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    2022 WTA week of 2/20; Doha 1000 & Guadalajara 250

    Ostapenko struggled a little. The courts are slower than Dubai.
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    WTA 2019 Kremlin Cup + Lux (Last leg of Tour)

    Penko with 6 aces and ZERO double faults in the final! :oops: I bet she wished the season would continue. Bravo for hiring Bartoli!
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    2019 US Open - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    13 double faults, Osta in straight sets over favorite Riske. She's improving...:unsure:
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    WTA Monterrey + Charleston

    Penko needs to fire her mom. She uses her as a crutch.
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    WTA Premier St. Petersburg 2019

    Ostapenko a disaster at this point. Can't focus, shaky serving, loses temper(racket throw!). At 21, she needs to grow up fast before she becomes a footnote.
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    Serena Williams

    Serena should fire her coach. He fessed up and then claims Osaka was getting instructions from her coach?! Proof? He should have apologized for causing Serena to defend her honor and cause her meltdown for his actions whether she saw the signals or not. Venus noticed. Very sad and glad Serena...
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    2018 WTA US Open Discussion Thread

    Odd, my stat is different .. JO won 58% of her second serve vs 43% for Townsend. With the DFs and UE, opponents have a downhill battle to win. She is her own worst opponent.
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    2018 WTA US Open Discussion Thread

    Ostapenko vs Sharapova should be a fun match. 16 DF is nuts.
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    2018 WTA US Open Discussion Thread

    Glad that Ostapenko focused when she needed to. Is her mom still co-couching her??!!
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Wow, did anyone's ice in their drinks melted in the audience from these two matches? o_O
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Only saw the last 3 games... Ostapenko had opportunities to come up to the net for the kill shots. Hopefully, a teachable moment for her to up her game and agree she can't continue to play this way.
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Needs this break badly...crap!
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Granted a 100% Serena would crush Alona. Battle of youth vs veteran. Last meeting the two played against each other will yield the same result(Abu Dhabi-HC). I see Serena as more methodical vs Alona swinging for the lines.
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Put it in the bank for an Ostapenko-Williams final... and someone is going to be run ragged. Osta's only opponent is herself. Her serves have improved incrementally. Her unforced errors may have be a fact of life given her "paint the lines" power game.