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    Has 4chan solved the "the big 3" debate?

    I saw this in 4chan /sp/ (sports) message board Don't know the origin (perhaps it was even taken from here) But it looks like a pretty flawless argument
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    Tennis Laws/Patterns you have detected

    I think there is a thread here about the phenomenon that repeats often in which a tennis player wins a tournament and loses the next match in the first round Is there any law or pattern you have detected? Something that makes something else happen more often than normal?
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    These courts are fast, too fast.

    it's not the courts being too fast, it's the tennis players being too tall
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    Why is Federer still so secretive about his knee?

    Perhaps he thinks it would be tasteless to say he got some super cutting edge treatment on his knee that only billionaires (and not normal people) can get, and doesn't want to lie, so he prefers to say nothing about it.
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    Alcaraz's competition is better than Federer's pre Nadal

    Davydenko who was never at risk of being number one and never made a slam final was a better player than Ruud. Ruud being in position to be number 1 is worse than Ljubicic as number 3.
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    For those of us who want CARLOS ALCARAZ to win the U.S. Open!

    I want him but I'm afraid of how he gets broken after being up a break Im afraid Ruud won't be as forgiving as Tiafoe
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    Are we in a new playing style era?

    I see Sinner as quite similar to the old Agassi of the second half of his career who was more of a punisher than a shotmaker, he would take the ball very early, hit the ball very hard, and make his rivals run left right left right until they couldn't hang with Agassi in the rally anymore Sinner...
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    Sinner’s first serve cost him the match

    People who think Sinner choked are insane. I went to bed right before the third tie break thinking Alcaraz should have won in straight sets.
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    Should Caroline Garcia be the favorite to win it?

    What kept her from being a top 5 player the last years? She is playing great
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    If Ruud, Tiafoe or Khachanov win the Us Open

    It would be as bad as Tommy Robredo winning a major. Pray the winner of Alcaraz-Sinner ends up as the champion
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    How’s Rublev Looking?

    I don't think he will ever win a major but I think he is very underrated as a returner of serves, his returns are very good, I already noticed it when he won that tournament in which Novak lost to Vesely, but he had a great returning performance against Shapovalov. He is like Wayne Ferreira in...
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    Fritzy out...

    Was Fritz healthy? There was no coverage of this in my country and I imagined that Fritz may have been carrying an injury Was it more him sucking or Holt playing great?
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    ATP 250 Winston Salem 2022

    Huesler Djere so far is a very high quality match.
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    2022 Cincinnati Masters QF: Alcaraz vs Norrie

    the big problem of Alcaraz so far has been his poor bp conversion
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    So, Walmart Djo is winning against everyone now...

    Coric has a very unreliable forehand
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    Is Korda paying for the sins of his father?

    I feel like he is a very big Hrbaty. He has a tendency much greater for making unforced errors than most modern players who use much more topspin on their shots
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    Coric H2H against Nadal is 3-2!

    Coric is the proof Djokovic is a bad match up for Nadal
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    Tennis is better than it’s been for a while

    I really enjoyed the Evans matches last week and the Coric match yesterday
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    Nick Kyrgios was on an unstoppable run

    I think he has some kind of injury
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    What is Federer’s legacy if Soderling never existed?

    Without Soderling Federer would be a super Sampras
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    Pablo Carreño Busta: 2022 Canadian Open champion

    He wouldn't have won a major in Federer's era because Federer would have stopped him, or even the Davydenko level players that did everything PCB can do as well as him or better. I don't dislike PCB but he is a very vanilla boring player who isn't great at anything. To me he is a tier below...
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    Ruud's 11 minutes toilet break

    unless my commentators were wrong, Ruud didn't even enter the toilet area, he just changed his clothes