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    How do I put on a leather grip?

    I got one from TW, put it on as I would a synthetic grip, but as I feared my tendency to hold the racquet very low pulled the lowest part of the grip off the buttcap after a hitting session. Should I just redo it, but stretching it more and putting it on tighter this time? Or do I wrap it...
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    I can't figure out the deuce serve

    Hrm ok thanks I'll keep what you guys said in mind and see how it goes. My toss is getting a bit more consistent but that's probably part of the problem still. And yeah, the leg bend post XD
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    I can't figure out the deuce serve

    :confused::confused: Alright, so I can't even visualize how it's supposed to work. The serve is a left to right motion (and the racquet faces naturally opens up towards the right), so how do you get the ball to go to the left side while still having pace? Any tips on how to get this going? @_@
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    Ok, I increased my 3/9 lead from 4g to 8g, and added a rubberband (I suspect a lot of the reason I don't think it's solid is the sound) so we'll see how it goes.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    Ok, confession time. I got myself one of the laver type c 93's... and it's freaking awesome. Not only does it have more power, but it's so solid, and it totally pockets the ball. But my shoulder is feeling it XD Anyways, why doesn't my redondo feel this way?? Anything I can do to make...
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    LA Tennis Open (July 27-August 2)

    His brother... XD Safin's doubles match was pretty entertaining. Actually, Sela was the one who impressed me with that rock solid 1hbh and the angled volleys.
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    Federer vs. Hewitt - 2002 Paris Masters QF

    Haven't seen the match at all, but didn't he used to be a lot less conservative? As in going for the flashy shots and stuff.
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    Fed needs to improve his S & V. Sampras would have beaten Nadal at wimbledon.

    HAHA oh please don't bring up women's tennis -_-
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    Talk Tennis Live *** Nadal vs. Federer *** Match Analysis

    Federer seems to be coming up to net more than usual... granted, it's only been 3 games so not that easy to tell.
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    NBC is disappointing

    360 shows the doubles match despite labeling it as men's semis -_-
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    Federer VS Safin, Semifinal, Wimbledon 08

    EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS -_____- Is espn2 really that oblivious?
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    Gasquet [8] vs. Murray [12], 4th round

    *is in class, sadly* How are the players looking right now?
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    Nadal switched his playing style?

    Thanks for the chat transcript! Good to see roger is as graceful as ever in his losses. And props to nadal (read some of his interviews)- a graceful champion also!
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    Erm, Ivanovic Dress Lewd ?

    I dunno, but the dress design just seems tacky. THe oddly shaped different fabric or w/e...
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    Explaining why tennis isn't one of the most "popular" sports?

    Two tournaments? That's what, 4 weeks a year? Consider how much more you can watch football/bball/golf/pro fishing/racing/soccer/etc... even if you needed cable to watch those, all you needed would be the basic level of cable (unlike tennis channel...)
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    Do most pros hit with Western Forehands?

    Where were you during high school english? You don't start anything with "I think" or "In my opinion" as that's completely redundant. Everything you say is already your opinion (what else would it be..?). You're out to prove a point- do you want to sound insecure while doing so?
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    College Women Look Unfit

    Funny, because when I saw this topic I was like eh, my school's team doesn't look unfit! And then you mention ucla! o_o Granted I haven't watched them much this year. But I know Lin and #1 (forgot her name... kindna complicated...) are quite fit.
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    Which player relies on one shot the most?

    If you paypal me $50 I'll fix that broken sarcasm detector of yours.
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    The Most Beautiful Tennis Players

    True, I half expected to come to this topic and see, say, Haas >_>
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    I have mine at just 9 and 3, but yeah, add some- makes a huge difference.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    Just dropping in to say I FINALLY ordered a second one! This time, with a 3/8 grip (feeling much better already). Quite excited =D
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    Are you guys getting any more Redondo mid's?

    Really! I suppose I'll be looking around for them in a few weeks then, thanks for the info!
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    James Blake at UCLA

    Oh snaaap =x I walked by the courts, watched a tiny bit of the singles, but didn't see any james blake >_<
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    If the best athletes played tennis in America...

    I like this post very much. He posts a logical reply and of course it gets ignored.
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    Pim Pim Retires

    OMG so did I! LOL!
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    Nadal vs. Tsonga LIVE

    Ehh, Nadal's short balls are generally fine cause he hits with so much topspin that they're not REALLY short >_> and can run down most aggressive shots hit... but apparently tsonga is immune to heavy topspin!
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    Nadal vs. Tsonga LIVE

    Heh, I have an 8 am class. But this was so worth it... best 2 hours of my life spent in front of a tv in a looong time.
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    Nadal vs. Tsonga LIVE

    Eh, Tsonga is playing unbelievable, but I think some of us underestimate Federer.
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    Federer's New Picture at

    He looks... older. As in, his age is starting to show =x