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    Wanted: RF 2017 Australian open and 2015 Basel shirts

    Hey everyone! I’m looking to pick up a couple shirts: 1. The RF 2017 Australian open Henley, size medium. 2 the RF 2015 Basel/Paris/WTF V neck in blue/black in size medium. I’m located in Canada, but also have a US parcel pickup nearby. Anyone with these items please message me!

    What Roger needs to be #1

    Hey Guys! I've been playing with the numbers, to see when it would be (somewhat) realistic for Federer to reclaim the #1 ranking... Here is what I've found: Firstly, it would appear that Roger's best chance at #1 will come immediately following Wimbledon, as he out-gained Novak in the second...

    2015 ATP Race to #1

    Ahhh, here we are... 2015! Another year, another battle for that coveted year end #1 Ranking. The current race (credit as always to 1. Novak Djokovic, 2345 points 2. Stan Wawrinka, 1590 points 3. David Ferrer, 1430 points 4. Andy Murray, 1380 points 5. Tomas Berdych...

    Looking for Yonex tour G 310 4 3/8

    Please email me if you've got one. The 2014 Orange Yonex (lighter version than Wawrinka's endorsed stick). Thanks guys!!

    Dimitrov with a blacked out frame: Paris

    Does anybody know what he's using right now in Paris vs. cuevas?

    Wanted: yonex tour g 97 (310g)

    Hey guys! Looking for this in a 4 3/8 grip. Please email Thanks guys!!! :)

    Serb4lyfe: Great buyer!

    Good communication, quick payment, A++ guy :)

    Fuji: Awesome buyer!

    Quick payment, easy communication, unbelievably friendly... A++++ for him! :)

    K90s, BLX90s, and BLXPS95s

    Hey Guys! Selling 2 K90s (6.5-8 condition), 1 BLX90 (7 condition), and 2 BLXPS95s (7-8 condition). All frames are 4 3/8 (L3). Looking for $80/ K90, $80 for the BLX90, and $130/ BLXPS95. Email me at ! Prices are negotiable :) Thanks! -FN13

    2014 Race to #1

    Now that a few tournaments have been played in 2014, I feel that it is time for a race for #1 thread! Every so often I will update the rankings here and we can discuss the ranking possibilities! Top 10 as of 4/25/14: 1. Stan wawrinka, 2250 points 2. Rafael Nadal, 1950 points 3. Tomas Berdych...

    boomerTennis is an awesome seller!

    Fast replies, fast shipping, awesome sticks... A++ seller :) Highly recommended!

    Pure drive roddick and Steam 99s

    As the title says! email me at christopher dot fazio13 at gmail dot com :)

    Pure drive roddick and steam 99s

    Wanted! These sticks, preferably 4 3/8!! Email me at christopher dot fazio13 @ gmail dot com Thanks guys :)

    Federer and Nadal slam Opponents

    Hey Guys! I have been reading a lot here about how Federer had it easy to win his majors, and that Nadal has had to work much harder to win his major titles. This is a thread with facts about their slam opponents. Please don't turn this into another GOAT discussion, this is more about...

    Questions for Chris

    Hey Chris! I have a few questions about your escapades with the Wilson 95s! Some background info: I play with the BLX Prostaff 95, which I have leaded up. I love it, but wish i could have some more easy power on the serve and groundies... With the new Wilson rackets coming out, I am hoping...

    Are we over-exaggerating Federer's 2013 decline?

    I read the Federer match threads, the Federer game threads, and everything on here, and I get the impression that Fed is playing really poorly. I get the impression that he is playing far worse than the beginning of 2013. I get the impression that post back injury Fed has an equal level of play...

    A statistical Analysis of Players

    I was procrastinating from studying, and I decided to spend a few hours working on a criteria for how I would decide who the Greatest Player of all time is. I Chose some key stats, organized them from (what I thought) would be the most influential to least influential in determining GOAT, and I...

    Federer in 2014

    What does everyone think Fed's 2014 will be like? Post any predictions, comments, anything about what you think will happen here :)

    2013 Race to #1

    Alright guys, now that the first major of the year is in the books, it's time to look at all of the ranking points and see what might happen at each stage of the year! This will be a comparison between Djokovic, Federer, and Murray, because Rafa was out for 6 months last year, and as a result...

    Tennis Box Timeshare?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking way ahead, but am starting to plan my group's trip to Cincy this year. We were thinking it would be cool to get a box this year (better seats), but the problem is we would only go for Monday-Wednesday, and boxes are only sold for the whole week. So, an idea came...

    Box Seating Timeshare?

    Hey guys! As always, we are beginning to think about our next trip to Cincy, and had an idea. Why don't we get box seats for the week, and share the tickets with others (who would be willing to pay for 'em ahah) so we only pay for box seats for the days we go? We would be wanting the box...

    Dimitrov Practice Pictures

    Hey guys! I took a few pictures at Cincy 2012 of Grigor Dimitrov hitting Backhands, Forehands, and Serves. I can't put them all on right here (there are like 30 haha) so I'll give you a link to my photobucket where they all are :)...

    Cincy 2012: Better late than never :)

    So, I forgot to post some pics I got at Cincy 2012, so here they are for you guys! Fed FH at a practice Fed Service at practice Dimitrov backhand return

    Brian Baker vs TTW favourites

    So, Brian Baker just played Grigor Dimitrov (one of our favourites) this week. Next week, he has Jerzy Janowicz in R1 at Auckland!!!! That's one of our favourites playing another... AGAIN! I feel bad for Brian, because these have worked out to be tough draws (Grigor is in the final and...

    Some hitting

    Hey guys! So, I decided to film some of my tennis the other day, and wanted to know what you think. Highlights: -The first couple of minutes are more of a warm up, so if you're not going to watch the whole thing maybe skip to the middle (like 8:00 or so) :) -There are slowmotion ground...

    The pro stock to end all pro stocks: The Fed racket

    Prologue: As a few of you may know, I had the luck of coming in to possession of a Custom Wilson 93 racket, and I gave a review of it. In this thread, I will include a review of the 93 as well as a new racket. Anyway, back on topic: I managed to get a hold of one gem of a...

    ITF Junior Tennis

    Hi all! I've decided that I want to play some ITF tourneys this year, and am wondering what the competition is like. I'm top 50 in my province (despite only playing 2 tourneys), and am confident I could be top 30 if I had more time for playing tournaments. I'd be entering a level 5...

    Cincy Baby!

    Let's get the Cincy 2012 discussion going!! Who's all making the trip? What days? I'm pretty excited! :)

    Tennis hitting partners

    I'm not quite sure where to put this, so I chose here :) Does anyone know how to become a pro players hitting partner? Thanks all! :)

    Has Anyone tried Arrow-Up clothing?

    Has anyone tried fellow TTWer Kimiguroo's brand of Apparel, Arrow-up? I purchased some clothing as a part of their junior sponsorship program, and am very impressed. Firstly, let me talk about the look. The orange zip-shirt is very nice looking! The orange looks good, and I really like...