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    New VCores?

    Thanks for the info. Why would they come up with a range with racquets 1 sq" difference, released 4 months apart... Is there any information regarding the update to the 95D?
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    New VCores?

    source? Do you know anything else? Perhaps if the 95D will be changed to a 94sq" following 98-97 & 90-89 difference? Do you know what Moncaco is holding? Doesn't he play with 98 and should switch to the 97...
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    Thinnest, Least Muscular ATP Player?

    could someone actually have no big muscles but be strong?
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    Thinnest, Least Muscular ATP Player?

    So there has been much word about players who is the strongest, most muscular grunt out there, but let's see who isn't as buff, and how he fairs against the rest. Let's leave Djokovic, Federer and Murray out of this okay? Just to keep the element of surprise (if any).
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    Macbook Pro Ram Help

    Hi, I have a 2010 macbook pro and I want to upgrade the ram. My questions are: If I could buy a single 4gb module and use it along with a 2gb module of a different brand. (Sort of like using a hybrid on strings) If I could just get an 8gb module and leave the other empty. What is...
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    Male Ear Lobe Piercing?

    Because if you cannot take the gauges out. Your lobe will look like a 200 year old man
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    What Scissors Cut Leather Grips?

    I'm having trouble cutting my leather grip cleanly with a pair of dressing scissors. They're really sharp, but I don't know why it doesn't work.
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    Male Ear Lobe Piercing?

    Do you think it's nice for them to wear earrings?
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    steam pro (kei spec)

    stiffness? what exactly are kei's choice strings?
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    Nadal mad at the tourney´s director: balls are way too heavy

    The director said the court was heavier than it was an hour ago when he was challenging Rafa's claims of it being the same, someone who was actually playing and moving on that mud court
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    The replacement grip that came with the 95d keeps coming off where i place my non dominant hand on the backhand. Is this normal with you
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    Does wawrinka play with the 95d?
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    Sabine Lisicki to Yonex

    She obviously cannot play at the top very easily, moving to a different sponsor would most probably mean higher earnings to support her life after professional tennis.
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    Weird Stringing?

    So I got my racquet back from a new shop I decided to try and the knows were at locations they weren't previously tied off at. Can someone please tell me if this had been strung correctly
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    Delpo not using BLX PJ?

    I saw Juan playing with his K.6.1.95 PJ, wondering why he's not playing the BLX PS PJ?
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    Will these girls make it to NCAA?

    It looks sped up, not sure if that's legal in the video guidelines
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    "Nadal's string isn't on the market at the moment"

    Doesn't rafa use RPM?
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    most powerful string ?

    Natural gut.
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    Yonex Vcore Tour 89 and 97 specs

    When you're really good, 10grams and 2sq inches is a completely different racquet.
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    Most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever worn!

    Most uncomfortable for me would be the 4.3. Ever... Stiff as hell, no ventilation, couldn't wiggle my toes, narrow, heavy. The past 2.3, 1,3 cage 2, cage were satisfactory.
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    Nadal's Shoe Size Revisited

    Is it just me or does Rafa's shoes look definitely small in comparison to his body. I know it's been discussed and the man himself has rejected the allegations but really... What do you think?
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    Silicone Spray is heaven

    I've seen Dave from Inspired tennis use a compressed air spray to clean his machine and it doesn't look environmentally friendly. He also distributes plastic bags which is used to keep the racquets. I understand that's in the good nature of making his customers feel important and special since...
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    Great Fitness Sites I (Conditioning)

    Thanks for putting in the effort. Wonder how you managed to do this
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    Spaghetti Stringing

    Imagine Nadal with his APD and this...
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    Nike Bandana Paintjob?

    Anyone knows how the Bandana II compares to normal Rafa/Roger bandanas in terms of thickness?
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    Nike is reducing Rafa's line?

    It would be fair to compare Rafa's previous season collections against the current and not with Federer's. After all, the thread's named "reducing Rafa's line" not Fed more than Rafa...
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    Kinesio Tape vs Athletic Tape

    Just asked my specialist and he says that Athletic tape gives more support while Kinesio's meant for larger muscle groups, and used for dad to day activities rather than playing as it does something along the line of activating the muscle
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    wrist is probably injured

    Sorry for the bad advice, was only repeating what my specialist said when i had tendonitis. yes i know, i jumped the gun in assuming it was a tendon issue. What's bad about cortisone anyways?