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    Nike GP Turbo hard court outsole on clay?

    Based on what, exactly?
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    Zverev is back

    They really went ahead and made those courts the worst possible colour for video didn't they? Incredible.
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    You guys are all corrupt - Shapovalov

    There is absolutely nothing slow-paced about modern professional tennis.
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    QC from 24 (two dozen) V8 Blade pros 18x20.

    Wow it's almost like they know that the people buying them are already planning to put lead on them...
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    Could Medvedev have gifted the point to kyrgios when kyrgios ran to med’s side of the net to hit the ball?

    With the number of people in here seriously suggesting Med should have conceded the point (should he have done so if Kyrgios had caught a ball that was going long?) is insane, this board is getting wild.
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    It's official: Medvedev surpasses Roddick in weeks at #1

    Some of the takes on this board are really starting to get wild.
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    Why is 40-40 called Deuce but 30-30 isn't? It's the exact same game situation.

    There's some interesting takes on both sides here but I think some people are overthinking it, which...I guess is the point of the internet. 40-40 is deuce, and 30-30 is 30-all because they're actually not identical situations. While yes, in either situation the next point is a game or break...
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    Has Shapovalov underachieved in his career so far?

    The number of "technique experts" in this thread is absolutely hilarious :-D
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Zero Replacement

    I did, I'll check them out!
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Zero Replacement

    I just wish they'd bring the ZZ back somehow. The Zoom NXT sort of seems like it could (or should) do the trick, but the ZZs were so good and getting them in a 9 is getting harder and harder.
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    Thiem broke beyond fixing?

    Yeah and he doesn't actually look that bad, but he's not playing his game. Whether that's due to fitness, fear of re-injury, or just readjusting to competition he's not a player that can really win matches without imposing his physicality on the flow of play, and right now he looks very behind...
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    Monte Carlo sucks

    I don't understand how you can look at some of the matches this tournament has had so far and claim it's bean bad. Get your eyes checked OP.
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    Does Alcaraz abuse dropshots?

    Does Isner abuse aces? I think it makes his serving more predictable. What do you think?
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    How many slams will Medzedtsipas win?

    Whatever the final number is, Zed's contribution will be 0.
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    Tsitsipas on prizemoney

    100% - they should get equal prize money either way (a Grand Slam win is a Grand Slam win, whether people like it or not) but if the desire from the players is there then they should also play Bo5 because it absolutely is the most thrilling and interesting form of tennis. This is the same reason...
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    What year was Nadal's yellow and black Babolat introduced?

    Honestly this is such an insane, hilarious power/control move and so very, very Nadal that I truly hope it's true. And the Yonex grips are considerably better than Babolat's so like...there's a chance...
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    Which players on tour can be classified as 'mini Zverev'?

    I get the overall point of this question but literally nothing about his game actually works as it should for someone as tall as he is. He basically plays like he's 5'8 already so what would a "mini" version matter?
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    Musetti boom

    Yeah that's kind of my main point; each H19/22 is going to be different from player-spec to player-spec, and of course different to retail, but the overall feel is there. The layups on the retail stuff aren't going to be quite as custom-tuned/soft/whatever as the player-spec stuff, but when you...
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    Musetti boom

    With all due respect I've probably forgotten more about layups and, as you put it, "other things", than most people will ever know. I'm well aware of the differences between the Wilson Pro line and 'real' H19/22s, I've been a longtime PT10/57 user, and I'm telling you straight up that aside from...
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    Musetti boom

    I mean if you want to get technical about it Wilson is the only brand that does actually sell these racquets; the Ultra Tour (or is it Pro now?) and Blade Pro are basically as much an H19/H22 as anyone this side of the top 500 is going to need.
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    2022 Auxetic Prestige Pro

    If vsbabolat says it feels like a real prestige then I might just have to give this one a spin...
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    The Grand Slam race has been completely jeopardised by the Australian government

    Big snowflake energy from the Djokovic fans today, keep it up.
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    You guys are all corrupt - Shapovalov

    This is the most sane take here, but Nadal really did ruin a good thing for everyone and now we're stuck with the idiot clock.
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    Alexander Zverev will never win a slam

    Anyone But Zverev, baby. ABZ for life.
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    Beaten Zverev: “If I play like that, I don’t deserve to be No 1”

    Yeah he was just 7 whole matches against the best players in the world away from it, basically a hop, skip, and a jump. Zverev is an absolute joke and will never be #1.
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    Berrettini - saner and somber Kyrgios?

    Barely mobile keyboard warriors out in force as usual. Talk Tennis never fails to disappoint.
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    Who is Patrick Mouratoglou

    His academy in Paris was absolutely huge in the early 2000s with most of the top French players and a good number of top juniors playing there. Initially it was a partnership with Bob Brett, but the latter split off to start his own academy, and then Pat kind of went off on his own thing from there.
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    So why Djokovic' Visa was cancelled?

    Except it’s clearly not…
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    So why Djokovic' Visa was cancelled?

    His exemption was for the tournament, not to enter the country. Per the government website an infection in the last 6 months is not a valid reason to avoid vaccination. This isn’t as complicated as it’s being made out to be.
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    New leaked TA/Djokovic letters-Federal officials said vax exemptions would be approved by Victoria

    That's right (and good on them for not doing so), wading through all this is a bit of a slog but in re-reading I've now seen that as well. He really thought he was just going to float right through customs/border enforcement with "NoVaK iS eXeMpT" written on a cocktail napkin, which is...