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    How to get to the next level of studying the game

    Work on all aspects of your game. Work on serve and return as your strengths. Fitness is essential. Most importantly - play smart- learn what you can do as a player and the best playing style for your ability. Work on creating the point not just hitting as hard as you can. Learn to read the...
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    Best racquets for spin and control?

    I am looking for the same type: control but with more spin than my BladeV7 18x20. My search has comedown to the Vcore98 and the Speed Graphene360 MP. I play an attacking style with control- I don’t overhit. I would like a little more power but add some spin. The Vcore98 plays great all-around...
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    Head Gravity Pro club!

    I will probably add a leather grip. It should be close to the balance I like. Have you tried the Yonex Vcore98 - I really like it - demoed it - played very well. How would compare to the SP G360?
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    Head Gravity Pro club!

    How would you compare the GP to the SP Graphene 360MP (16x19)? I am trying to get a lighter racquet and some spin. I play with the BladeV7 (18x20) weighted up to 12 oz (7hl). I want to get to 11.5 (326 g).
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    egos in tennis

    What? You lost me. I had been explaining egos push captains into poor decisions. I am not Tennis4008 or a cat.
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    egos in tennis

    This year it was different captains, maybe next year lessons have been learned.
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    egos in tennis

    There are team members that think they should play in important matches but are not one of the top players. While the top players usually play and win, some of the lower players become resentful for not being played. Everyone should get to play but when the season is on the line, the captain...
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    Wilson Clash v2 100 vs Pure Aero, Yonex VCORE 98

    I have been playing with the Blade v7 18x20. Play mostly doubles at 4.5. I have the Blade weighted to 12oz- 7hl. I have decided to go lighter but I will keep the balance. I tried the Vcore98 - nice power and control, good spin. I tried the SpeedPro.Graphene360MP- really nice spin power, serves...
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    Access to spin G360+ Speed MP vs Extreme Tour and Pure Aero VS?

    I just finished with a hitting session with the Speed MP. Coming from the BladeV7 18x20, I find the launch angles somewhat unpredictable- not extreme but noticeable. I hit really good OHBH -slice and topspin. My forehand was erratic - many miss-hits. My Blade is 12 oz so my stroke speed is off...
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    Access to spin G360+ Speed MP vs Extreme Tour and Pure Aero VS?

    I just hit with the Head Speed360+ MP, 16x19. I liked it a lot but only hit serves and against the wall. Tomorrow I will really hit with it. I did notice good spin, good control and serving also very good. This past weekend I played 2 sets with the Speed Pro- really nice for everything but not...
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    Speed Pro 2022 reviews

    I use the Blade V7 18x20
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    Speed Pro 2022 reviews

    Demo - 3/8 grip w/ multi ; me 4.5 all around game but like the net;mild top spin forehand; ohbh; Currently using BladeV7 w/ mod to 12 oz; Overheads and serves were great- power - accuracy; volleys and slice were excellent; groundstrokes when practicing were very nice- great control but in the...
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    Pure Aero plus - one hand backhand?

    I plan to go to a lighter racquet; I use a Blade v7 (18x20) weighted up to 12 oz, 7 pts HL. How would a 7 pts HL PA23 compare to the Blade v7. I hit moderate spin OHBH, aggressive doubles player 4.5 level.
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    Line call etiquitte

    I have had serves called out after I had walked back to get the returns that were out, and I was getting ready for the next point. One was USTA and the other a local friendly. Neither returner or their partners called the serve, until after my walk-about. I should have requested a first serve-...
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    USTA 4.5 Singles Help?

    I have the same problems when going to singles. You have to play more singles and look for the pattens to exploit against the opponent. He had a strong forehand and he dominated with it. You needed to get it on his slice backhand and come in more- you play doubles - you should be volleying. You...
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    I used Tier1 Ghost wire and Babalot Blast and it didn’t bother my arm- the Alu went dead much quicker then I expected.
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    I started playing again about 8 yrs ago. I used various strings for a while and then tried poly. I used poly for the 1st time at around 60 lb. It got my wrist and then my elbow- golfers elbow. It took about 3-4 months with no tennis and using the flexbars. I switched to gut/poly (56/52). I have...
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    The most satisfying shot to hit, hands down !

    Opponents at net- Topspin backhand lob- nothing to do but watch… feels awesome.
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    Practice vs Play performance

    This is a familiar pattern for myself. This is a defensive mindset and lack of confidence in primarily my backhand but can also affect my forehand. My approach is to play topspin backhands with lots of margin- try to get the feel and confidence back. You must force yourself to hit the offensive...
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    Haven't bought shoes in 2 years, looking for advice

    I don’t like my Gel Res 8s- ok fit, poor cushion so I have insoles. They don’t feel like the Gel Res 6s, which were light & super comfortable. I like the Ubersonic 3s so I may go try the Uber 4s.
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    RF97A: Mains VS Touch, which poly cross?

    I have played with VS gut/Blast combo and really liked it at 55/50. I wanted to try a longer lasting poly so I’ve switched to Wilson gut 17ga and Tier1 Ghost wire 17ga. at 55/50. I based the Ghost wire on G3driver forum remarks. I play mostly doubles 4.5 level and have an attacking game -...
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    how can i get from 7 utr to 11 utr in 1 year

    The op has to be realistic. He will need to put in 4-5 days a week of practice and play with tourneys on the weekends. Practice will need to be intense with a good coach. Probably a few clinics through the year would be helpful. Expectations should be about 1 UTR pt a year. If he has the...
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    The Full Bed Natural Gut (club?)

    That was my previous racquet. I had strung it with VS gut/Blast hybrid at 55/50. I switched to a 18x20 Blade and since I don’t break strings I put in full gut. I am trying it at 56 . I am an upper level 4.5 and hit hard with moderate spin. For you, I would consider 58 to 60 if hitting hard and...
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    Where is the best tennis city in the world?

    In Los Angeles the USTA leagues are very active- you can play LA, Beach Cities, San Gabriel Valley and more. You can play “constantly”. There are multiple tournaments every weekend - too many since many don’t fill out their draws. I have played the Michael Chang down in Irvine- it draws big-...
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    Still enjoying your Six One 95’s?

    I was playing with the 6.1 2017 and the PSC 6.1 as well. I needed a lighter racquet so I am now playing with the Blade18x20 but I had to add a little weight. Now I am up to 12oz. The control on both the 6.1 95 and the PSC are awesome. Control and heavy balls.
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    Diary of a Demo: Thoughts and Comparisons

    I demoed these: Yonex VC HD 97; TF40 305; Blade 18x20; Dunlop CX200T; and BAbolot PS gen3 and will compare to my Wilson6.1 (2017 18x20; 12.3 oz, 7HL) I used the stock balances for all. It is probably best to re-balance to what you like; I should’ve but didn’t. I really liked the PSgen3, and the...
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    4.5: Josh v Scott

    Most of your groudstrokes did not pressure him, and were in his strike zones. If you could work on deeper and top spin that might trouble him and allow you to come into net. Work on your overhead. Thanks for posting.
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    String-savers; who uses these, and why

    I use a gut/poly hybrid (57-52 lb tension). I started using string savers to extend the string life. It turns out in a 18x20 stringbed and only moderate spin, I will not break the strings in less then 2 months. So I don’t use them anymore- the Babolat were much better then any others I tried.
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    Review of Pure Strike 18x20 Third Generation

    I wouldn’t mind trying a poly but l plan to stick with gut after a bout with GE. What are Wilson Pro Labs (pro stock) ?