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    APD gt compared to other APD's

    Been playing with APDgt for several years and love it. I demo'd a dozen or so different rackets last year trying to find something easier on the arm, but just couldn't give up the APD. Looking for a comparo with other APD's from someone who has played with older & newer models. Need some new...
  2. J

    How much difference in generations of APD?

    Been using APDgt for a few years & just wondering if the newer version of this racquet is very different, or for that matter, even the older generations?
  3. J

    Yonex Ezone Ai100 vs Ei100

    Anyone with hands-on experience with these 2 ? Looking for similar feel to APDgt
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    Cry for help / racquet advice

    Can anyone recommend a racquet to replace my APDgt. Love the pop this racquet provides, but at long last it is killing my arm. I'm 49yo now, and tennis elbow has taken it's toll. I have always played with stiff racquets, and that is what I like. Demo'd today a V1 classic, and Wilson steam...
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    Gut with multi/syn hybrid

    Lots of threads on here about gut / poly hybrids. How many use a gut / multi or syn hybrid, and what is your set up? On a gut/ syn or multi hybrid, will the syn or multi wear the gut faster than a poly because of texture ? Tensions with this set up?
  6. J

    Wanted: Adidas Barricade V

    Size 9; blue/white Murray edition.
  7. J

    Diadora Speed Pro III

    Simply the best shoe I have ever owned, but can't find them any more. Anyone have info about the next version ?
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    Hurtin' for something different

    I have been playing consistent tennis for about 30 yrs now (45 yo). I am at a 4.5 level & hit massive spin both sides. To avoid spending a lot of money & time with stringjobs I have been playing with kevlar hybrid, or poly. I recently bought into the RPM hype about being soft for a poly &...