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    In consolation you probably won more style points.
  2. beernutz

    I don't think Djokovic even played that bad

    He was injured last year at the French when he lost to Thiem?
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    Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic titles expose massive lie in men's tennis

    I'll come back when this site implements an age captcha.
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    Novak Djokovic calls hunt for Grand Slam record and weeks at #1 the biggest reason that he's still playing

    Take one's own thoughts and apply them to someone they've never met. Presto, proved!
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    Who is/was '90s Clay'? What's his/her legacy on TTW?

    Take a walk on the wild side. I always thought 90s clay was a she. Maybe he was.
  6. beernutz

    Is pressure more on Fed or Nadal?

    Good question OP. I would say Fed because he's already deep in the red on their head to head record and here they are playing on his best surface.
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    No One Cares About Your Tennis Game!

    My entire social life is this work training exercise.
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    What USTA League Level should I play? Thinking 4.5

    I only got as high as 4.0 in tennis but I'm a 7.0 in offering opinions and I think 4.5 will be a good fit for you.
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    A repeat of AO 2014 and AO 2017 could be happening.

    Rafa fans are always cocky and confident. I hate to break it to you but that will not impact the outcome of the match.
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    Will/Do Djokovic's Grand Slam final losses to Murray/Wawrinka impact his argument for GOAT

    Besides the US Open, what other slam final has he lost to Fed?
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    Should Steffi Graf even be considered the 2nd best female player ever?

    It is unfortunate that so many posters are sucked into debate with morons like redrover prior to their being banned.
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    Does any genuine and passionate tennis fan seriously now deny the concept of the ''Big 4''?

    If he wasn't from the UK would you have made this post?
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    Would you rather be Ivanisevic or Courier?

    Even though they are about the same age and won about the same number of titles (23 for Jim and 22 for Goran), Courier won about $14 million in his career while Goran won almost $20 million. I think I lean towards the extra $6 mil even if Courier owned their head-to-head 8 to 3.
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    Controversial Kyrgios mid-match pep talk from umpire I am shocked there isn't already a thread on this.
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    Dimitrov: "Talent Doesn't Win Matches"

    So is Fed according to the Pew Research Center.
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    Murray vs Mcdonald. Rule: racquet over the net?

    McDonald has played long enough to know the rule and he should have let the ball bounce where he'd have an easy putaway rather than putting it into the hand of the umpire to not make a potentially incorrect call. I would hope the ump would have been 100% certain about the call to make it at...
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    Dispute with pickleball guys - was I wrong

    So how were the pickleball players going to play on a court with no pickleball lines? Did you watch them play?
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    End of the 32-seed era (2001 Wimbledon - 2018 US Open)

    16 seeds will increase the likelihood of cake walks and killer draws and therefore will be the fodder for many future TTW threads.
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    Djokovic is so epic

    Then make a thread. I love Fed but his defensive fans make me want to puke.
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    John Newcombe 1965 mixed doubles shared win

    John Newcombe's wikipedia page says Overall, he won 26 Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles (27 if his 1965 mixed doubles shared win is added). What is the story behind the 1965 mixed doubles shared win? I googled and couldn't find more information on that. Is it only...
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    Djokovic to win RG

    Don't quit your day job.