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    It's not even Djokovic 24/7/365, it's Đoković 24/7/400.
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    Will Djokovic Live To 200?

    People grow old once they stop stretching.
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    Stones have been collected

    Lacoste should start selling "Djokovic 24/7" shirts while they have the chance.
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    Race to YE#1 2023 - Djokovic v. Alcaraz

    Now that Alcaraz lost to Zverev in his first RR match, it is impossible for anyone to have more points than Djokovic this year, even if Djokovic hits line judge in the throat and gets defaulted and lose all points from this tournament.
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    Race to YE#1 2023 - Djokovic v. Alcaraz

    YE#1 is not secured for Novak until Alcaraz loses a match in Turin. Winning RR match does not secure it for Novak as he can get defaulted at any point during the tournament and lose all points.
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    Djokovic and Rita Ora watched Rugby World Cup Final

    Not even Palestine recognizes Kosovo as independent.
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    Novak's 8 YEs in Perspective?

    But Murray and Djokovic were playing in the final of finals for YE#1 in 2016 and it was fair that whoever wins that match, should deserve YE#1. And Murray won that year.
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    Djokovic and Rita Ora watched Rugby World Cup Final

    Well, they do have the same country written on their original birth certificates - Republic of Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia. Kosovo was not a country within Yugoslavia, they were autonomous region within Serbia, and Serbia was part of Yugoslavia federation. She lives in UK, and he lives in Monte...
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    Race to YE#1 2023 - Djokovic v. Alcaraz

    It is best for Novak to play only more valued tournaments, so he earns as much points with as little matches as possible. More matches he play, higher the risk of injury. If he wins Paris (40th master title) and WTF undefeated, than he should have enough points over Alcaraz to earn YE#1. 8th...
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    Open Era Leaders

    He can only match Murray by winning next two Olympic gold medals. ;)
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    How does Djokovic keep making all these finals...??

    He's not anti vax, he is pro choice and Moderna shot is not available as a choice in Serbia. These were choices in Serbia and he made his choice: No vax Pfizer/BioNTech. Comirnaty. Phase 1. Approved in 149 countries. 100 trials in 31 countries. ... Gamaleya. Sputnik V. Phase 1. Approved in 74...
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    How does Djokovic keep making all these finals...??

    Zlatan roots for him, so Novak tries his best to not disappoint the Zlatan.
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    Novak has now won 69 big titles.

    24/6/39 is really nice, and I'm sure Djokovic will work 24/7 to try to hit 24/7/40 this year.
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    Why was this title so important for Djokovic?

    Because Cincinnati is the real Slam.
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    Thanks Novak

    He won the slam race, it was unbelievable good run. It's like a therapy to be his fan, with such high win percentage. Time to have some deserved rest now. Just like I had no idea who was in the 2017/2018 grand slam finals, I will not care if Nole does not win any more majors. I will definitely...
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    Crowd was very fair

    I don't need to watch Djokovic matches no matter who he plays, I can figure out the score just by listening to crowd reactions... Congratulations to Carlos for winning today. I guess the crowd (the paying customers) deserve to be happy once in a while. Hope this inspires Djokovic to further...
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    2 (most likely 3) Russians in the QF of 2023 Wimby - does that invalidate last year's results?

    Wimbledon is the most racist and elitist tournament. They have put pineapple on their trophy because pineapple used to be so rare and expensive. And violet color on their logo because violet paint was very expensive to produce in the past so much that not a single national flag could afford to...
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    Another opportunity lost by Novak to win a major without losing sets

    For the whole Novak's career haters keep pointing something Novak hasn't done and then he does it. I wouldn't be surprised if Novak won 14+ AOs, 4+ of them being without dropping a set, just because haters mocked him for not having that achievement.
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    Any slam winners at age 36 that had to play 3 days in a row ?

    Djokovic is 23, but getting older as we speak. Could be 24 by the end of the week.
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    Djokovic News

    Djokovic said himself that his loss to Murray in 2016 ATP tour finals was his biggest regret so far. He still shares the most ATP final titles record with Federer because of that loss.
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    Is Wimbledon 2023 Finally The Slam That Djokovic Wins Without Dropping A Set?

    No reason? Reason was that he was about to be broken and lose a set and lose a chance to win a slam without dropping a set again and the kid was not paying attention. At least he didn't hit him in the balls with a ball and laughed about it like Federer used to do to ball kids that do not pay...
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    Mirra Andreeva

    Because she's Russian? Anyone from RUSsia, BeloRUSsia or even CypRUS is OK to hate or prevent them from participating in slams at least. Back in the day fans had to personally stab young female players in the back if you wanted to prevent them from competing. Now discrimination is organized by...
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    The curse of Novak Djokovic, bad luck, or a weak era of grass?

    They cannot forget. Whenever they see "SW19" zip code, they are reminded of WB19 beating.
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    Nandal loses 3-6 2-6 at Wimbledon 2023

    No1e has number 1 ranking in his name. NaNdal on the other hand has NaN (not a number), indicating ranking so low that it is of the charts.
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    The curse of Novak Djokovic, bad luck, or a weak era of grass?

    It could be indication of strong era as well. Field is so strong on grass that anyone can beat anyone. It is just that Djokovic was slightly more experienced and managed to win against all of them so far. He won two close sets against Hurkacz, same guy that retired Federer in straits (including...
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    Djokovic equals Sampras

    Novak experienced hyperinflation in Yugoslavia when he was 6 years old in 1993. I'm his age and I remember it so well. These millions he won in tournament prize money is nothing compared to millions that we needed as kids in order to buy bread.
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    Nandal loses 3-6 2-6 at Wimbledon 2023

    Both boys have earrings in their profile pictures and play BO3 instead of BO5... I guess Novak will continue to rule the following few generations in slams as well.
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    Can Novak Djokovic Reach Andy Roddick's Mark of 18 Consecutive Tiebreaks Won?

    I don't know where OP got info that Novak was at 10 TBs streak. It was 12. Now 14.
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    2 (most likely 3) Russians in the QF of 2023 Wimby - does that invalidate last year's results?

    Wimbledon 2022 was pointless, so the results are not taken into account for ranking nor Wimbledon seeding. But tournament was organized and players did not boycott it so someone won it and it counts as major tournament win. Injustice is that not even 2021 Wimbledon results were valued by ATP...
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    Wins versus players with 3+ grand slam titles

    If Djokovic was better against Stan and Andy in the slam finals, he would now have much less wins against "players with 3+ slams".