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  1. AutoXer

    Ft Myers Sept 6-8th

    I'll be in town visiting my parents. I would like to get some doubles work in. If anyone is available, please let me know. Joey
  2. AutoXer

    ALTA Players ready for the heat?

    Most teams I know of have agreed to an 8am start time. Played yesterday evening in Rome and it was 102 when we started. I feel bad for the line 5 people for teams that only have 2 courts. TWC showing 104 in Cartersville now and tomorrow forecast for 106.
  3. AutoXer

    Let the Stacking commence!!!

    Here is the deal. We have to win one line in our last match to win the league. We are playing the second place team. They need all three line to pull ahead of us on individual wins. If they win the match both teams would be 5-1. I assume Individual Wins is the 1st tiebreak. We are now at...
  4. AutoXer

    Is Diadora done in the US?

    Just checking to see if you will be getting in anymore Diadora shoes, clothes, etc? Seems everything is on closeout in odd sizes. Should I keep holding my breath for new Diadora stuff or give up? I really would like some more of their shoes. Thanks, Joey
  5. AutoXer

    Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort

    I was there from Sept. 7 - the 11th. I can't say how much I enjoyed the trip. The resort was very nice and the staff were well above average. The local area had a good bit of stuff to do and great places to eat. On to the fun stuff, The Litchfield Racquet Club. The Har-Tru courts and...
  6. AutoXer

    What I have learned here

    After just hanging out on here and reading, this is what I have learned: 1. If someone beats me, they are obviously a sandbagging cheating bastage who self rated low on purpose and should be DQ'd. 2. I am obviously the better player although I keep losing. How do I beat this this no...