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  1. J

    2011 Davis Cup QF-USA vs. ESP

    Neither player wanted to win tht set I swear. Both players could feel annoyed that they didnt win that set easily.
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    Play Of The Week - declining?

    Who else here thinks that the ATP are selecting really rubbish points at the play of the week nowadays? there used to be some really cool shots and some really quality rallies, and now it just seems that any rally gets on there. any idea what this is about?
  3. J

    The Tennis Book that would never sell.....

    Federer meets Gok Wan - "Fashion for a dinner party in a retirement home." Next book in the series "how to chew food with a mouthful of clay-filled-bagel"
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    Edberg vs Nadal.

    I know, I know, Its hard to compare eras etc etc. Buuuuuuut, in a hypothetical match-up, who wins? Edberg, possibly the best volleyer of all time, clinical in putting away volleys, flawless technique etc. OR Nadal, amazing passing shots and defense, and shots at the opponents feet...
  5. J

    Imagine if Roddick played Roddick

    Imagine Karlovic vs Karlovic. 0 rallies, 900 eaces. That'd be possibly the most boring match ever. Nearly as boring as Bryan vs Bryan where they use the freaky twin telepathy to hack their brothers mind to read where the next shot is going.
  6. J

    Best shots in the singles game

    ATP Serve - Ivo Forehand - Federer Backhand - Nalbandian Volleys - Wish i could say Henman buuuut probably Mirnyi WTA Serve - Venus Forehand - Venus Backahnd - Henin Volleys - Women can volley? =p Mauresmo for me
  7. J

    Federer vs. Nalbandian - Madrid Final

    I'm going Fed in 2. A tight first set, probably a breaker, followed by a more routine second. 7-6 6-3
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    kirilenko is coming...

    Nice thread title (Y) Um, I reckon she *can* do it. She seems like shes got the variety. girls not afraid to go to net if she has to. I think that sometimes she lets herself play too much of a rally/defensive game sometimes, and she gets beat. Against Hanty in (god knows where :D) She lost...
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    Rap music

    Hey, what does everyone think of Juelz? I got his "What the games been missing" album and it's pretty good. He's also got a album out with Weezy called "I cant Feel my Face" (I'm not sure if it's out already, or if its coming soon or whatever) Just havent seen much about him here, any...
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    Monfils... just a bit arrogant?

    And Spelling could help you out, you know? Sorry I couldnt resist. Basically Monfils is a better player IMO. On the day? No, Isner was, hence he got through to the finals and Monfils didnt.
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    Rap music

    Just Downloaded "Da Drought 3" mixtape by Lil Wayne. So far it's really good.
  12. J

    What is your "signature" fashion?

    My bright coloured stripey socks. My faves are blue.
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    Bjorkman Calls out Cocky Americans

    If JoJo was around, that Swede team would be very strong.
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    Does anybody listen to music while playing?

    Yeah when im hitting. Back pocket has a zip so stick the Pizzle in there, link the headphones up the inside of the back of your top and then use some wrap around the ear phones to stop em falling out.
  15. J

    3.0 player vs. Open player (actual pro)

    I was well scared when I saw that vid. I was thinking "Damn, if that dudes a 3.0, Then I my American rating is gonna SUCK!!" then I saw it was the dude in the background, and order was restored. How good is the guy in the foreground? Ratings wise?
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    Something Federer might not accomplish that Sampras did....

    Well I know it's a big ask, but it'd be a one man Federer team. Fed wins 2 singles, and then teams up with Yves to win the dubs. If they lose the dubs then, well, gotta rely on Wawrinka I guess.
  17. J

    Is it proper to hit your FH's and BH's using the same side (face) of your racquet?

    Someone needs to post webcam pics of them doing this step by step to show that there is no 180.D rotation. For me it's 10, maybe 20 maximum. Unless BP, you are talking about the back of my had facing one way, and then the other one on the alternate shot? Like facing the court to the right on...
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    Is it proper to hit your FH's and BH's using the same side (face) of your racquet?

    Yeah this is the same for me. In fact, If i was to turn it so I played properly and didnt hinder my tennis devlopment so I could play pretty tennis, Id have to turn the racket nearly 100 degrees to hit with the other face. Ah the price of beauty.
  19. J

    Is it proper to hit your FH's and BH's using the same side (face) of your racquet?

    I do it. Western FH and then a Semi Western backhand grip (Gaudio?)
  20. J

    Lleyton Hewitt

    Carlos Moya.
  21. J

    wow, thats all I have to say

    Theres a Mens Futures and a Womens challenger (tier what?) at my club this week (Felixstowe), and the difference between watching the top 10 ( I was at Wimbledon watching Baggy, Nadal etc practice) and then watching these guys practice. and then I realised how damn good the top 5 are. I mean...
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    Donald Young...thoughts?

    Caps lock is cruise control for cool. I really hope DY does well, I mean I can see him crumbling under the pressure, but I hope not.
  23. J

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Igor Andreev is one lucky S.O.B
  24. J

    Nadal hasn't really won any slams.

    Hahaha this thread made me laugh. Whoever posted the original comment is a dumba$$ Oh wait sorry I have to keep up the norm on these boards. TROLL!!
  25. J

    Cramping Serena!

    I hate cramps. Play on damnit!!! Wasnt there a story told me some ex-pro (Ashe?) about some dude at the USO who collapsed with cramp and was screaming worse than Serena and they coudlnt touch him 'cos cramp was considered a illegitimate injury?
  26. J

    Suitable racket for 2.5 girl?

    03 White. It's a nice stick
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    Gilbert Comments About Maria Playing Junior Boys

    Wouldn't surpise me. Although I dunno, I feel like Mauresmo or JHH would fare better agiainst top junior dudes because of the variety. If this is true, then I;m sure Masha was just smacking at the baseline until the dude could put away the winner
  28. J

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    ^^ SOK it's cos you only post in odds and Ends right?
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    Janko Tipsarevic...will he trouble the top seeds?

    Straight after beating Gonzo, I went out from Court 18 to watch him play court 14. Some dubs with Lee. His volleys are impressive, and he comes up with some....weird shots off the defense
  30. J

    Rain 7 out of the first 10 days for Wimbledon

    I'm going on friday so i hope it doesn't pee down