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    Redheads do it better.

    None needed. It is just a mere 40 pounds with Polymono 130. These CAPS are a bit more open, and if not, Polymono 130 just pushes right through. But then again, JR wouldn't have just a mere mortal look after Destiny. And, they're breeding in his bag, complete with Wilson butt caps...
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    Yahoo! Donny Pro one MID!!

    Those 16 x 18s were made specifically for Mary Pierce. If you do have any other questions on them, please contact me direct on them. They got out, as I have been having to pair down my collection sadly for space and other reasons.
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    For Sale Lacoste LT 301 Equijet 9.5/10

    Well, thanks to the economy taking a major downturn here in NY, I'm having to part with some of my favourite and rare items in my collection. This one, I'm offering up my as new, maybe hit once or twice Lacoste LT 301 Equijet. Made famous by Mr. Guy Forget, this one has an SL2/4 1/4 handle which...
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    HUGE clear out, $50 or less!

    The Tour 90, Rok, and both Radicals have been sold
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    Actual pro racquets (pics)

    That's not a T9-30. It was the TR-25 that he and many other male players used. Novotna and several females used the T9-30 which was wide body is frame in the mold of the Prince CTS style of taper
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    The Snauwaert fanclub _/¯

    There is one rare frame which is almost impossible to find. Snauwaert did design McEnroe a frame. It looked just like the 200G in terms of beam shape, head size and the like. Even to the plastic a the top of the handle like the 200G. Differences were colour, it was a greyish colour. It had a...
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    HUGE clear out, $50 or less!

    Wilson: nBlade 98 9/10 it is 27.5" 4 1/2 $40 nBlade 98 9/10 27" 4 1/2 $40 nSix One 95 4 3/8 8/10 $40 nSix One Tour 90 handle modified to head 4 1/2 9/10 $30 nPro Surge 27.5" head 4 1/2 handle 9/10 $30 Wilson Rok 93 9/10 $30 Dunlop: Muscle Weave 200G 100" 4 3/8 9/10 $40 M Fil 300 4 3/8...
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    A First for me in Stringing a Pro's racquet

    What I've done for JCF, usually 25/24, but has been 25.5/24.5 and as low as 24/23
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    verdasco type of grip?

    No, it was a TF synthetic base grip, and one Wilson Pro
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    Fernando Verdasco's grip size

    He uses a tiny L2 as well
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    Rainbow Coloured Strings

    I've been feeling a bit nostalgic as of late. Does anyone know if there is a company that still produces rainbow strings? You'd think me being in the business would have this answer, but I do not.
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    Head Racket Details For ‘09

    The frame Head made for Rafa at the 06 US Open was called the Blackbird. Luxilon almost signed him then too. The frame went on to be developed into the Extreme and Extreme Pro
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    Head Graphite Professional (Teal, Made in Austria)

    J0lly, where did you find a shop like that around here? Never seen one other then the one which I think is gone in Kings Park on Main St
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    I've just bought this. Anyone wanna fill me in?

    Yo uactually need thicker then 15 for these. The nearest equivilent you can get is weed whacker cord and works just as well, if not better in terms of play then the original 13g poly Snauwaert had for these things
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    Has anyone heard of the 300 Tour?

    It's the James Blake signature model
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    Rochus does not use an OS frame. Though Youzhny did at one point play Ti Radical 690s
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    Idea for a new a hybrid package

    That string would be either Gamma Ruff or Prince Topspin. Already available.
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    Sports Authority stringing job

    Nope, not all club stringers are better then a TSA. And in NJ, they do not use Babolat machines. You'll see some TF Pro Cords, and Prince 3000 or 5000 machines. I know this since i am now a SMT for TSA, and the Regional Head of Sports Services works out of the Paramus Park store, and have spoken...
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    Roger Federer Racquet Storil 2008

    It's to not stress the anchor string. Putting knots on crosses allows for less stress on the mains. You do the starting of the two piece with a start clamp.
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    Racquet Identification please

    Pro Staff 85 Taiwan
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    HEAD Graphite Pro with CAP Grommets (green USA version)

    And of note, the last tour player to use this frame was Dave Wheaton until he switched to a Pro Tour model. Even his so called Prestige 600 was still this model
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    Petr Korda personal racket (Pics)

    That new frame he's playiing with, it's the same as Radek's. he got onto them when he started coaching him. As mentioned, it's pretty much a C10 Pro Tour with the V Engine bridge
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    Nope, I have these at all 8 of my TSA locations in the district I run the tech shops, and I've been pushing htem without any incidents in the past year and a half we have had them. No complaints, people have been happy. No problems with breakages and I've had a few hundred sell in my district
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    Head Prestige Microgel **** vs Stock model???

    It's not so much the pallet, but the weight and what not that is different. Without knowing other variables, I cannot give you a proper answer.
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    Head Prestige Microgel **** vs Stock model???

    They're not made in Austria. They're Chinese made as are the vast majority of Head's pro stock frames these days
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    Frame is warping

    Yup, pretty much any Head 600, 660, 630 and 690 frame tend to have a bit of distortion with stringing. It's even worse when you use a dual tension, where you string the crosses lower then the mains. It's just how they are. Even the new MicroGel frames seem to have this as well.
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    Dudi Sela

    Funny that! Along the lines with the MG Radical 630s I have here for someone with a 16 x 19 pattern. Oh no, Murray cannot be using a real MG Radical with a different pattern...
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    Dudi Sela

    Head did frames with the FXP holes, but they didn't have flex points there. Sela, Guga, and Wawrinka had or have frames like these. Guga had both a Radical and Prestige with the FXP holes, but they didn't flex there and both had Pro Tour lay ups. Wawrinka, he has the Pro Tour lay up as well if I...
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    Pink and red gut ??

    Nope, they did do a pink gut, along with a teal, blue and various other colours. The red was strictly africord, the tohers I cannot recall the anme of it, I did have some sets myself until a couple of years ago. Lan Evo, I take it you own one as well? VII IX or X?
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    Possible to have a racket with ODD # main strings?

    Yup, the Revelation DP and Mystique XTC both were staggered. The Slaz had the slightly more dense pattern. THey sucked to string, and here locally nobody liked the way they played. Ah well.