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    For Sale Lacoste LT 301 Equijet 9.5/10

    Well, thanks to the economy taking a major downturn here in NY, I'm having to part with some of my favourite and rare items in my collection. This one, I'm offering up my as new, maybe hit once or twice Lacoste LT 301 Equijet. Made famous by Mr. Guy Forget, this one has an SL2/4 1/4 handle which...
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    HUGE clear out, $50 or less!

    Wilson: nBlade 98 9/10 it is 27.5" 4 1/2 $40 nBlade 98 9/10 27" 4 1/2 $40 nSix One 95 4 3/8 8/10 $40 nSix One Tour 90 handle modified to head 4 1/2 9/10 $30 nPro Surge 27.5" head 4 1/2 handle 9/10 $30 Wilson Rok 93 9/10 $30 Dunlop: Muscle Weave 200G 100" 4 3/8 9/10 $40 M Fil 300 4 3/8...
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    Rainbow Coloured Strings

    I've been feeling a bit nostalgic as of late. Does anyone know if there is a company that still produces rainbow strings? You'd think me being in the business would have this answer, but I do not.
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    Looking for Chuck Hackensson of Atlanta

    Hey Chuck, if you're out there, I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong. If you could drop me an e-mail on I'm thinking of moving on down your way and wanted to talk to you about things down there Tom
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    Laserfibre MS200 and Head, Volkl, Wilson and Fischer rackets

    First up, my trusty Laserfibre MS 200 dual action clamp machine. I've not used it much in the last four years since I have a Star 4 here for work. I'm looking to get $900 for it. Now the rackets. An original Austrian made Head Radical Tour 690 with a custom molded Yonex L4 handle. 8/10...
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    Pro Stock Frames

    I've got the following frames which are ex pro stock for sale: 4 Head LM Radical MP in either a 4 3/8 or 4 1/2, you choose the pallets. They come with Head leather grips. They are injected with silicone and have some lead under the bumper from Head in Austria. They are all 9/10 condition, and...
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    FS Laserfibre MS200

    I'm looking to sell my Laserfibre MS200 machine. It has the dual action clamps, various adaptors(except the one for the original Babolat AeroTour frames), and is in excellent condition. I prefer a local buyer because the machine is assembled. If you have any questions, ask away, and you can even...
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    Wanted: Prince Graphite Longbody

    Doesn't matter what grip size as long as the conditon is pretty much pristine. If you have one, send your offer to: Thanks Tom Martinez
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    paint job rackets

    I've got several Pro Staff 6.1 18 x 20 frames with Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 paint. They are either 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8. They're all like new. If you have any questions, please do not leave a message here, but rather e-mail me at Price is $180 firm plus shipping
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    Another Comeback Kid

    Is Mirjana Lucic, they gave her a wild card into the Memphis qualies this week. Hopefully she can make use of that card!
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    Vantage Stiffness

    Well, I've seen tons of posts here about Vantage frames being so stiff. They seem that way since their stiffness readings are for the hairpin frames. Meaning, no grip, no handle on it. When you add on a handle, the stiffness reading changes, when you add on a grip, it changes again. Most...
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    Yonex RDX 500 and RD ti80

    I've got an RDX 500 98 and RD Ti 80 both of which has been lengthened to 27.5". They weigh 342 grammes unstrung and have Yonex leather grips on them. Balance is 31.2 cm. They are $50 each plus shipping. ANy questions feel free to ask. the 500 is in 9/10 condition and the 80 is 8.5/10. Tom...
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    Pure Drive Team Plus with Prince 4 3/8 Handle

    I've got a Babolat PUre Drive Team Plus which had a Prince 4 3/8 handle remolded by Jay's Custom Stringing in place of the Babolat handle. If you have any questions, fire me an e-mail on Price is $100 plus shipping. condition is 9.5/10
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    Dunlops and TF

    Ok I've got: Dunlop HM 200G in a 4 3/8 in 9.10 strung with Pro Hurricane 17 $60 Dunlop M-Fil 200 in a 4 3/8 in 9.5/10 strung with X-Cel 16 $70 TF T Feel 305 in 9/10 in a 4 3/8 strung with Spinfire 17 $70 Any questions please feel free to contact me Thanks Tom Martinez
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    For All Those Who Need Patterns When Stringing

    Well, after the recent crop of various posts requesting stringing patterns, here's a little guide to doing it without a pattern. First off, don't cut the string out yet! Make a note of how many mains and crosses there are, along with what holes the knots are in, and what holes to skip. If the...
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    Like New Dunlop HM 200G

    I've a easily 9/10 Dunlop Hot Melt 200G in a 4 3/8 strung with Pro Hurricane 17/125. I'm looking to get $65 plus shipping for the racquet. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at: Thanks Tom Martinez
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    Thomas Berdych Overgrip

