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    TE won't go away

    Ice Do not play at all.( hide your rackets) I made this mistake and was out for 1.5 years with TE and then wrist. Ice dip - bucket of ice with water and dip your elbow to shoulder for 15-20 sec until numb, take it out and stretch, warm up - repeat 20-- 30 times a night until ice melts. Do...
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    What's the first body part to move,

    I'd say it's the penis... It counter swings and gets the whole mechanism in motion. That's why you don't see it often on the Woman's tour. Seriously - it is the left shoulder. The way I teach the kids to hit it - pretend you are pulling an outboard motor on a boat with left hand - that starts...
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    What's up with Kirilenko?

    Have not seen her and no news in the media? Is she injured?
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    Recommendation for a good junior tennis racket

    Babolat Nadal Junior 100 (19in.) is a nice rquet fro about $24. It is still an aluminum frame and is light for hitting regular size balls. At this poing frankly there is not much difference between $5 Walmart aluminum frame or $24 frame. The point at 3 1/2 is to have fun like Orange said. If...
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    Full size raquet with small grip for 9 yo?

    Thank you, Orangeone for your input. I strongly believe that child safety is on the mind of every parent first and foremost and that is exactly why I started this discussion. My kids did start hitting with small aluminum racquets and soft balls for the first few months. But by now they are...
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    Full size raquet with small grip for 9 yo?

    Thank you for you reply? What did you choose for the grip for 5 yo? 4 1/8? or did you modify the grip to be smaller? So full size 27" raquet is better equipped to handel regular tennis ball then 26" similar build raquet? I thought they are building junior raquets pretty similar to the real...
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    Did the gripsizes on earlier generation Pure Drives also run larger?

    fells bigger to me too I 'm the same way . i use 4 1/2 on Head raquets but 4 3/8 on wilson and Babolats. Especially the new Wilson (BLX) and Babolats (Aeropro drive GT) seem to have bigger grips
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    Advantage of full size raquet over junior 26' for 9YO

    My 9YO daugter is using junior size raquet (25") but her trainer this weekend recomnded she switches to full size frame. She was able to hit with full size raquets all weekend pretty well. Her strokes are better and she prefers bigger raquets. my question is what to get her? Good 26 inch...
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    Full size raquet with small grip for 9 yo?

    My daughter have been hitting with Junior raquets (25 wilson blade is her raquet now), but her coach moved her to the full size raquet and she seems to be hitting with it better. She was actually able to swing Wilsin 6.1 K90 for a full hour (the only raquet we had at the court). so the trainer...
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    Need racquet for 7-year-old beginner

    start with 23 My daughter started out with 23" and progressed nicely. She can handle 25" but still preferes 23": for any long training sessions. She is 8 and more on a slim side. The best 23" is babolot Junior Pure Drive GT 2009. It is $70 so it is not cheap but it is a real raquet made...
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    Best way to start playing after TE recovery?

    I'm using Head Radical LM Mid with technifiber x-one biphase 16 at 58. I've been using this set up for several years now and never had a problem. for the past 2 monts I worked on my one handed backhand that was always my weak spot. i guess I worked on it too hard ;) So I I'll probably be...
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    Best way to start playing after TE recovery?

    What's the best way to start playing again...? the injury seems to be gone (was caused by improper one handed backhand) took 3+ weeks off and tried to hit lightly just the forehand... 15-20 minutes.. no pain during the game.. wearing Band-x elbow strap next day felt the tension again.. not...