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  1. Curtennis

    Spinshot machine, broken piece? My spinshot arrived today and this was in the bottom of the box. Anyone have a clue if it’s part of the machine or just something random that found it’s way in. I bought new, but from a retailer, not direct.
  2. Curtennis

    The weak era argument is dead

    Tonight Djokovic clearly proved that he is able to compete and win against anything the world can offer him as competition. Well before this evening’s match, Alcaraz has shown himself to be a generational talent. Anyone being honest with themself can see it. Carlos isn’t simply able to edge out...
  3. Curtennis

    Cheap racquets and small grommet holes

    my stringing business has been growing and I’m stringing more and different racquets every week. I’ve strung 100 racquets all two piece and never ran into a problem. Until yesterdays 15 year old Prince. I’m on the last cross and about to tie off and I just can’t. The grommets are all tiny and...
  4. Curtennis

    Neos new glide bars?

    My Neos is pretty old and the glide bars are completely smoothed out. I’m experiencing slippage when I string unless I clean with alcohol literally every single frame and even then I’m still noticing some very small movements. I was at a friends house last night and he just purchase a brand...
  5. Curtennis

    Wilson Grand Slam Balls

    Just ordered a case of these to try. I think the standard Wilson ball is far better than the standard Penn. I assumed these slightly cheaper line of balls would be more akin to a Penn ball. Unfortunately that was not the case. These Wilson Grand Slam balls are far worse than anything I’ve ever...
  6. Curtennis

    Value shoe long term

    Listened to the Foot Dr Zack podcast with tennisnerd and he said how important it is to wear same shoe, same design. I’m usually of the mindset to buy whatever last years model was as it goes on close out, however, that’s not really a sustainable model for keeping consistent. Plus as a very...
  7. Curtennis

    GOAT thread - nah it's an Humbert thread.

    All posts this week will most certainly devolve into Djokofans and Djokohaters coming together to bash anything they can. But until then, can I get any input on what y'all think of Humbert's forehand? What I like: He doesn't seem to extend his arm or further rotate anything after the initial...
  8. Curtennis

    Pure Aero 23 Headguard

    I string for someone with a new 2023 Pure Aero. Other day he brings me back the racquet I string and strings are snapped up at the top grommet around 12 o clock. Luckily he had been playing it a month or two so I figured just regular wear and tear to some degree and maybe I over clamped it...
  9. Curtennis

    Racket for new adult aiming for 3.0

    adult female, early 30s, average height, was going to say average weight until I googled it. God damn what are we doing in the US… Average weight for the 1970s, didnt play any sports growing up. tennis beginner, maybe 1.5 ntrp rating. I’m confident she can work towards a goal of 3.0 well...
  10. Curtennis

    A single shot to analyze

    As taken from the Youtube description I made: This is the very first point of the second set. The clay was bouncing very erratic all first set and was keeping me cautious and tight. I felt a little looser on this one, however, you can tell that my ball does not actually land all that deep. It...
  11. Curtennis

    Yonex bag size

    In the most recent video review for the current 6 pack pro racquet bags, Michelle mentions how big it is for a 6. Excellent. will a pair or men’s 13 generally large shoes (FF2s) fit comfortably in the shoe tunnel? I’m downsizing from a 12 and wondering if I can get all the way to 6.
  12. Curtennis

    Virtual Coach Session - amazingly helpful

    My forehand had begun to frustrate the hell out of me. In practice matches, rallys with friends, it can be absolutely huge and I don't miss all that often. In real actual competitive matches, its a whole other story. In actual matches I'm dealing with nerves, and different kind of balls that are...
  13. Curtennis

    Chazal vs Marie

    Anyone else watching this debacle? Marie apparently has zero honor. Would love to hear someone else’s opinion on this break point/ace fiasco.
  14. Curtennis

    Speed MP L vs Speed Team 2022

    I find this battle of racquets very intriguing the specs are really oddly interchanged. Usually racquets in a line all follow a certain direction as they get lighter. However, this ones go tit for tat on every line. Unstrung Static MP-L 275 Team 285 Strung Swing MP-L 315 Team 306 Already this...
  15. Curtennis

    Real sale prices ever returning?

