving around mainly ground strokes so they aren’t good in doubles. Edberg, Mac, Bjorkman, Becker, etc… were all great doubles...
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    What is Pete Sampras' legacy today?

    Great write up. The most telling thing to me is you used to have to beat great players to win a slam, and many of those opponents also had slam wins on their resume! Edberg had to beat several slam winners on that road to the 92 US Open, while today in the inflation era, you can win a slam...
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    What is Pete Sampras' legacy today?

    He didn’t dominate Edberg. 8 to 6 H2H advantage for Pete, with Pete winning the last 2 in 1995 when Edberg was far from the top of his game, and would retire the next year in 1996. Other thoughts on this thread, if people don’t realize the Big3’s major totals are inflated because of the slowing...
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I had them too as a kid and the rerelease I have now from a couple of years ago. I almost never wear them, heavy, no cushioning, hard as rocks. I would avoid them. I am talk about the OG Edberg’s. The Comp is better. Lighter, fit better, cushioning is better too, although the forefoot doesn’t...
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    Nadal's slams outside RG is equal to Agassi, Lendl and Connors careers

    True! Don’t forget Serena had to play 10 years longer too to achieve 1 more major win and still trails in most others…. Steffi is the GOAT for ladies tennis.
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    A slam poll

    True. But you can win on clay without a serve, volley, or really any offensive tactics and just play ground stroke games and retrieve for hours. Is that desirable? Enjoyable to watch? Watch Coria play from 15 years ago or so and let me know your thoughts. As for the rankings: Wimbledon US...
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    Tennis desperately needs Alcaraz/Rune/Sinner to beat Djokodal

    The Big 3 had two basic things that the Lost/Next Gen don’t have. Desire and belief! This is what the kids lack. Fed wanted to knock off Agassi and Sampras, and he did. Nadal wasn’t intimidated by Fed and played him tough and beat him right from the start. Joker came up and was drive to beat Fed...
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    Name Your Two All-Time Favorite Players - One Male One Female

    Wow. I wouldn’t have predicted those two….
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    Have the original NextGen declined before Djokovic?

    Plus they are flawed. They are incomplete players that is why they can‘t consistently beat the older crowd. Skipping over their desire and mental abilities, they have have major weaknesses: Thiem - can’t stay healthy, no vollies, ball basher and error prone Med - no vollies, laughable court...
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    Has Medvedev regressed?

    I agree. He plays like a 5’ 10” counter puncher. No offensive inclination other than a big serve. Really a pathetic way to play for someone his height.
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    Courier post 93

    I think Courier started to find things more difficult as the decade of 90s went on for a couple reasons. - I think he was a worker, and probably got tired of all the effort he put in to reach the top of the game. The fitness, running, hitting, etc, he wasn’t a “natural“ he had to work hard to...
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    What was Pete Sampras like?

    Yeah and Mac and Lendl probably have an indoor title total over Sampras too…. But who are the best two indoor/carpet players? Sampras and Becker. You can put your money on Mac and Lendl, I’ll take Sampras and Becker.
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    What was Pete Sampras like?

    I disagree, Mac is no indoor/carpet GOAT. Career H2H on that surface with Becker…. 1 win for Mac, 6 wins for Becker.
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    People who insist that prior eras were better than today: how did you watch the matches?

    Highest quality was 2 hours on a tape, could be extended to 4 or 6 hours. People who were hardcore and dedicated would pause the recording when it went to commercials and then restart when they ended. This preserved a lot of tape.
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    People who insist that prior eras were better than today: how did you watch the matches?

    Yes, it was still decent for the time. There was no HD to compare it to, but yes, you could see the ball and the players, court, etc… really was ok.
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    People who insist that prior eras were better than today: how did you watch the matches?

    No, VHS tapes could be run at a slower recording speed, could last for 6 hours for one tape. Sometimes people used two tapes for one match if it was a long one and they wanted to preserve the quality.
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    People who insist that prior eras were better than today: how did you watch the matches?

    A couple of ways, I watched some matches live, I also use to record them on a VCR and I still have many, many tapes. I also find good matches online, YouTube being the best place. I noticed Wimbledon and others have released great quality versions of old matches. You aren’t going to find all...
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    No need to sugar coat this, tennis shoes SUCK. BIG TIME!

    I disagree. Several shoes have good forefoot cushioning, Gel Res usually does, some Nike models with air do, even previous barricades, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 have had it. The current model is weak. Search around the site, many have complained about the eyelet issues, I am far from the only one. I...
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    No need to sugar coat this, tennis shoes SUCK. BIG TIME!

    Barricades? Which ones? The current ones? They are mediocre, and I am being nice… why? * no forefoot cushioning, like none * stupid eyelets, they break, don’t lock down properly, and stretch out * plastic coating over the majority of the upper, doesn’t breathe, doesn’t flex easily
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    If you could take just one title..........

    1989 French Open from Chang to Edberg, Chang had no business winning that major (never won another) and Edberg would’ve won all 4. Would have put him in a different tier and he would be more respected as a player. Such a shame.
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    Nadal confirms he was very sick during Paul loss

    It’s also controversial because of his fans, they truly believe he has the best serve, volley, forehand, backhand, movement, etc…. Of all time, so they can’t cope when he loses and really neither can he. Just say, I was a little rusty, not on the top of my game, but he played great, took it to...
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Agree 100% Even when they finally break in they still have almost no forefoot cushioning! They have 3 big flaws: - the lacing system - the plastic coating over the majority of the upper - the lack of any real forefoot cushioning
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    Peak Kafelnikov vs Peak Thiem?

    Richey Reneberg. Mainly a doubles specialist. Yes, Tom Gulikson
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    I am Federer fan. I am still not prepared to move here

    Disagree. Much more balanced and reasonable here, people aren’t full of current emotion and venom for their favorite’s opponents. GPPD is one of the worst places to visit on the site. The constant fan wars of many of the Big 3‘s lunatics is exhausting.
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    Has anyone actually worn out the tread on the new Barricade?

    The Barricade line came out in 2000, adidas didn’t use the name on shoes before then. The Barricade II, was also called the 2, same shoe, the second version of the Barricade. The model you posted a photo of in post #20 was the Barricade V (5).
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    Truckee, California. Looking for players 4.0 and up to play August 14th-Sept 1st

    Hello, Thanks for reading, looking to play some tennis in Truckee. Let me know if you are interested.