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    Head Auxetic Radical

    Vcores review was also pretty bad. All rackets in one video and only shallow comments. Getting pretty obvious that he's focusing on the ads.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    What's your opinion on the court ff in comparison to the speeds and the resolutions? I've been a gel res 6 and 7 user, loved them and had the same impressions as you with the 8s. The non-split sole and that angle you mentioned made me feel too grounded, harder to be on my toes. And heel slippage...
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I've been playing with the 305 xtc and its quite good. Power, enough spin, easy serves, stable. It's what I wanted the 360+ speed pro to be. A bit thinner, bit more spin and 98 sq. in. The kind of head heavy balance isn't whats I prefer but two overgrips help. My main knock is the feel. Anything...
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    Sinner's Zoom Zero

    I've become a big fan of him and his game (even inspired me to pull out some old Speed MPs to play with) and I've noticed since australia that he kept his zoom zeros. That's very interesting, considering that other zoom zero pros like osaka and tiafoe went to the GP turbos. And that he won his...
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    Have any of you played the vcore 98 before the ET? How would you compare the two? They have very similar specs, and while I don't love the feel of it, the SV 98 has amazing spin potential and makes me more competitive in matches.
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    Thoughts on the blade pro stock

    I'm actually talking about the blade pro stock, not h22, h19 or Blade pro (from the wilson pro labs). As I understand this is a different frame, probably and older blade in a new paintjob.
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    Thoughts on the blade pro stock

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if anybody here uses them, as i've got a chance to get a pair in the v7 paintjob and was wondering if they're worth the money. I've played with most iterations, but the 13 and 15 ones are hard to find in good condition and I didn't care much for the quality of the...
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    Wilson K Blade Pro Stock Substitute

    Does anybody here use the blade pro stock? (Not the blade pro) I've got a chance to buy a pair of blade pro stocks in the v7 paintjob at a high but reasonable price and was wandering if any of you used it and if it's worth the money. Used blades 2013/15 are hard to find where I live and I didn't...
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    I haven't tried it. Can't demo in my country really. And I usually don't care for the 300g versions
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    So you rate the speed as being more powerful than the rad? How about forgiveness? I'm a 360+ Speed Pro user myself, the racquet I loved the most in quite a long time. While I love its forgiveness, control and reasonable power, I sometimes miss a bit more manoeuvrability, especially on serves and...
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    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Got my first pair of GR8s, great looking (grey and orange version) and very comfortable and stable. Two complaints though: I'm usually a 11.5, got these at 11 and even half a size down it's a bit long in the toebox, at least as long as my GR7s size 12. Anybody felt that? MY GR6s were fine in 11...
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    Head Graphene Speed 360+ Racquet series

    I've been playing with the speed pro for about a month now, really loving them. Forgiving, stable, manoeuvrable enough, just enough spin and power. Has the same levels of control as my blades 2015, but with a bit more spin and power, and more HL. Just ever so slightly more cumbersome, bc of...
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    Gel Res 7 vs Vapor X

    Hi guys, I need to replace my Vapor 9.5 and these two options are the best value for money where I live right now. I've been a gel res longtime user, used the 6 and 7 and to me they're the most trustworthy shoes, very stable and seem last forever (I play both on clay and hard courts). But...
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    Head Graphene Speed 360+ Racquet series

    Any string recommendations for the speed pros? Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Played recently with lynx edge blue in my Blade, felt good and soft (for a poly) but the combination was a bit too low powered. I usually go with a syn gut or multi hybrid as I'm not a huge spin player anyways.
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    Head Graphene Speed 360+ Racquet series

    Thanks! That was a great review, I much appreciated it! Although it kind of disappointed me as I expected the SP to be more forgiving and powerful than what you're saying. The two frames I've enjoyed the most are the Yonex 95D and the Blade 2015 18x20, but they became too demanding and I've been...
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    Head Graphene Speed 360+ Racquet series

    Anyone hehe using the 360+ speed pro? I bought a pair on sale without demoing, still waiting for them to arrive, would like to hear some more opinions on them. Whats strings are you using? Also any comparisons with the vcore 98 or blade 2015 (18x20) would be great. I felt that there's little...
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    Wawrinka's black racquet at iptl

    He's using a black frame at Singapore right now. Any info? (Sorry if already posted)
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    The best Wilson Six One 95?

    For the guys who have played with the 2012 6.1 95 16x18, how's the swingweight? I'm considering getting one, to replace my blx blade 98 with something more maneuverable yet with similar plow through but I've seen different specs. On tw's site the sw is 324 (a lot lower than the 18x20, is that...
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    New racquet for my father with tennis elbow.

    Agreed, but he has Always played with syn gut. That's why the biggest concern here is the racquet, although he doesn't restring very often.
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    Del Potros outfit against Almagro, Japan Open

    I actually like it a lot. Reminds me of the one Federer wore in Miami 2009, the one with that beautiful racquet smash. :)
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    New racquet for my father with tennis elbow.

    Thanks for all the help guys! He's a 3.5 player at least, has played for over 20 years. God knows why he settled for the sledgehammer, but I still can't beat him. Maybe that's why. I do think he can get used to a players stick. The thing is there's no demo where I live. I was actually...
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    New racquet for my father with tennis elbow.

    Hi guys, My father has been a long time user of a Wilson sledge hammer, I think it's the 3.8 one. I'm not sure what the actual specs are, but I know it is very light, stiff and headheavy, all the atributes necessary for a nice case of tennis elbow. And thats exactly what he got, recently...
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    VIDEO: Djokovic and Nadal barely standing during Aus open ceremony

    " I bet both players would give away half their prize money to cut that speech short" . Troll commentator :lol:
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    Impossible Shots

    How about this one by Murray :)
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    If .... wins the 2010 US Open I will ....

    If Youzhny wins the 2010 US Open, I'll join the army.
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    Best outfit worn by a Pro?

    Not very important, but he's using a Wilson racket on this pic.
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    oudins blacked out wilson

    The blades don't have PWS. At least not the current ones...
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    What's up with Federer and Blue?

    So...what you're saying is that ice is blue, is that correct?
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    Racket "Technologies"... real or gimmicks?

    I was being sarcastic. Sorry if I didn't make that clear, but that's the point of sarcasm. :)
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    Racket "Technologies"... real or gimmicks?

    The liquidmetal tecnology is real. When I broke mine the liquid titanium started dripping out of it.