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    Who do you want to win, and who do you think, will win the French?

    Want to win: Andy Murray Will win: Novak Djokovic
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    Love this picture!
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    How old are you guys?

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    Wooden Spoons (Anti-Slams) for the Big Four

    Haha, Nice! I always go back down a draw to see who was the biggest loser in a tournament. I did not know that there was a Wooden Spoon though! Thanks for the info.
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    Kvitova next world no 1 ?

    She is my favorite female player as well. She already had two Wimbledons and a WTA Tour Championship to her name. If she ever got it all together then watch out!
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    Can Murray possibly win RG?

    Murray just put himself in the No. 2 spot of favorites I think. Those straight-set wins over both Nadal and Nishikori has me convinced. But Djokovic is the favorite by far. Murray will need either/and exhaustion, wind, or a wild upset to have a chance to take the FO from Djokovic. Can't count...
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    I know. It looks like a medieval sexual torture/pleasure device, depending on your point of view.
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    So happy for Murray today! After never even reaching a caly final of any kind, he now has fought off a spirited challenge from Kohlschreiber to win his first clay title in Munich and then he tops that off by beating Nadal in straight sets in the Madrid Masters! 33rd ATP title 10 Masters title...
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    Miami Hurricanes

    Canes women almost let Ole Miss upset them but they squeaked by with a 4-3 win. 10th Straight Sweet Sixteen. I don't give them much chance to advance any further though. They seem to have regressed as the season goes on.
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    2015 NCAA Tournament - 1st & 2nd Round

    The entire college tennis scene would qualify as a clown show.
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    Gator Updates

    So is Shelton getting in line for the hot seat?
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    Becker vs Edberg vs Wilander: The final saying

    For me, this is the image I have of the three: Wilander; Very smart player, did a lot more with what he had than anyone ever thought he would, very tough in Grand Slam matches (just ask Lendl), and a player who fulfilled his potential and more. Edberg: Beautiful technique, gradually improved...
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    2015 BMW Open ATP 250 (Munich) Thread

    He skipped the French before winning Wimbledon in 2013. So you're spot on.
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    Congrats to Muzza on winning his first clay court title at his first tournament as a married man and his first tournament with Jonas Bjorkman as his coach! This is Muzza's 32nd title which ties him with Andy Roddick and John Newcombe for 21st place on the titles list. Next up is Orantes, Ashe...
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    2015 BMW Open ATP 250 (Munich) Thread

    Congrats to Muzza! Great effort by Kohlschreiber but Murray just has enough to grab his first clay title and 32nd ATP title! He gets to take home a car as well.
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    Madrid Masters Men's Champions Quiz

    And it's those 4 or 5 years that separate the champions for the challengers!
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    2015 BMW Open ATP 250 (Munich) Thread

    Murray's got the better end of the deal because he gets to go to Madrid while Kohlschreiber has to play qualifier and Lady Gaga theme Alejandro Falla. The winner gets to play Murray! So Murray can have a bit more rest after he gets to Madrid.
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    Madrid Masters Men's Champions Quiz

    I thought about it but the two overlap the first five years and the Sweden-Germany-Madrid history is the official record so that's what I went with.
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    murray playing two matches in one day?

    31! Kind of surprised when I checked.
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    Madrid Masters Men's Champions Quiz

    The tournament started in 1990 in Sweden, went through Germany, was played on indoor hard and then clay and then the glorious blue clay for just one season and now back to clay. It has a medieval self-pleasure device as a trophy. See if you can name all 25 champions in 2 minutes. Madrid...
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    Miami Hurricanes

    Nothing. The official Canes site just put up his profile on April 22. Here are some things the profile said. That's about it. Nothing was said about missing the NCAA tournament for the last four years, for falling completely out of the rankings or being swept 0-7 five matches in a row...
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    Miami Hurricanes

    Kind of surprised but I guess they will at least make the Sweet Sixteen. I don't see they beating UNC though.
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    Miami Hurricanes

    Happy Birthday to former Hurricane and ATP pro Michael Russell! He turns 37 today. He's announced his retirement at the end of the year so good luck to him the rest of the way!
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    #1 players since 1973

    If I were a tennis player, my goal would be to win a Grand Slam title. ANY Grand Slam title. The No. 1 ranking would be nice, but I'd rather have a GS trophy sitting on my mantle than a commemorative glass trophy or silver plate congratulating my brief stay at No. 1. I wonder how many on here...
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    will Andy Murray win (at least) one extra slam?

    Would love to see Murray reach the No. 1 ranking at least once, even if it was just for one week. Gonna have to win three slams in a calendar year a la Mats Wilander to do it though.
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    When you talk about CLASSY tennis players

    Was wondering when someone would mention Mats Wilander. Overlooked as always but one of the greats.
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    Miami Hurricanes

    Had some hope for the women's team, but they coughed up a huge hairball today against the No. 10 seed Florida State in the ACC quarterfinals. Just pathetic. Their ranking could take a hit and there is the possibility they won't even host a NCAA regional now. If this season was a fish, I'd...
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    Miami Hurricanes

    The men's season comes to a merciful ending today. They once again fail to win even a single set in falling to Duke to end their season with a 7-17 record. This was the Canes' 6th losing season since 1977 and worst season ever. They had a couple of 8-13 seasons in '96 and '12 but this season...
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    When both retire, who will lead the H2H: Nadal or Djokovic?

    Djokovic will pull even with Nadal at the FO and then leave him far behind.