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    most wins against the big 4

    hi there, i was wondering if anyone had stats around players performances vs the big 4 including total wins and highest percentage (with lets say a min. of 10 matches) thanks!
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    OMG stop with the "melbourne" commercials!!!

    Melbourne have been doing it for years, they have a major inferiority complex with regards to Sydney, so they have to try so damn hard.
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    Aussie Open.....Your Favourite Slam?

    Aussie a sydney boy and im heading down to Melb for the first time to see the Open nxt year, both mens semi's and the men's final, cant wait!!!
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    Is Hewitt HOF Bound?

    And to think all those things were done at such a young age... Footwork wise, he brought the game to a new level... yeah he deserves it!
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    The We Want Nalbandian To Win A GS In 2010 Club

    He is another true contender at the very top of the tree... and thats great for tennis!!!
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    Toronto 2010 R16: David Nalbandian vs Robin Soderling [5]

    Nalby should be tired... but he's playing well, the way he plays will totally disrupt Soderling... If Nalby starts well, Soderling wont be able to stop him!
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    He's Back: Long Live King David

    surprized Nalby got there in 3! I would have thought Ferrer would have out lasted him!
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    Who would you pay your last money to see in action?

    Federer vs Nadal 2011 Aust Open Final. Ill be there, lets hope they are!!!
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    The serve and volley game could be coming back!

    Rafter is 3-0 v Fed. lol imagine Rafter v Nadal on anything but clay...... Spanking!!!
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    better volleyng skills federer or nadal?

    Federer beat Sampras serve volleying on old Wimbledon grass... no contest
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    ATP 5-set Records (five set)

    I remember sitting at home with my old man watching the 03 AO 4th round match, saying how awesome Nalbandian is and how he is gna win a handul of slams and how Federer will never get his act together. lol gta love Nalby and his semi final disasters.... IMO he probably should have been to...
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    I just saw Victoria Azarenka on the street!

    Seen her close up in Sydney earlier this year... Good body, face is a let down by her profile, front on she is good however...looks to be about 5'11 if you ask me
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    US Open Darkhorse Top 3

    lol even a drakhorse needs to have some chance to win it!
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    Greatest Tennis Performance Ever - Post 2000

    Best Quality Matches: Safin v Fed AO 05 Nadal v Fed Rome 06 Fed v Nadal Wimby 07 Delpo v Fed US 09 Hewitt v Fed Davis Cup 03 Nadal v Verdasco AO 09 Nadal v Fed AO 09 Nalby v Fed TMC 05 Best Performances: Safin v Sampras US 00 Delpo v Nadal US 09 Nadal v Fed FO 08 Nadal v...
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    Does anybody else like Cilic's game?

    He is very like to see him put on 5kgs of bulk.... surely he will have back problems due to his service action later on... that kicker is epic though!
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    Roger's next US Open - Interesting pattern

    I think if either of those four dont make the semi's it will be Murray.... Federer has lost one match there to a bloke playing out of his skin in 6 years. Djoko is a given there and is improving each time i see him this year. Rafa in top form. 4th spot is up for grabs... I get the...
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    Roger's next US Open - Interesting pattern

    The final 4 from last years US Open was the most exciting I have seen in recent years.... Would like to see someone More capable of brilliant tennis than Murray to replace Del Potro this year!
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    Q&A with Rafael Nadal

    lol i would guess closer to 99% id be certain he was baptised but just fallen away from its beliefs/practices
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    Just a great all around guy; Taylor Dent

    id like him even more if he was an aussie!
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    Q&A with Rafael Nadal

    Very surprizing for a bloke from Spain!
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    Hardcore Tennis Bootcamp in Asia/Pacific ??

    was there any development from this?
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    Prime Soderling vs Prime Delpo

    Delpo by quite a distance
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    More Talent. Federer or Nadal?

    Every aspect which makes Nadal one of the Greats is worked.... From playing with two hands, fitness, strentgh, power, stamina its all worked to a ferocious level...Its all forced, and learned with great effort and desire. His tenacity, his ability to reboot before every point, none of that...
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    Why Murray is so bad at clay?

    Movement! just not comfortable...other than Roddick, he would have played the least on clay courts in his development than anyone else in the top 20
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    Robert Farah

    There is a Pro Rugby League player in the NRL named Robbie Farah.... I was like, whats this doin on TW Boards
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    Rank top 10 players on all surfaces

    Feds maybe even 10 on HC.... honestly he would be the best ever on the surface... in Grand slams since 04 look whats it has taken to beat him on that surface.... mono and 3 of the greatest performances i have ever seen
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    Rank top 10 players on all surfaces

    Feds on clay = 8 Nadal on hard = 7 otherwise spot on OP