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    Tips for a higher ball toss?

    Starting the toss lower has helped me.
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    Clemson Tiger tennis

    Quite good? (1. #13 Kevin King (GT) def. Yannick Maden (CU) 6-1, 6-1.) Congrats on team win; was it like a Sharapova--French Open situation where the ones with the biggest strokes couldn't adjust to the wind?
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    Played a set with the T3000

    T3000 I've enjoyed hitting with the T3000. Did you know its predecessor the T2000 was actually designed by Lacoste?! The real problem with the stick is stringing it---crazy square stringing pattern. I've strung dozens of racquets myself and decided this one was just too odd to risk messing up.
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    Any Toto fans?

    Love the musicianship on "Rosanna" etc. but don't know the deep cuts.
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    Demo-tapes thread

    No one has any demos to share? Dido plays tennis. Sting plays tennis. John McEnroe plays guitar. Come on guys. Here's my latest remix to get the ball rolling:
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    Demo-tapes thread

    Hi I sought but could not find a thread to post links to demo tapes (home recordings). Let's see what you got. Here's a couple of mine: :?
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    What is the name of the fila polo that chris is wearing during this week vlog? I've seen it called the Borg polo, BB1 polo, or just vintage polo. Looks like a reissue from a couple of years ago.
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    Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

    Sponsored by UPS now?
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    Smelly tennis apparels anyone?

    Synthetic materials are notorious for odor problems. Ozonated water from a Lotus Tersano will remove the smell (don't put the clothes inside the machine though).
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    Subway is a joke!

    I think their subs are good, I just got a bit of sticker shock. Their bread is amazing.
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    Subway is a joke!

    I ordered the wrong sub and ended up paying $11 including drink and chips. :shock: I could have gone to a real bistro for that.
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    Favorite Apparel Brand

    Indeed. Lacoste is the originator.
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    Lacoste Question
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    I Fila Forlorn

    My USTA section said I won the local "How Do You Fila" contest for a pic I sent in of me in Borg/Vilas-era apparel at a wooden-racquet tournament. Part of the prize was a racquet, which they sent me. They said Fila was going to send me some stuff "after Thanksgiving." But I never got my...
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    Evonne vs Virginia Wade

    Classy ladies, a rarity these days.
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    Bryan brothers leaving adidas

    Interesting story. I woulda guessed UnderArmour or KSwiss.
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    mauresmo and other pro rackets

    Very artful. Somewhat voyeuristic.
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    Cold weather cycling gloves?

    Specialized makes something called "Sub Zero" gloves that will take you down to 30'F or so. When I lived in Salt Lake City I never did find anything that would handle below 25'F with wind.
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    An interesting article about Stephanek and his Bosworth frames

    It matches the shape of his head.
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    leather messenger bags

    Franklin Covey might have em too.
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    leather messenger bags
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    What is the BEST Bed you can buy-- Need a New bed and i am confused?

    I prefer memory foam. I've got a Tempurpedic pillow that I take for granted now. I also had an off-brand but high quality mattress topper. It was 2" thick and really dense. You could put that on a stone floor and be OK. BEWARE the cheap memory foam mattress toppers . . . they are too thin...
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    How many of you live in South Carolina

    So do I. BTW my 3.5 team could use a couple more lads.
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    Any musicians out there? Just some humble homemade demos.
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    whats your favourite animal...

    I wouldn't mind trying Irish kelp rat: might be gamey though
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    . . . frantically searches ****.fr for peach bloomers. . . :oops:
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    I'll get on it, lickety-split (if you know what I mean). :oops:
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    Frekcles's Handwriting Sample

    The spacing is so orderly I wonder if he is some kind of type of artist or typesetter. The compression in the top half of the characters indicates he is some type of communist---or sex radical. He also wears boat shoes and has a fondness for certain types of pickle relish.
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    Battle of the Brands: Aunt Jemima vs Mrs. Butterworth

    In a cage match, I would have to bet on Aunt Jemima, because she is more likely to have served time. But they both have a glass jaw. :rolleyes:
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    The best beer you ever had.

    No one does it like the Bull.