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    Asian Swing Calendar Off?

    That is so strange to have a final in the middle of the work week. That has got to hurt finals attendance and TV ratings.
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    Asian Swing Calendar Off?

    Are the finals for the ATP Asian swing not on Sundays? Maybe it is a typo:
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    Ben Shelton and the Rush to Negative Judgment (among many)

    Just read his body language and demeanor. He is arrogant and self-centered. Total opposite of Alcaraz.
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    Coco's speech was somewhat petty

    No surprise. Opposite of Alcaraz.
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    Ben Shelton Press Conference | 2023 US Open Semifinal

    It is simple. Shelton is brash, self-centered and arrogant, period. Love that Novak did the phone hang-up gesture at the end. Gave him a taste of his own medicine. This guy makes Kyrgios look humble.
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    Djokovic vs Shelton summed up

    Shelton is a straight-up arrogant A hole, period.
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    Venus Williams should quit
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    Venus Williams should quit

    She should try to win a Gold Ball at one the national USTA age division tournaments. Those Gold Balls are really hard to win. I think there are only 4 per year in each age division.
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    Alcaraz/Djokovic similar to Federer/Sampras

    Federer beat Sampras at Wimbledon, and then he ultimately passed him in the slam race. Alcaraz beats Djokovic. Will he ultimately pass him in the slam race?
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    Welcome to the Alcaraz era

    Maybe Rune. No one else has the speed or firepower.
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    Djokovic Alcaraz Hair

    Both have similar hair. Who will lose it first?
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    Finally proven - Alvarez is 177-178cm (5'10") MAX

    And he is a US Open Champion earning more money than you can ever do in 10 lifetimes.
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    Remember when folks used to love pro tennis?

    I love playing and watching tennis. I'm going to take 3 months off work this year to play some national tournaments and travel to some pro events. My 9 year old is getting really good with his strokes. Pickleball seems really popular at my club since it is so easy to learn. Tennis takes...
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    Today has been only one winner.. Pistol Pete Sampras

    This. A day rest would have been a game-changer against the younger Safin and Hewitt.
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    Today has been only one winner.. Pistol Pete Sampras

    Imagine if 3 out 4 slams were played on grass like they used to be. Imagine if McEnroe and Connors actually played in the Australian Open every year. Imagine if Laver wasn't banned from the slams for years...
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    Kyrgios :(

    Anyone in the public eye needs to contend with this age of social media. I don't know how they handle it honestly. They must learn never to look or read anything about them.
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    Tomic d Young

    Watch at 10:43. Nobody but Tomic hits a shot like
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    Tomic d Young

    Tomic reached number 17 in the world and won 4 titles. Not bad actually. Donald Young never won a title however.
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    Up and Coming Players

    Bernard Tomic is playing Donald Young today in a challenger tournament. Two former overly hyped junior tennis prodigies coming full circle.
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    Zverev is the dark horse

    For the double faults...
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    Swingvision users?

    I fellow player recommended this to help train. Worth the money?
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    Main gap between amateur and pro players

    Especially his bent-arm backhand. But he moved like a cat.
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    Main gap between amateur and pro players

    Watch Fabio in this entire clip. He looks like he is taking a walk in the park while playing a top 10 player. Especially watch Fognini at the following time marks in the video: 2:00 2:12 2:21
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    How Futures Players Make Money

    Fair? The market sets the price. I paid $900 to sit in the first row when Federer played in Miami. On the other end, I got free tacos plus beer at an ITF and the stands were empty.