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    Finally a new RF97

    It's only the V13 too
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    Coco Gauff's Strings

    Alu 125
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    When to upgrade from stock strings?

    Straight away. These frames sit strung for up to a year in a factory then they are flown around in pressure. Restring straight swayv
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    Ert 300. Can't decide.

    Aslong as the DT is the same you did good, what string, racket and tension did you use?
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    2023 Yonex VCore Pro Racquets / 2024 Percept Racquets

    I like the look of this frame, saw it by accident on instagram, wont make me move to Yonex but the colour is good
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    White overgrip head pros

    As above, same factory but slight difference in material as, as per you can't copy it direct.
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    Head Prestige 2023

    Knowing Neal personally, TGT293.2, Wes is also on the same frame. Don't think you'll see them move away from this paint until end of the year.
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    Change in quality of Wilson stringing instructions

    This is correct. It's a box pattern that has to be followed also.
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    Strycova's racket--really open string pattern

    Yup.. one who doesn't restring wins GS, wonder if she had any restrings done since she come out of retirement?
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    JJ Wolf testing new sticks?

    It does have a very similar Solinco butt cap... took some screenshots and zoomed in but it's hard to tell.
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    JJ Wolf testing new sticks?

    Looks like a Wilson to me
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    Skupski/Koolhof Racquets: Prestige 360+, Yes, But which Frames

    Further to this, they won Wimbledon...
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    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Pro 2

    Just got my pair in yesterday, definitely going to be a double sock job for me, even with my ankle braces.
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    Upcoming Head Rackets

    New Prestige is this year, I'd say feel free to talk about them, just dont post pictures or specs.
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    Head Prestige 2023

    Looking forward to getting mine! :D
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    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Pro 2

    Been out of the game for a few years as my stringing business took off... Luckily I'm gonna get back into it so just ordered a pair of these. My last shoe was the Vapor Pro V1 so not that long out of it. Decided to order the usual UK10 and will double sock like I did with the OG's.
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    Does the Brand of leather grip matter?

    For me yes. Personally my go to is Head Finest Calfskin, I've also got some R P N Y and P1 leather. TW leather is pretty decent if you want an "unbranded"
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    Buttcap Broke Off

    That is screwed. Re-mold of the handle needed.. or buy 3D Pallets
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    Newer orange Radical grommets (TK351) on older Graphene Radicals?

    New ones dont fit older frames, very slightly different spacing.
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    Is the Wilson V8 becoming the industry standard now?

    I'd say about 5% of them where the real deal. *the V8 The rest were PJ's of old ones
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    Rajeev Ram's racket and string set up

    Still his Pure Aero just blacked out, I imagine it's because he didn't renew his Babolat contract, similar to Rohan Bopanna
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    Is the Wilson V8 becoming the industry standard now?

    Id say 99%, mostly older frames painted. We saw a few of the new retail blades but mostly prostock.
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    Is the Wilson V8 becoming the industry standard now?

    We saw alot of Blade's at nottingham in the stringing room, more than you think..
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    Yup, looks like the bottom cross was missed out in this picture. Other pictures show the bottom cross strung though...
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    Strung for her at Nottingham, it was the 16x20 99:300 version.
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    Blade V7 Pro Stock Grommets?

    First you need to find out which actual blade it is. Then you can source the correct grommets. Post some pictures up
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    Paula Badosa racket

    I strung for her a few years ago on the grass and she was no where near that high.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Tecnifibre Razor Soft 17 (Medvedev!)

    My two pence on this as a stringer.. I've strung both 17&16 Gauge in this string and I don't see any difference in thickness. If it's there it's very slight. Players love it to be fair, I've had a few guys love from RPM Blast to this
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    Luxilon Eco Power (2023)

    Eco Rough coming soon!