    On your website you still have last gen: Ezones Vcore pros Textreme tours Extremes Speeds Aeros Drives Clashes Blades ultras and soon to be more I’m sure. The “sale” prices on most of this old stuff is clearly not that attractive. Is this just the way things are moving forward? Minimal...
  16. Curtennis


    Tried searching and only found a couple random threads, please excuse me starting a new one if there’s a complete SwingVision thread somewhere. I have to ask about the MPH function. Part of me just can’t believe that it’s correct. I’ll be hitting boring rally balls with friends and it will...
  17. Curtennis

    Revisiting Extreme MP 360+

    Now that TW has these marked down to $150, I was just thinking that there isn't a lot of chatter about this frame. Pure Aero gets lots of discussion, even the Vcore line. The Extreme Tour has even been the favorite of many. Any thoughts regarding this stick? I did a search and really didn't...
  18. Curtennis

    Just got a Neos 1000 now what

    Last night on the big auction site I placed a “why not” low ball offer and actually had it accepted for a used Prince Neos 1000. In the photos it certainly doesn’t look too shiny or new. I have no idea if it will be coming with a manual. what are the first thing I should be doing to my new...
  19. Curtennis


    Eyeing a move back to somewhere in the greater DFW area. There's so many areas, and frankly most of them seem pretty similar to me whether you're talking Grapevine, Arlington, Irving, Garland, Ft Worth, etc... It's all roughly the same size houses in the same sort of neighborhoods. Which leads...
  20. Curtennis

    Abandoning the kick serve?

    I’m a competitive rec player. I do some USTA tournaments and take my exhibition matches fairly seriously. Like many of you, I don’t like to lose. I have a lot more fun when I win. A bad day of tennis is not necessarily better than a good day in the office to me. That’s just to preface where my...
  21. Curtennis

    New Adidas Barricade Failed

    Let me preface by stating I’m not a shoe tying professional, but I’ve been doing well on the amateur circuit for around 30 years now. The wimpy little eyelet that the laces go through on the Barricade came right off while tying my shoes like normal today. I’ve only worn these shoes maybe a dozen...
  22. Curtennis

    Wilson Moving Roger to Clash Line

    I know it sounds crazy but I think it’s the right thing for Wilson marketing to do. it’s no secret that the clash is one of Wilson’s most popular racquet lines, yet they have no one endorsing it. no actual pro is going to use that racquet for a variety of reasons. But with Rogers retirement...
  23. Curtennis

    When to settle down?

    Hey string community. COVID lockdowns got me back to seriously playing tennis and improving after many years of just casually hitting with any old equipment. for the last year I did the racquetholic dance and spent a couple grand buying and reselling (at a huge loss) racquets. The good news is...
  24. Curtennis

    My Wilson Custom Experience

    My two custom RFs just arrived. I ordered them May 21, they arrived at my door July 14. Roughly 7 weeks from ordered to in hand. they sent zero communication after the order confirmation but I could always check the status by logging in to their website. I ordered on the 25% off weekend. So they...
  25. Curtennis

    String Patterns vs String Gauge

    I’ve been playing with a V7 Blade 16.19 and very much enjoying it. Not my main stick, but something fun to enjoy and easy on the elbow. I was getting curious though as to what a 18.20 would feel like in comparison. Most particularly I was wondering if I could basically just replicate an 18.20...
  26. Curtennis

    How to watch recent tennis matches

  27. Curtennis

    Babolat Shoe Updates

    Hey TW, I was just curious if Babolat ever introduces new colors to an existing shoe line. I just bought the Jet Mach III recently and absolutely love them. Wow. However I got the one color (black) and the other color scheme is ugly as sin. Does Babolat ever come out with new color options over...
  28. Curtennis

    Critique my serve

    Below is a link to a Youtube I uploaded of myself earlier today hitting some serves. I apologize for the lone camera angle, if people think i should take a different angle for better critiquing, please let me know and I will. I'm happy to have your help. In the video, I describe how the serve...
  29. Curtennis

    Total weight confusion