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  1. fundrazer

    The 2023–24 NBA Season

    Perk on NBA today making me lol. Said all the east coast teams in a group chat going this is okay. We okay. They lying. They have a big problem.
  2. fundrazer

    The 2023–24 NBA Season

    lol. I literally messaged my old coworker two minutes ago saying "Dame to Milwaukee? Who saw that coming?" Guessing they felt pressure to make a big move though with Giannis' comments recently. He hasn't seemed too set on extending.
  3. fundrazer

    Your favourite HC tennis shoe?

    Depends on what you're looking for, that, and everybody's feet are different. I like the Solution Speed FF 2's, but I don't burn through shoes too fast so it works out for me as a "speedy" less durable shoe.
  4. fundrazer


    With certain style lenses this can be a problem I think. Notice more of the baseball players wearing those flat style glasses. Not sure really how to describe it, but the lenses are like completely flat it seems. Whereas with something like Oakley Radars or the Flak Jackets/2.0s you see a lot...
  5. fundrazer

    Most underrated match(es)?

    I usually mention this one
  6. fundrazer

    Most overrated matches on TTW?

    Nobody usually agrees with me on this but I think Nadal and Djokovic Wimbledon 2018 is overrated.
  7. fundrazer

    Majoring at minors meme... Backfired so badly...

    Feels like revisionist history here, because I'm pretty sure it was universally agreed that AngieB was a clown.
  8. fundrazer

    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    Wokism? Surely we can all enjoy a bit of stir fry.
  9. fundrazer

    Who is the greater volleyer - Alcaraz, Nadal or Djokovic?

    Alcaraz and I don't think it's all that close. Novak gotten better I guess but still haven't seen enough of him hitting difficult volleys I guess. Nadal either gets an easy put away or puts too much backspin and floats volleys imo.
  10. fundrazer

    Congrats on #24 but it is quite boring to have Djokovic win everything.

    This is starting to happen with the mickey mouse tournaments too it feels like. Can't be arsed to care as much about the smaller events because they don't feel relevant anymore.
  11. fundrazer

    On a scale of 1-10 how does Med's performance in the USO 23 F rate?

    Biggest issue for him and it's what a lot of us talked about. He plays so far back on return and he usually is playing a safe return that is flat and/or relatively down the middle. There's no dip to it, and because he's returning from so far back, server has a relatively easy time getting a...
  12. fundrazer

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Hey... This actually made me realize that the reissued Blades don't have amplifeel. The used 16x19 that I bought years back does. Didn't even think about this until you just posted, cause I regripped one of mine the other day like I mentioned. :unsure:
  13. fundrazer

    Taylor Fritz

    This was worth creating a new thread? Guys. I have looked just now and Safin-Djokovic h2h and realized that it is 2:0. Why some people claim that Safin was an easy opponent for Federer, when he is competitive against the best Better yet: Guys. I have looked just now and Rochus-Djokovic h2h...
  14. fundrazer

    2023 US Open Final: Daniil Medvedev vs. Novak Djokovic

    Played well but only had 2 break chances the entire match?
  15. fundrazer

    Ben Shelton Enters The Top 20

    149mph is a good skill to have.
  16. fundrazer


    The irony of making a comment like this when you post here ~10 times a day. I don't even think I've seen you post anything interesting since you've joined. Just another fanboy.
  17. fundrazer

    Rate the 2023 Untelevised Draw Open

    What about 10 ^ 0. Think that would be more accurate.
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    To be fair though, serve and volley isn't as exciting with how Medvedev returns. Like he's virtually conceding over half the points where an opponent (decent serve and decent volleys) decides to use it. The fact that MORE players don't do it kind of puts the rest of the tour in a bad light.
  19. fundrazer

    2023 US Open Final: Daniil Medvedev vs. Novak Djokovic

    Novak seems to be hitting the ball a little bit bigger to start this one. Hard to get the ball through this court though.
  20. fundrazer

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I finally got around to installing leather on one of my blades. Was still a bit of a pain, mostly around the edge of the buttcap. Just had a hard time getting the grip taut enough. Got there eventually though and I'm happy with the grip job. Dunno if I'm imagining things, but shadow swings...
  21. fundrazer

    2023 US Open Women's Final: (2) ARYNA Sabalenka vs (6) COCO Gauff

    Yeah it's bad... Also, I really don't wanna see this match decided by if Sabalenka makes unforced errors on these sitter balls. Other than a handful of crazy defense points, she's giving Sabalenka the ball she wants constantly.
  22. fundrazer

    2023 US Open Women's Final: (2) ARYNA Sabalenka vs (6) COCO Gauff

    Brad has always been telling coco to go for more shape on the forehand but I think it's getting her killed in this match. Either drops short or sits up for aryna who is pretty tall.
  23. fundrazer

    2023 US Open Women's Final: (2) ARYNA Sabalenka vs (6) COCO Gauff

    Big hitting into forehand and then gets a relatively short ball she attacks into.the backhand side. Breaks coco to start.
  24. fundrazer

    What makes Medvedev so effective?

    So one thing that kinda stood out for me yesterday was it lookd like he was getting some easier power on the forehand. Years back when he wanted to rip forehands it looked like he was flailing and throwing his entire body into the shot to get the pop he wanted. THAT seems like a technical...
  25. fundrazer

    Djokovic vs Shelton summed up

    @Hitman How you gonna include a Commando gif and not think to include this line? Let off some steam Bennett
  26. fundrazer

    US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

    Wasted a short fairly short return off one of the only first serves he's made...
  27. fundrazer

    US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

    Carlos trying to force too many of the big points in this game. Let it play out. Meddy shown he's vulnerable to the pressure.
  28. fundrazer

    US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

    Medddddddddy! Laser return gets it done.