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    Who in your opinion had the best match win celebration ever?

    Don't forget Petr Korda and his jump kick thing.
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    Tournaments missed by Big 3 due to injuries...

    I think the word 'Nadal' might be spanish for 'Salty'. Just a guess.
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    Chengdu coverage LOL

    Top criteria when scanning youtube for matches to watch is how easily I can see the ball.
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    Great Pro Matches For Pusher vs Pusher??

    Has Gilles Simon ever faced Mannarino in a 5 set match? That would be epic.
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    Federer > Djokovic prime to prime at slams except on plexi AO

    Federer at uso, wimby. Djokovic at AO and RG. Pretty straight forward to me.
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    The peakest of peaks

    Safin vs. Sampras in us open final, that combination of power and precision off the ground looked incredible.
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    Moutet switched to OHB?

    Serving underhanded may still be a better shot than paires forehand.
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    I don't care what player comes along, Like MJ, Sampras will always have the highest peak I've ever seen

    Even ignoring RG, no reason he couldn't have won the other 3. Pete was the best fast court player but became more vulnerable if the speeds slowed down.
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    I don't care what player comes along, Like MJ, Sampras will always have the highest peak I've ever seen

    Federer 2004-2007 was more dominant than any single Sampras year. I love Pete but did he ever win 3 slams in a year?
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    Why isn't it Nadal>Federer right now?

    You're right, fed has much more time at #1 and has 6 wtf to zip for Nadal. So clear advantage for Federer.
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    Who was the most frustrating to watch of the Big 3

    They all have frustrating elements. Federer and his inability to convert break points and general passive play in tight situations especially on 2nd serve returns. Nadal taking forever between points and all of his ocd quirks with the bottles. Not to mention perpetually playing the injury...
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    Most ombilivable tennis stuff?

    That ostapenko won the French Open.
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Appreciate your analytical approach. My thought process is that he has made one slam sf where he got smoked by Medvedev. Other than that his slam results are pretty meh I think. To me he should be better than guys like ruud, tsisipas and khachanov but they have had better slam results (I think...
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    Tiafoe lost to Gojo

    Davis cup since covid is basically an exo, sadly.
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    Who is the greater volleyer - Alcaraz, Nadal or Djokovic?

    That sounds right for now. I do think alcaraz can improve with more experience and potentially be the best one of the three though. He looks a lot more comfortable moving forward than either Nadal or djokovic did early in their careers.
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    Where does Djokovic forehand’s hand rank?

    Outside top 15? It's a really great shot - probably an 8 or 9 out of 10 but there have been a lot of great forehands.
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    One Hand Backhands in the top 100

    Honestly don't think that percentage is much different from 10 years ago.
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    Medvedev is a mediocre player

    I think Medvedev is mediocre at being a mediocre player.
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    Who's the grittiest player ever?

    Muster would get my vote, that guy was a maniac.
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    Was davydenko better than Medvedev ?

    Med is clearly better, if nothing else just the disparity in serve quality makes him better.
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    Who can defeat Joker at the Australian Open 2024?

    I heard it's zverevs time now. Or maybe I heard that wrong.
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    US open tv ratings, ladies and men.

    Ratings probably would have been higher if Shelton was in the final.
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    What We Need, Now: A Shapo-like player with a Brain.

    It's pretty hard to hold up as a lefty one hander defending right handed forehands. Who has really been able to do it since muster?
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    Will Djok snag another Major (to make it a tidy twenty-five)?

    He probably has at least one more in him but I think his decline may happen more abruptly than people are anticipating. Rafa and Roger both went from gs finalists/champions to basically unable to compete within a year. I know Novak is on top of his fitness like no other but he still has a lot...
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    There are 17 active WTA GS champions

    Not sure who the biggest fluke winner is, so many candidates. Probably Raducanu.
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    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    I'm sure many have seen him more than me but my impression is that his game is way too predictable and he's been on tour long enough now that a lot of his opponents can anticipate his shots because he seems to play the percentages practically to a fault. And he doesn't really play with any...
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    Race to YE#1 2023 - Djokovic v. Alcaraz

    Pretty much this. Regardless of how the numbers shake out anyone who really pays attention knows who the best player is.
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    Upcoming Goals for Djokovic ....

    Next goal is to win a doubles slam. ... 1 on 2 by himself.
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    Will Djoker get the CYGS in 2024?

    Very unlikely, but if he does he should just announce his retirement in the uso post final speech like 'this isn't challenging any more' and drop the mic and leave.
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    How does Djokovic keep making all these finals...??

    He skipped the vax which has weakened the rest of the field.