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  1. ark_28

    How to improve the initial step?

    Hi guys, So I have been teaching my fiancée @vasjain86 to play she was a beginner when she started around 9 months ago. She now can hit a really nice ball and hold down a rally. The main problem now is when a ball comes on either wing forehand or backhand she hesitates for a split second she...
  2. ark_28

    2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

    Looking forward to this match Novak leads the h2h 27-25 This is a rematch of their 2012 epic final which Novak won in 5 sets. If Nadal wins then he will be the first player in history to complete the double career Grand Slam.
  3. ark_28

    Connecting Laver to Shapavalov

    Just a random thing that I found interesting we look at the generations of Tennis but you can link one of the all time greats to one of the most promising youngster through a few steps! Laver has played Borg who has played McEnroe who has played Agassi who has played Nadal who has played...
  4. ark_28

    How many?

    So a few people close to me have had breast cancer and I want to do something to make a difference. As a result I have decided to try and raise money for breast cancer and I am going to apply to break a world record for the most serves in in one hour. The current record stands at 1158 by a guy...
  5. ark_28

    Best footwork tips for beginners

    so my fiancée only started to learn tennis with me in April! She’s not played much sport before and she’s actually hitting the ball quite nicely now. We have moved her back to the baseline when the ball comes to her she can make good contact but often she is just standing there after hitting...
  6. ark_28

    How to protect a beginner

    So my fiancée took up the game about 2 months ago I am trying to teach her once a week and she’s making pretty decent progress. She can hit basic groundstrokes when I feed to her. Her serve is very much a work in progress and it will take time to lock in. Every Thursday night I play in a mixed...
  7. ark_28

    The pressure is off!

    Hi Guys, So the last few years I have made the quarters in my singles tournament never beyond and that’s fine. This year it’s a 32 draw as usual the top 8 are seeded. I have not played much so didn’t get seeded... I checked out the draw I have a winnable first round but then in round 2 I would...
  8. ark_28

    Murray in talks about a comeback challenger

    Very interesting read this! I guess we all knew he wanted to come back on grass this could be a really good move for Murray, to ease his way back in to top level tennis and on a surface he’s been so successful on and that should be more forgiving to his body...
  9. ark_28

    Breaking news: Murray withdraws from Brisbane

    Sad news given how at the weekend he said barring a bad turn of events I’ll be playing. I hope he gets back on court soon l.
  10. ark_28

    Fantasy Tennis League

    Hi guys this looks like a lot of fun! I just registered my team it kicks off on January 16th You can register here. The code to join the private league I created is 607547 Hope to see you guys there :)
  11. ark_28

    Breaking News: Novak withdraws from Abu Dhabi

    Really sad news just when us fans were looking forward to him having a fresh start to the new season.
  12. ark_28

    Estimate my serve speed

    Hi all I have never had my serve clocked and I know it’s hard from a video but I know many of you play regularly and some have had theirs clocked. With that in mind can you give me an estimate of my service speed Also any tips on how I can improve and I’ll be very grateful.
  13. ark_28

    Breaking news: Murray splits with Lendl Probably the end of this great partnership for good! Interesting to see what Lendl does next and who he works with?
  14. ark_28

    Sir John Isner countdown to the O2

    Jim Courier nice described Sir John Isner as “the most destructive force in men’s tennis.” John McEnroe predicted he could win Wimbledon! He made the finals last year in Paris and the draw has now opened up for him to win his first Masters title, if Sir John does that he will qualify for his...
  15. ark_28

    Your questions to James Blake

    Hi all, There is a chance I may be interviewing former tennis star James Blake on Monday. I have gotten to known him pretty well over the last few months and he’s a top guy so I just wanted to ask you guys if you have any questions for him I will ask your questions to him and I’ll post a link...
  16. ark_28

    Shanghai Final Federer v Nadal

    Act 4 this year Federer has won all 3 so far and 7 of 9 sets Nadal of course leads head to head and is in prime form. I feel tomorrow Nadal will pull one back but I also feel this match is slightly more important for Nadal than Fed. If he loses tomorrow when he’s been in great form then it a...
  17. ark_28

    Even with all the withdrawals...

