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    WORLD NO. 1 (by year)

    Clear, wise post!
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    Pick a Doubles Partner

    Big Mac, no doubt
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    Most epic fail of the last 5-6 years

    This thread... again??
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    Tilden or Budge? Streak record...

    In this forums I saw the Budge and Tilden records about winning streaks (matches in a row), any update on the data? I mean specially about Tilden there was doubt about some games and events. And what about Wilding or Laurie Doherty? Thanks.
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    Will Davydenko win a slam over the next few years?

    Very very difficult to say...... ;)
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    Better Career: Nalbandian or Davydenko?

    Nalbandian cause the slams results by now.........
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    Clay Court GOAT

    Great and amazing stats :shock:
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    Better serve- Ivanisevic or Roddick

    Goran, better serve doesn't mean faster
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    Nadal - Significant weight loss?

    Is he retired? I can't see him nowhere
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    Some GOAT questions for chaog and others

    Take a look at this thread, really good arguments and comments by SgtJohn, urban and chaognosis. I did'n read it until now. And John123, Kramer must be in the GOAT conversation, no doubt.......
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    HUGH LAWRENCE DOHERTY (1875-1919) - GOAT-contender

    Good to see those books online.
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    Who was Greater, McEnroe or Connors?

    Some points: 1) Why we are talking about Vilas where is not on the thread? 2) McEnroe, Connors or Borg were better players than Guillermo. Fact. 3) Borg was better clay courter than Vilas. Fact. 4) Borg didn't enter RG 77 cause he got into WTT, it was his decision, not Vilas fault...
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    Tell me about Ken Rosewall?

    So if Laver or Rosewall would play Wimby 72-73 and RG 71-72-73 how do you urban (or pc1, sgt jhon, carlo g colussi, jeffreyneave) evaluate their chances to win some of those events?
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    Björn Borg exos 74-87

    Great work mats, thanks. :)
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    Jack Kramer-Opinions and thoughts

    Thanks for the link :)
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    Don Budge: The Greatest Player of All Time

    I can speak A LOT if we include soccer here.... :)
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    Greatest Open Era Clay Courters

    Agree, call the admin
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    Why did Panatta trouble Borg?

    I need Borgforever thought here, maybe he can add some good information in this old thread
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    Don Budge def. Gottfried Von Cramm, 1937 Davis Cup

    Wonderful post, oldy but really nice. urban has made some comments in other threads, maybe Carlo, Brett,or somebody can add some posts about it. Thanks.
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    Most Years as World no. 1

    Agree. like he usually does
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    Most Years as World no. 1

    Carlo, wonder post. I just want to make some points (bold)
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    Who was number 1 for 1970?

    Laver for me, but not so clear
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    The Argentine thread (se habla español)

    nececitamos voto aqui saludo do brasil
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    A Great Wikipedia Article.. Must Read

    Agree with you, please take three minutes and read it
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    Weakest field for a slam?

    Great post, impossible today! :)
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    Collecting full historic results, esp. pre 1968

    Check out this forums, a lot of free info are here.
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    Who south-american player was greater?

    Rios the THIRD or FOURTH greatest ever south-american. :)