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    The Max 200g "could" become my racquet of choice

    max200g returns to practice today, with syngut. i started using syngut in a yamaha eos rz and it plays great, but i broke strings every hour so that has gotta stop!
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    Rumour - Remake Head Prestige Classic (PT10)

    Who’s the guy in grey? Not Jonas I mean.
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    what was your first love?

    Max200g then puma super
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    Rugby World Cup 2023

    wales are gonna play samoa / japan / argentina in the QF, so SF for us, then back home. it was not quite so epic or enthralling to play on wet cold and windy school afternoons in cardiff in the 1980s, I pomise.
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    My first vintage Volkl ..can anyone help with dating or construction info ?

    These were the yellow ones? Yes I had two as well. Heavy and beautiful, although as you said, awful. No idea why I moved to those after using max200g :unsure:
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    What does the high collar lining do on Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5?

    4’s were much better than 5’s. Enforce better than both.
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    Rugby World Cup 2023

    Australia were truly awful, if they can make wales look world class. And I’m welsh so I’m very happy but ire/SA / fra/nz are playing a different sport.
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    It's a showdown!

    POG all the way
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    The Fischer Faction!

    They plan to be on twe again soon hopefully
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    What shoes is Fernandez wearing here?

    That’s exactly why I chose it. I was wearing the Zion 2 which are more supportive and almost as comfortable but the soles are not deep enough for clay. Perfect for indoors in the winter.
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    The Fischer Faction!

    sure email me
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    The Fischer Faction!

    New pacific frames out now. 308/292g x force pro, new paint etc.
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    Rugby World Cup 2023

    South Africa or France. Although I hope wales win and England dont. ;)
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    What shoes is Fernandez wearing here?

    Yes I agree - I bought them because I wanted the mid cut, I’m not saying modern tennis shoes are bad, just that I found more support and comfort from basketball shoes once I tried them . Jordan Zion 2 are also a step up from the lebrons but the sole doesn’t work on clay.
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    What shoes is Fernandez wearing here?

    Great idea. I’m using lebron witness 7 on clay and they are more supportive and more comfortable than any tennis-specific shoes I ever had.
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    Anyone using rackets that are 10/20+ years older ?

    My Yamaha EOS RZ are from when….90s? 92?
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    Ben Shelton and the Rush to Negative Judgment (among many)

    Seems pretty straightforwardly explained to me
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    Ben Shelton and the Rush to Negative Judgment (among many)

    I think he’s great. I like the phone celebration and lefties dont need the same technique, they have a higher natural skill set. A breath of fresh air.
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    Yamaha pictures if you please

    Yes but heavy swingweight
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    Yamaha pictures if you please

    these are all called "XL3" grip size and all say '270-290g' on them. all seem to be about 310-311g strung
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    Yamaha pictures if you please

    still from time to time, but the yamahas are bigger, lighter, more easy to swing and more suitable for modern tennis
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    Yamaha pictures if you please

    synthetic gut 1.3 at about 24kg, lasts about 3 hours. or a hybrid of multi and soft poly at 21kg, lasts forever until you cut it out. both work well, but i think you need a little bit higher tension in order to make it resonate, if you see what i mean. the hybrid seems like the strings are...
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    Yamaha pictures if you please

    thought it might be an idea to see if anyone still has these around, or similar stuff. I have started using these again, great feeling, like an oversize widebody but with RESONANCE.......interestingly you can see that one of the frames has EOS in a different less-futuristic font, still neon...
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    Puma Becker super appreciation thread.

    Qc was non existent. Only the Becker world champion frames can be trusted.
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    Max 200G

    Judith Hann, blast from the past. try that final flex machine with a pure drive :-D
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    An odd find at at a boot sale : SP.IN G-300 anyone heard of it ?

    Some people used these back in south wales when I was a junior
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    Max 200G

    I’ve got 4 I don’t need hit me up.
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    My review (s) of basketball shoes sneakers for tennis !

    They seem lower and more connected to the court than the Zion 2. Less support and more flexible but on clay that’s ok, and still mid so they feel more supportive than any regular tennis shoes.
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    Thoughts on this new OS players frame

    I’d certainly try it - email me if you have time