    The US Open has still been the most Open slam over the last 10 years or so. I personally am still excited about this tournament and seeing if a Zverv or a Shapavalov are ready to make their mark. Interestingly in the last 8 US Opens we have had 3 new first time Grand Slam Champions (Del Potro...
  18. ark_28

    When was the last time...?

    With Novak and now Stan now both out for the rest of the 2017 season it means that both finalists in last years US Open will not be in the draw in 2018. When was the last time that the 2 men's singles finalists were not in the draw in the same slam the following year?
  19. ark_28

    Breaking News: Stan out for rest of the season

    Sad that he won't be able to defend his title the top players really are being hit by injury now :(
  20. ark_28

    How to respond to this?

    So there is a guy at our club who let us just say me and him do not get on very well although there is no real animosity from my end I just try and avoid him as best I can. Last week I had to play him in the quarter finals of the singles unfortunately I lost 6-4 6-4. I had my chances but didnt...
  21. ark_28

    Piers Morgan claims he can beat Cilic at tennis

    This guy really does seem to be clueless. He has claimed that he could be Cilic When challenged by Brad Gilbert he went as far as to say that he could beat Cilic blindfolded He...
  22. ark_28

    Any app developers here? Great idea for you :)

    Hi Guys, I have an idea for a tennis app that I think could be real revolutionary but sadly I don't know the first thing about developing an app. If there is a good developer here I would be happy to talk to you about my idea and maybe we can work together on this? :)
  23. ark_28

    Recap the slam finals since 1980

    Hi all, I started watching tennis in around 1994 aged 10. I love our sport and the history and different matchups and I love learning about players before my time. I don't feel I have seen enough of some of the greats from previous eras and I am making it my mission to watch every slam final...
  24. ark_28

    Congrats to Federer and his fans

    I am not a fan of Federer but the beauty of the world we live in is that there is lots of choice for us all. I have so much respect for Federer from where he was a few years ago losing in the second round then a few finals and last year when he wasn't fit. To come back and win slams on his...
  25. ark_28

    Roger Federer (3) v Grigor Dimitrov (13) Men's 4th Round

    Excited for this contest! Dimitrov has never beaten Fed in 5 previous meetings but he's looked good this tournament. Fed has looked a little off colour for me this week but he's been winning. I feel like Fed will win but this could be an epic like Dimitrov's loss to Nadal in Australia.
  26. ark_28

    Sir John Isner V Taylor Fritz

    I am looking forward to this one! Fritz is yet to win a Grand Slam Match, he did push Stan last year at Wimbledon. Sir John on his day we can beat anyone and I think he will get through but it would not surprise me if this goes 5 like his match with Tiafoe at US Open. Sir John is paving the...
  27. ark_28

    Tactical advice needed

    So I am in the Quarters of our clubs mens singles for the first time! The guy I am playing has won the men's doubles a few times but never been past the quarters in the singles. He's been beaten badly in the quarters the last few years but by guys who won the tournament. This time he will be a...
  28. ark_28

    Any basic drills for a toddler?

    Hi all, So my nephew is going to turn 1 in a few weeks. I love tennis and play a lot my sister doesn't and wants him when he is older to play sports. He's already started walking and he looks very well coordinated for a kid his age. Are there any basic skills I can try and practise with him...
  29. ark_28

    Tactical advice needed

    Hi guys, So in our annual club championships I have entered the singles, men's doubles and the mixed. Tomorrow I have the first round mixed and I need some advice. I am quite an aggressive serve and volley player my partner is generally not massively competitive, but she's a good friend and...
  30. ark_28

    Me Serve and volleying (with video) please critique

    Played a long term rival of mine today! Played him twice on clay this year and got hammered 6-2 6-3 both times. But earlier this year I played him on artificial grass and beat him 6-2 6-4 and played him again tonight and beat him 6-4 6-3. I served and volleyed my way to the win and it seemed...