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    Why is hip firing/hip leading such a relatively difficult movement (kinetic chain)?

    I haven't read all 8 pages of this thread but 50% of the issue has to revolve around consistency of the incoming ball and your ability to be on time. Go hit with a former pro and you'll immediately notice that the incoming shot becomes easier estimate because it's nearly identical every time it...
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    Electrolyte supplementation

    Everyone has a different sodium loss rate. It's combination of how much sodium is in each mg of your sweat and how much sweat you lose. The average person loses around 600 mg per hour but the number can vary wildly. I personally lose about 850 mg per litre and sweat at about 1.5 litres per hour...
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    Is it legal to skip crosses or mains in an ITF tournament?

    I'm not going to look it up but I think the rules allow you to skip strings from the out side of the pattern.
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    It's really about opportunity. In America, to train a child to play pro tennis, the going rate is 100-150k in lifetime costs. For the same training costs, you can play a lot of other stuff here and go to college or play pro ball. There's simply no reason for parents to push kids into the tennis...
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    The college system has recently started allowing the players to get paid by endorsements. So far, it seems like college players in the major sports are making as much money as average pros. It would be a good deal for 18 year old tennis players. Full room + board.. travel expenses covered and...
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    I still have to wonder if college tennis will eventually become our challenger tour/circuit. The NIL money is there for it to become a much better development league. Many schools won't be able to compete with football/basketball/baseball NIL cash and will instead focus on their smaller...
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    I've been gaming out the implications of the NIL change in America and how it might impact men's/women's tennis. I think that you're going to see an uptick in American men playing tennis in college for 4 years and the possibility that the overall quality of our development league will start to...
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Soccer, College Basketball and College Football all make more than tennis players at this point.
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    Why is Europe so dominant over the rest of the world tenniswise?

    There's 10 other pro sports that all pay more than tennis in America. The truly athletic freaks play those sports usually because they're initially cheaper to get started in and have a higher chance of working out. Europe just has soccer and not much else for the people with extreme upper body...
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    Nick Kyrgios After Loss "I'm Devastated"

    How come no one has stated the obvious? He's not serious about winning a slam until he stops playing doubles for fun on his off days and ruining his recovery time. A fresh Kyrgios without 4 doubles matches probably makes it through KK last night. He doesn't do the things off the court necessary...
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    Could Medvedev have gifted the point to kyrgios when kyrgios ran to med’s side of the net to hit the ball?

    Everyone is talking about the wrong rule here. He lost the point because contacted the ball on the wrong side of the net, this isn't the same as grabbing the ball on your side of the court as it's going out. He thought it was legal to hit a ball off the court and back into play even though it...
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    2022 US Open 4R: [1] Daniil Medvedev (RUS) vs [23] Nick Kyrgios (AUS)

    Still not worse than that big dude trying to run up to the net for a drop shot and falling head over heals and getting stuck... all time worse US Open moment.
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    The complete downfall of the single handed backhand

    I have a lot of torso rotation in my stroke. The face angle just doesn't work until I'm at about the mid thigh level. I can force with wrist action early but it's not nearly as powerful of a stroke as lagging it.
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    The complete downfall of the single handed backhand

    Study someone like Gasque's 1HBH. It's using a different forearm pronation at the start which allows it to handle high balls with ease. I switched from a 2hander to his style a few years ago without any issues. Shoulder height balls are my clobbering zone. I struggle with balls below my thighs...
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    Nadal: "Kyrgios is handicapped"

    I'm not sure what everyone else apparently thought they saw but Nick should have had much easier service holds if he'd have come in on more of his down the T bombs. Djokovic was getting them back but full stretched, gumbied and half falling over. There were easy volleys to be had and the...
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    Where does Kyrgios' Serve Rank On The ATP Tour Right Now?

    His speed and placement are equivalent to Isner but he's not nearly as good under pressure. Opelka's placement is iffy at best.
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    What are Kyrgios chances against Novak on grass?

    It's all going to come down to Nick's serve and if he's hitting his spots. A 35 year old Djoker isn't going to be reaching a lot of Nicks quality serves on a worn out grass court.
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    Kyrgios First Major Final

    I mean come one, he's obviously got a top 10ish grass court game. His serve and flat backhand are grass court super weapons... I don't think it's unreasonable for him to squeak out a win at some point in his career.
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    Kyrgios First Major Final

    So you're saying that if Kyrgios goes beast mode and serves his way to legendary status, he'll have killed the sport and we should just shut it down?
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    This is Rock-Bottom for Modern Tennis

    It's the size. Tennis went to big lanky body types and they just don't hold up as well over time nor over BO5 tournaments. I think we'll look back in 5 years and realize that 6'1 is the ideal ratio for longevity and power.
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    Playsight smart courts

    Measuring stroke speed is fairly easy using a regular video camera and math. You can use the approximate distance traveled by the ball and the time stamp on the video to figure out average velocity. Then you can add some mph based on distance traveled and avg speed to account for drag. You can...
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    Players who split step but are stuck at 3.5

    I think a bit of context is necessary as well. Split stepping is only beneficial when the ball is actually being hit with pace. It's necessary at 4.0 and 4.5 because the players can actually hit serves with decent pace and placement. Split stepping for a 70 mph serve that will bounce inside the...
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    2022 BNP Paribas ATP 1000, March 10-20

    Does Schwartzman realize he looks like a jockey in that getup? May as well have a riding crop in his hand.
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    Is Kyrgios really a 'What If'?

    I think his body is not nearly tough/trained enough to play consistent tennis. As soon as he ramps up his play, he starts collecting injuries which eventually tank his mood and rinse/repeat. His lack of dedication in the gym will forever hold him back from being a top 10 player.
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    2022 BNP Paribas ATP 1000, March 10-20

    Anyone else notice Nick had a baby racket in his bag and he said something about kids in a tv interview a few days ago. He seems to be returning better, definitely looking like the top 20 version of Nick but probably not top 10.
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    I bought a regular 5 foot extending tripod. I stuck a Hercules hook though the swivel joint at the top. I then added a bungie cord to the bottom with a clip. I hook the top of the fence and then clip the bungie cord below the wind screen to anchor everything.
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    Pro players are unbalanced

    I'm very torn on the offensive balance thing. When I hit a winner quality attack ball, my entire base flips from closed right to closed left pivoting on my left foot. My feet leave the ground and I think that it probably hurts my accuracy to inject that much rotation.
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    Lessons or No Lessons

    I've taken a lot of lessons in the past 5 years. My impression is that lessons work when you have no fundamentals and the coach is teaching you mechanics. Once you reach a certain point somewhere around late 3.5 to 4.0 the average rec coach can tell you what you're doing wrong but can't fix...
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    I switched over the Ipad Mini 6 and use the front facing ultrawide camera now. Seems to work pretty well.
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    How to slow aging (and even reverse it)

    There's definitely stuff you can take but it requires lifelong commitment to the cause. I started doing research into it when I turned 30. There are chemicals that relate to the repair process that can be replaced. Look into NAD and natural hgh boosters. Keep both of those levels up and I...