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    y-3 Roland garros shoe

    I find them really really comfortable, like almost unbelievable so compared to how they thought they'd be . I have a wide foot and it fits really nicely. There is a lot of space in the toe aswell. To play in they are good, maybe a touch stiff, I am not a huge fan of Adidas tennis shoes, I...
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    Rafa French Open Shoe

    This is such a nice shoe!! No chance of a release?
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    y-3 Roland garros shoe

    I bought them and went US11.5, the same size as I usually wear in tennis shoes (vapor 9.5) but I am usually a US12 in most casual sneakers and cross trainers so I guess you could go half a size down.
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    y-3 Roland garros shoe

    I've only had a light hit with them so far but I didn't find them particularly stiff at all. Maybe a touch stiffer than my Vapors but nothing no noticeable. They are very light, as feathers are, and I found them very comfortable. I have quite a wide foot too and they still fit nicely. I have...
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    y-3 Roland garros shoe

    I just received my Y-3 shorts today (still waiting for the top) and I think it's very generous sizing. XL shorts fit like at least a Nike XXL. Also found the shoes to be true to size, my other Y-3 shoes are always way big but there were a pretty accurate fit. I am usually a 12 in casual shoes...
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    adidas y3 Roland Garros shoes

    Thanks for the info, do you know if you'll be able to send the Y-3 line internationally? Sometimes I have some trouble getting your items (usually Asics) sent to Australia. Thanks again
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    ATP player Taro Daniel signs with Roche Sports

    I saw some older Japanese guys at AO qualifying walking round with Roche bags. They were cool sports bags with long handles. They were pink and they looked so cool that I snuck a couple of photos of them. Now it all makes sense
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    Federer Wimbledon Clothing

    Hi there. Anyone know what his warm up stuff is? I love this top. Shorts too
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    Serena Williams practicing in her pink cat suit

    I love it. So different, would be cool to see someone actually wearing one in a tournament.
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    racket for a 1hand backhand

    I hit a double and use a BLX tour but I have been experimenting with a single and it works perfectly well with this racquet, it's like it was made for a single hander.
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    Trouble with double handed backhands and BLX racquets?

    Yeah I know its longer but I don't think any of that extra length is in the grip. I thought about going back to my [k]blade, but I like the power of the BLX series. Would it help if I put a kontrol grip on my BLX?
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    Trouble with double handed backhands and BLX racquets?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me with this one. I used to use a [k]blade 98 and I hit really well with it off both sides. Then a bit over a year ago I switched to a BLX tour (Henin's racquet) for a bit more power, but I found that I couldn't hit my double handed backhand very well...
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    Henin Tour pj

    I had a look at one at the Open today, feels nice, but its actually 11pts head light.
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    2010 US Open Nike Shop Exclusives

    Does anyone have a pair of the black and lime socks they would sell? I am very interested if so. Its a pity they don't release awesome exclusives at the Aus Open.