    Turns out there is a new white one out on tour that is well liked by pros. Besides Mr Berdych there are upcoming Dunlop players using their Hydratac overgrip. I've used them myself, they last quite long, and are a sort of tackier version of Prince Duratac I guess might be a good way to describe...
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    Blackburne DS Stringing

    First off, they are a bear to string, because they get to be tedious. It is annoying when you can turn a frame out in around 20 min to spend double that time on one frame. Things to keep in mind, I apologize here for my lack of PC, but those who do not have skinny fingers, do not attempt this...
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    For Trade Pro Tour(special paint) for nSix One Tour 90

    I've got a like new(9/10) Head Pro Tour with LM Prestige cosmetic. Since you can change out the pallets, I can put on 3/8 or 1/2 pallets. I'm looking for an nSix One Tour 90 to trade for it. I prefer either a 3/8 or 1/2 grip, and the same condition! Doesn't matter if it has the leather grip or...
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    Special Heads

    Ok, I've the following, they can be had as a 4 3/8(#3) or a 4 1/2(#4) grip. You choose at the time of buying. 2 Head Prestige Classics w/LM paint. $350 2 Pro Tour 630 w/LM paint/ $350 2 regular LM Radical MPs, nothing special, hence $70 each. The Radicals are like new, hardly used, while...
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    FS Some Interestin and some Normal Frames

    I've got the following for sale! 3 like new Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Zone 6.5 95s all 4 3/8. These are Euro frames which replaced the Pro Staff 6.5, and bear the same paint as the 7.1 Zone sold in the US. $65 each 1 Volkl C-10 Pro 110 4 3/8 like new, a few scuffs on the bumper $60 1...
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    F/T For Instinct XL

    I've got a like new standard length Instinct in 3/8, a LM Radical MP in either a 3/8 or 1/2 or a like new Surge X in a 3/8. I'd like to trade any of them for a similar condition Head Instinct Tour XL in a 3/8 or 1/2. If interested, drop me a line at Thank you Tom Martinez
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    FS or FT Volkl Catapult V1 MP 102"

    I've an excellent condition 9/10 Catapult V1 MP in a 4 3/8. I prefer a trade for something like the new Dunlop M-Fil 3 Hundred, or maybe something else that is interesting. If not, than it is for sale, and contact me for the price. Thank you Tom Martinez
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    Dunlop Hydratac Overgrip

    Now, I prefer to use just bare leather, but in the summer, it gets humid here and bare leather can twist and turn about, so I normally use Tourna, but I hate having to change the darn things as often as I do. So I've been trying out a few others, the Hydratac is one, and just went with it on a...
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    Plethroa of Prestiges!

    I have the following for sale! 4) Prestige Classic w/iPrestige cosmetics 4 1/2 grips 9/10 $200 each plus shipping 4) Prestige Classic w/iPrestige cosmetics 4 3/8 grips 9/10 $200 each plus shipping 9) Pro Tour 630 w/iPrestige cosmetics 4 1/2 grips 9/10 $200 each plus shipping 1) 8/10 Prestige...
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    3 Head Prestige Classic 600s 4 3/8 grips

    These are as new Head Prestige Classic 600s in 4 3/8 grips. They are the European style cosmetics, not like what we got here in the US. Basically taht means instead of saying Prestige Classic on one side, it says Prestige Classic 600. Price is $110 each plus shipping. I'll include some fresh...
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    Drives in Droves! (a slight comperative review)

    Ok, so now I've hit all the new Drives from Babolat with the exception of the Z-Max.For this, I had the Z-Tour, Z-Lite, AeroPro Drive +, and Pure Drive +. All were weighted and balanced the same(don't ask for the exact numbers, you aren't getting them), and strung at 25 kilos with Hurricane...
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    FT Pure Drive + 4 3/8

    I've a like new PUre Drive Plus which I'd like to trade. If you got one of the new TF frames drop me some mail, otherwise, odd and interesting frames would be considered! Tom Martinez
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    Liquid Metals And a Tour 9 V-Engine

    I've the following for sale: 1 Head Liquid Metal Radical MP 4 1/2 like new(9/10) USD$80 plus shipping 1 Head Liquid Metal Instinct 4 3/8 like new(9/10) USD$75 plus shipping 1 Volkl Tour 9 V-Engine 18 x 20 4 3/8 like new(9/10) USD$80 plus shipping Any questions, drop me some mail on...
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    $50 each!

    I've got the following for sale, each is USD$50 plus shipping 1 Dunlop 300G 4 1/2 9/10 1 Dunlop Hot Melt 200G 4 3/8 9/10 1 Yonex MP-1 98 4 3/8 9/10 1 Wilson Tour 90 4 3/8 9/10 1 Head TiRadical MP 4 3/8 9/10 1 Wilson Surge X 4 3/8 9/10 1 Prince More Control DB 800 MP 4 3/8 9.5/10 1...