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    Djokovic is a loser

    Thread of the century.
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    Zverev withdraws

    Oh! I was hoping this was AO 22 news!
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    “He Won’t!” Father Robert makes shocking claims about Roger Federer’s future

    Oh please. Dad says something about son who hits tennis ball for a living. Where is the actual tennis talk? Lordy :-D :laughing: :giggle: :whistle:
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    Who is the worst 10+ slam winner?

    Oh, maybe not. Ok. 7-6, 6-4, 7-6.
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    Who is the worst 10+ slam winner?

    Nadal 6-1, 6-0, 6-3.
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    Who is the worst 10+ slam winner?

    I know. Hopefully everyone will recover ok.
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    Will Djokovic avoid AO because he knows he'll lose?

    It's a handy get out for him. He's not going to enjoy it when he's second best. No way he'll hang around long.
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    Best in the World in 2021??? Djokovic is not even best in Serbia!

    Fact is his 2021 was only good cos he won 3 slams. There have been about a dozen better multiple slam seasons.
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    Video of Djoker preparing for AO...

    Looking forward to either him not participating or by getting schooled in straights in the later stage of the tournament.
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    Zverev is playing less aggressively now then when he started out on tour. Why?

    Most players will give you the win with their errors.
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    If Federer loves tennis, the adulation and the lifestyle of being a tennis player so much...should he become a doubles player and retire from singles?

    Have you not noticed that's managed to hold onto all those things without really playing singles?
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    2022: The year of the Nozzer.

    I doubt it. I am still waiting on his stellar run to a big title beating top top seeds.
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    Djokovic out of ATP Cup (can't believe there's no thread about this)

    Most people are over the whole will he or won't he stuff.
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    Unlike other sports, olympic tennis is totally redundant. It literally makes no sense.

    Hmmm. Kind of. But she lacks the fandom of Murray and Dementieva. Those two fan bases really have used the OG status to up their players.
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    Unlike other sports, olympic tennis is totally redundant. It literally makes no sense.

    Fans love it. It's a real career elevator for their player. Murray and Dementieva moved up into tiers they had no business being in thanks to OG.
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    Will a fifth Grand Slam be introduced along with a 10th Masters 1000 Tournament?

    Just three slams would be good. And a nine month season at the top tier would suffice. They could keep challengers and ITFs going on year round as I know those guys need to work. They could do three months- grass slam; three months- clay slams; three months- hard slam, in whatever order best fits.
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    Big 3 best display of mental strength?

    Nadal RG 2020 Final. The other two? Not interested enough to think too much about it. Fed, maybe Wimbledon final 2007. Djokovic, Wim 2019 Final.
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    If rafa retains his 2013 level in 2014-15?

    A gazillion. If not more.
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    Andy Murray given Australian Open wild card (#MurrayGOAT)

    Gonna keep on taking if the fools keep giving.
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    Alexander Sascha Zverev: If Novak doesn’t go to Australia and I win the tournament, I would come out as the World No. 1

    Yeah, with all those top ten wins at slams and that stellar performance in your one and only slam final, no wonder you are so confident!!!
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    Peak Djokovic did not drop even a set against Nadal on clay.

    What about the RG final 2011? Oh yes, I remember now! That's nice beating Nadal everywhere but in the biggest match. :giggle: