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    Don't hang up! Laver picks Ben Shelton for future grand slam glory!

    Rod admitted he lost significant cognitive ability after his stroke. This remark about Shelton undoubtedly proves it.
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    Holger Rune News

    Aneke gave an update on Rune's back. He's in China, arrived yesterday.
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    Does Ben Shelton have an attitude problem for Seniors or is that permissible swag ? Your views ?

    But Clay was hardly unknown, he’d won the gold medal at the 1960 Olympics and everyone knew he was going to be a huge sensation.
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    Real stat that sounds made up (R. Nadal)

    Stop cheating readers!
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    Did Federer have the match-up advantage over Djokovic?

    Prior to 2011, Fed was 13-6 against Djoker. From 2011 onwards, Fed was 10-21 against him.
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    Does Ben Shelton have an attitude problem for Seniors or is that permissible swag ? Your views ?

    One minute of Nick playing is more exciting than any point Shelton's ever played.
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    Holger Rune News

    Holger finally goes public with his "influencer" GF, Caroline Donzella: It's good enough: Holger Rune is dating Caroline Donzella The rumors have been swirling for quite some time and now the Rune camp itself confirms what many have thought He is best as a single when it comes to the tennis...
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    Laver Cup reaches new low with “by far the weakest edition ever” - Jose Morgan’s

    Rod's house in southern California:
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    How Venus Williams deals with reading the comments on TTW

    Venus can pair up with Meghan Markle for future scintillating lectures on values, social media toxicity and make up tips. Meghan can have additional podcasts on the perils of victimhood.
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    If you have to choose 1 match who is more pivotal for the GOAT debate which will be ?

    No it is not. Rome was a massive match with huge implications for Fed mentally going forward. Had he converted one of his MP's, the trajectory of their rivalry likely would have changed.
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    Holger Rune News

    Danish media saying Rune got an injection in his spine last week. No more details on that though. I agree with you, he's hitting his serves at 105 MPH in practice and playing at 70%. Crazy that he's playing but he wants to make the YEC.
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    Holger Rune News

    Some good news. Holger has confirmed he will play the 500 event in Beijing. It also looks like he's ditched the backwards cap (at least practicing) and has bulked up a bit.
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    Will Shelton continue the phone cringe?

    I doubt Shelton can be humbled. He's done nothing in his career yet struts like he's young Borg and Becker. That's what's so irritating about him - his hilariously inflated ego.
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    Because we must meet the daily Djokovic threads quota today—last 12 years, Djokovic versus Fedalrayinka

    Factually incorrect. Federer is 6 years and 10 weeks older than Djokovic.
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    Arthur Fils replaces Stefanos Tsitsipas on Team Europe for Laver Cup

    Fed and Tony Godsick will milk this for another year or so and then put it to bed. Since Roger retired, nobody cares one damn about this borefest. Most people didn't care even when Fed was actively playing it.
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    Will Shelton continue the phone cringe?

    When does he ever do that aside from once at the USO? I don't expect to see a Shelton match till next summer because he'll go back to losing second round every tournament.
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    Who would've been the worst matchup for Alcaraz in their peak?

    Just last week you posted, "respect the legends." Are you following your own advice? ;)
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    Who in your opinion had the best match win celebration ever?

    As always here, recency bias rears its head. The most famous and iconic tennis celebration ever (and it's literally beyond dispute) is this below. It's literally on a pillow!
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    Who in your opinion had the best match win celebration ever?

    This is not a celebration after winning a match, this was simply celebrating a great point against Haarhuis.
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    Match the NextGen player with their best major

    Make sure you don't repeat your lie that Holger has a career losing record on outdoor HC. You were corrected about that twice. When tiresomely building up carrot boy, it's unnecessary to invent unfavorable stats about superior players in a futile attempt to drag them down. And don't bother...
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    Which of the following players is next in line to become a new world number 1 after Alcaraz?

    It's also very important, especially when you started this thread, to get your facts straight. Rune does not have a losing record on outdoor hard, you simply invented that. His career record is favorable on this surface. In 2021, he was 20-5 on outdoor HC, even this year he's 9-8 on outdoor HC...
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    The ATP pro look-alike thread

    Both are players. One in life, one on the court.
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    Rune is on a 6-match losing streak.

    Why don't you bother reading the 4 other threads on this topic here to learn why. Or just use Google? There's dozens of articles out there waiting to enlighten you about Holger's back and why he has still been playing.
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    Rune is on a 6-match losing streak.

    Because he has a herniated disc. People with that issue usually don't win many matches.
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    Jack Draper with The Muzz

    Muzz lets loose sometimes.
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    Medvedev News 6.0

    Great new pic of Med with his little girl.
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    Who had the greater tailspin in 2023, Tsitsipas, FAA, Rune, Sinner?

    Felix by far. Rune at least made 2 finals of Masters 1000's. Rune's issues since Rome have been a herniated disc in his back, so at least he has a legit excuse for his slump.
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    Roger Federer's Top 10 Most Heartbreaking losses of all Time.

    Bravo, I can't imagine any die-hard Fed fan arguing these top three and in that order. One match that you omitted from your top 10 was the 2011 RG final. As everyone knows, Fed held a SP in the first set which he blew on a drop shot. I knew it was over at that moment. Fed really had a chance...
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    What were you thinking at 40-15?

    I was curled up in a ball on the floor, heart racing, hardly being able to watch. I had an agonizing foreboding that Roger wasn't going to hold serve. When it went to deuce, my husband said, "it's over, turn it off and spare yourself the hell of watching Fed choke again. How can you stand...